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Density Credit Ratio Transfers — The debate continues

New Planning Board Chairman Dr. Marty Roddy rolls up his sleeves, ready to get down to business. PHOTO BY PAT NEWMAN

By Pat Newman Marco Island Planning Board’s first meeting of 2015 focused on some lingering issues and addressed new business like allowing artificial turf and a temporary use permit for Rose Marina. Dr. Marty Roddy took over as chairman following the resignation of Monte Lazarus. As a newly appointed city magistrate, Lazarus was required by Florida state law to vacate his seat. The board voted 5-1 to increase the commercial component of mixed-use from 25 percent to 50 percent in C-4 zoning districts. Dr. Bill Trotter recommended that the ratios should be changed to 50 percent residential and 50 percent ... Read More »

ACS Luau Party

Hawaiian shirts to the ready.

By Coastal Breeze News Staff The American Cancer Society held its second annual Luau Party benefitting Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. It was a chance for everyone to pull out any Hawaiian0style shirts, skirts and dresses from the darkest corners of their closets. There was laughter and applause while everyone rated their favorite Hawaiian shirt or tested their ability to see how low they could go doing the Limbo. A scrumptious dinner buffet was served, including whole pineapple ham, blackened mahi-mahi, pan-roasted chicken, stir fry veggies, sweet plantains, saffron rice and black beans, along with three dessert selections. After dinner ... Read More »

Board, Staff and 2013-14 Calendar


AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY CARES Lisa Honig Another season is behind us and your local American Cancer Society Unit continues to grow by adding new board members, a new Administrative Assistant and by developing a robust calendar for 2013-14. We cannot thank all of our volunteers, board members, business leaders and all of our citizens that have supported us this season by giving their time and their treasure to help us finish the fight. Our unit has been extremely successful and we are looking forward to continuing that trend with your help. I am thrilled to welcome these three talented and ... Read More »

Zero Dark Thirty


By Monte Lazarus The beginning of “Zero Dark Thirty” is controversial and unsettling. Shortly after the first scene at the World Trade Center, the site changes. A CIA operative has an Al-Qaeda member in a dank dungeon – a “black site” – somewhere in Pakistan. It’s 2003. What makes the scene disturbing is the sequence of torture that takes place – slapping, naked abuse, waterboarding and ultimately forcing the prisoner, Ammar (Reda Kateb) into a tiny box. What makes the scene controversial is the question it raises. Some observers think it glorifies torture. Others believe it demonstrates that torture ... Read More »

A Three-Hour Pizza


By Monte Lazarus My wife is noted, among other things, for her charm, poise and perspicacity. She is also a keen shopper and, so help me, does our Christmas shopping for next year on the 26th of December. Thus it was that we were dreaming of 2013 sugar plum fairies and all that stuff as we began our adventure. Shopping went well. There were bargains galore. Almost everything is done, except buying for the little kids where sizes cannot be predicted a year in advance. We finished. It was time to chow down. My wife in a moment of ... Read More »



By Monte Lazarus A small group of itinerant archeologists and paleontologists has made a find leading to significant insights into Calusa governance and structure on Marco Island. The information has been kept secret for a few years until the discoveries and translations could be verified. They appear genuine. The group, led by professors Pierre Bouchard and John Chamollion, made the discovery among ancient clamshells at an undisclosed location on the island. Experts fear that amateurs will overrun the area and ruin the remaining shells. The shells are all inscribed with an ancient form of writing that took several years ... Read More »

An active Chamber of Commerce


By Monte Lazarus After Five Contributes To Christmas Island Style $1,210. That’s how much the Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce turned over to Christmas Island Style on December 19th. The occasion was the Chamber’s monthly After Five event. This one, in keeping with recent tradition, was held at the Marco Island Hilton Hotel. Incoming Chamber President Nancy Carrington turned over all proceeds from 100 generous attendees to Christmas Island Style Chairman Steve Stephanides. Festivities began with Hilton General Manager Mac Chaudry welcoming guests and expressing his appreciation “for the opportunity of holding this particular After Five at the Hilton ... Read More »



By Monte Lazarus For the last few weeks the Police Department (at least it appears that way) has been stationing official cars at certain places with no drivers, or others, in the cars. Apparently someone in the P.D. believes that these “dummy” cars will encourage drivers to slow down and also obey all other traffic laws. I believe otherwise. My view is that drivers of other cars will divert their attention to see who is in the “dummy” car, thereby increasing the chances of accidents. Admittedly, it is conceivable, but not likely, that a corps of special midgets has ... Read More »

“Anna Karenina”


REEL REVIEWS By Monte Lazarus Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” is generally considered one of the greatest novels ever written. It’s been made into movies 13 times, and the Greta Garbo/Fredric March version of 1935 is widely recognized at the best. This latest edition is a balletic show-within-a-show that dances back and forth from footlights to backstage to “reality”. Despite the heroic staging, magnificent settings of St. Petersburg and Moscow of the late 1800’s, and a screenplay by Tom Stoppard, it falls far short. Keira Knightley as Anna is beautiful, but unconvincing. Jude Law is excellent, but wasted as her ... Read More »



By Monte Lazarus In 1971, Roger Kahn wrote a remarkable book titled “The Boys of Summer”. It was centered on my beloved Brooklyn Dodgers of the nineteen fifties, the team of Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Pee Wee Reese, Duke Snider, Carl Erskine, Gil Hodges and others. But, this wasn’t a baseball book; it was a book about life, community, small towns and big cities. That world has changed, and so have the folks who run baseball and play the game and live a world apart from us mere mortals. Back in the fifties spring training epitomized the renewal of ... Read More »



REEL REVIEWS By Monte Lazarus In 1865, the Civil War was draining the blood of North and South. Mr. Lincoln was personally ravaged by the war and was also determined to abolish slavery by passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution. This piece of history and Mr. Lincoln’s remarkable life is the focal point of Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln”, based in large part on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s “Team of Rivals”. Daniel Day-Lewis is extraordinary as he cajoles, manipulates and threatens both Republicans and Democrats to pick off each critical vote. This is not the Lincoln of past movie makers; ... Read More »



By Monte Lazarus Is it my imagination, or are holiday times accelerating? I believe I just received my first Christmas catalog – for 2014 that is. This year (I think this year is 2012, although it’s disappearing rapidly) Halloween began at the Fourth of July; Christmas began before Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving seemingly disappeared, only to reemerge this week. The deluge of catalogs doesn’t help. From Hammacher-Schlemmer to LLBean nary a day goes by without a clogged mailbox. We’ve been overwhelmed by offers for oranges, solar toys, stray dogs and cats, clothing for women, men, kids, pets and stuffed animals. ... Read More »



REEL REVIEWS  By Monte Lazarus For the fiftieth anniversary of the James Bond movies, “Skyfall” is a perfect fit. Daniel Craig ranks one or two with Sean Connery as the best Bond of all. This Bond is very different. He’s not the suave, sophisticated James of yore, although he manages to handle a tuxedo fairly well. This is a gritty, darker Bond. This one can handle a motorcycle with the best while being able to play baccarat with the wealthiest. Of course, “Bond – James Bond” has his romantic moments, but they are momentary as he proceeds from peril ... Read More »

Marco hosts first Home Improvement Show

Creative Interiors showcased home décor items. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

By Monte Lazarus  About 200 interested, curious folks came to Marco Island’s first Home Improvement and Remodeling Show at the Marriott on November 5. The show was the idea of Katie O’Hara, Marketing and Sales Director of the Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce, and Katie, along with the Chamber’s President, Kevin Donlan, Executive Director Sandi Riedemann, Administrative Assistant Donna Niemczyk and the ever-helpful Chamber volunteers ran a flawless program. Business exhibitors covered the full range of home services, including everything from financing a home to building it, protecting it and providing all the necessary appliances. Surveying, electronics, banking, ... Read More »



REEL REVIEWS By Monte Lazarus Don’t be fooled by the title. “Flight” has very little to do with aviation; it has a lot to do about character, lies and deception, and morality. And, it’s beautifully done. The superb Denzel Washington plays “Whip” Whitaker, a first-rate airline pilot who is also an alcoholic, drug user and carouser. In the opening scene, Whitaker awakens after a night of sex and booze, lights one of innumerable cigarettes, gulps down a drink and snorts some cocaine. His lady of the night, a flight attendant, reminds him that he has a trip coming up ... Read More »

Supermarket Follies


By Monte Lazarus It was raining and unusually chilly, so it was a great day for the supermarket (store names are omitted to protect the guilty). So off I went for a new adventure among the shoppers. “Ah”, I mused, “My thoughtful wife provided a list of goods and goodies and today will be fast and easy.” Wrong! My first reaction on entering the store was shock and awe – oops, that was Iraq. Substitute shock and amazement. Almost everything was out-of-place and confusion reigned. Little old people were wandering hither and yon like busy ants. Many had completely ... Read More »


By Monte Lazarus Halloween is the strangest of all our holidays. For one thing it apparently originated as some sort of Pagan ritual. No, it did not involve a bunch of folks in animal skins munching on turnips (Americans invented pumpkin pie of course). Rather, the worship of the sun, moon, Manchester United Football (that’s European for soccer) Team, or the particular God or Goddess in vogue at the time. I suspect that on a chilly day in October (by our calendar) some early Brits of a Druid or comparable persuasion hoisted a few and then thought it would ... Read More »


By Monte Lazarus “ARBITRAGE” Richard Gere moves through “Arbitrage” like a sleek panther. Everything about him oozes wealth: not the Trump type of display, but the understated Gramercy Park Mansion type of polished dark wood and quiet elegance. Gere plays Robert Miller. As Miller, Gere is no longer the much younger playboy type of millionaire he played in “Pretty Woman”. He’s much older; his hair is wavy white; his face is more chiseled; his demeanor is suave, but cynical and dismissive of lesser mortals. He’s serious and so is the movie. It’s – a combination of whodunit (although we ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Monte Lazarus

Dear Sir or Madam: I was disappointed, but not surprised, that City Council candidate Sacher filed an ethics complaint against Council Chairman Larry Magel. On the other hand, I was shocked when Mr. Sacher used the last City Council meeting as a political forum to trumpet his complaint. That was neither the time nor the place for a political attack. Mr. Sacher is wrong as a matter of law and as a matter of personal conduct, in my opinion. The nature of the complaint itself is a matter even beyond the way this attack is being conducted. As a lawyer ... Read More »


By Monte Lazarus It finally happened…I’m “Macified”; or you might say “Appleized.” In any event I’ve come under the spell of the brooding omnipresence of Steve Jobs. After many years I’ve abandoned P.C.; and a MacBook Air has joined my relatively new iMac. It’s painful. It’s expensive. It’s destiny. It all began years ago when I bought my first computer – a $5,000, clunky, creaky, nasty IBM. It cost the equivalent of a BMW, but performed a lot worse. The original was heavy and huge. It had a single floppy drive that accommodated only one large droopy (hence “floppy”) ... Read More »