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Enjoying Summer

COASTAL COMMENTS Donna Fiala Summer! What a wonderful time of the year! It’s easy to get anywhere and easier to find specials and seats in restaurants, etc. The traffic is calmer even though the weather is quite humid. It seems though, that more people have stayed here this year than in the past. You have probably noticed all the construction ... Read More »

Goodland Road Finally Coming Home

Goodland Life  By Barry Gwinn On July 11, 2017, the Collier County (CC) Commissioners, unanimously approved an agreement with the City of Marco Island (MI) in which jurisdiction of Goodland Road would be returned to the county. It’s been a long slog (literally) for Goodland residents, visitors, and deliverymen who have been sloshing, grinding, and bumping over Goodland Road for ... Read More »

‘The Ones We Trust’ by Kimberly Belle

BOOK REMARKS Marisa Cleveland www.marisacleveland.com “Because words can be just as deadly as warfare.” “The Ones We Trust” is the first novel I’ve read by Kimberly Belle, but it won’t be the last. I’m really glad someone recommended this book to me, and I thank all the readers who’ve reached out to me through my website with book recommendations. I’m really ... Read More »

Wyoming in Summer – What’s All That White Stuff?

Rumination from the Rock and Beyond Jory Westberry The funny thing about “summer” is the perception that it’s the same all over the country. Hot and humid in Southwest Florida? Must be hot and humid around the U.S. Not so fast, partner! It’s July in Wyoming and there is still plenty of white stuff around – snow, that is, the ... Read More »

Burmese Python Update

Stepping Stones Bob McConville Master Naturalist                                                                                                  In 2015 and 2016 the adrenaline ... Read More »

Camp Able Celebrates Christmas in July

Submitted On Thursday, July 13, members of the Marco Island Civitan Club brought the third Christmas in July party to special campers and their caretakers attending Camp Able at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Marco Island. The group enjoyed an hour of delicious snacks and good music, a fun addition to the great activities Camp Able offers them at camp. ... Read More »

Don’t Get Too Far Over Your Skis

Ask The CFP® Practitioner Darcie Guerin darcie.guerin@raymondjames.com Question: What could we expect from the economy and financial markets in the second-half of 2017? Answer: My crystal ball is a little cloudy, and making short-term predictions in this business is always dangerous. However, based on facts, trends and hard data it’s likely that the last six months of 2017 are expected to ... Read More »

First Art Reef Design Honors the Sea Turtle

By Jodi Pree  On Monday, June 26, 2017, final preparations for the Art Reef installation were being made as the McCulley barge was docked just north of the Jolley Bridge. World-renowned designer, Vito Di Bari, was selected to design the centerpiece of the Paradise Coast Artificial Reef Project honoring a local endangered species. The underwater habitat will become a destination ... Read More »

Blame it on the Boomers

Ask The CFP® Practitioner Darcie Guerin darcie.guerin@raymondjames.com “Innovation is the calling card of the future.” ~ Anna Eshoo, U.S. Congresswoman  Question: Do you think there will be a resurgence of manufacturing jobs in the United States? Answer: I’d like to say yes but the numbers tell a different story. During the last two recessions manufacturing jobs declined and haven’t bounced back ... Read More »

New Association Estoppel Law Limits Charges

LAW MATTERS William G. Morris  One of the important aspects of sale of a property in a homeowners association or a condominium association is prorating the maintenance assessment account between buyer and seller. Florida’s Condominium Act and Homeowners Association Act make seller and buyer equally responsible for assessments that come due up to the transfer of title. When closing on title ... Read More »

‘It’s Always the Husband’ by Michele Campbell

BOOK REMARKS Marisa Cleveland www.marisacleveland.com “Go ahead and jump. You know you want to.” This book opens with the best scene ever! It’s been too long since I’ve started a book, read the first pages, and literally cleared my calendar to finish the story. But this contemporary women’s suspense novel grabbed my attention and held on until the brilliant end. “It’s ... Read More »

Happy 4th, America! Our Democracy, Still Going Strong

Goodland Life  By Barry Gwinn The 240th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence was celebrated this week. True to the predictions of Ben Franklin, it was celebrated nationwide with parades and illuminations, even in the tiny village of Goodland, where a summertime population of about 370 people managed to make a racket and briefly light up the skies. Most of ... Read More »

Trailering Your Boat Safely, Part III

BOATING SAFETY By Keith Wohltman  Over the past two issues we have tackled the art of trailering your boat to a boat launch ramp and successfully getting the boat into the water. This week we will help you recover your boat and get it back on the trailer for the return trip home. One word of caution here, you have ... Read More »

The Flaw of Averages*

Ask The CFP® Practitioner Darcie Guerin darcie.guerin@raymondjames.com “What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes.”  ~ Cicero, Roman politician (106 BC – 43 BC) Question: While I’m getting closer to retirement the markets keep making new highs. I’m concerned about what could happen to my retirement funds if there’s a big drop. What are your thoughts? Answer: You’ve ... Read More »

Trailering Your Boat Safely, Part II

BOATING SAFETY By Keith Wohltman  In the last issue, we began this topic by looking at the hardware necessary to get your boat from home to the boat ramp. This week we will look at the launching process. I will give you some pointers and checklists to help you get your boat in the water successfully. As in any endeavor ... Read More »

Some Insights on Picking a Childcare Center

By Isabel Arce Finding the right childcare center is one of the most important decisions parents can make when they are considering putting their child into daycare. All children deserve, and thrive under, good nurturing care. It is worth it to take the extra steps to find them quality care. As a director and owner of Little Ducks Day School ... Read More »

Keep Your Kids Safe on Their Bikes

By Scott H. Shook With summer break upon us, many of the island’s children will be bicycling, whether it be to the Y, racket center, or to a friend’s house. Here are some ways parents can help their kids bicycle safely. Kids need to make sure they obey the law when riding on the island’s bike lanes and shared use ... Read More »

The Future is Bright

More Straight Talk  Steve “Stef” Stefanides stef@coastalbreezenews.com On a daily basis we seem to be barraged by story after story of what we can’t get accomplished or what is wrong within our nation and the world. Reports of violence, corruption and disappointment seem to sell better as the news of the day. Don’t get me wrong, not all is perfect, ... Read More »

Royal Poinciana Trees in Full Bloom

By Scott H. Shook One of the gifts of summer has arrived. The royal poinciana tree, with its beautiful red canopy, makes its presence known in Southwest Florida around this time every year. So why not hop in your car and enjoy a few hours discovering some of the beautiful trees that are within a half hour or so of ... Read More »