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REMEMBERING HELEN: Building the Marco Community

By Craig Woodward  CWoodward@wpl-legal.com  On Wednesday, November 14, at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, a church which first opened 46 years earlier in November of 1966, many old timers came together to celebrate the life of a Modern Marco pioneer – Helen Tateo. She and her husband, Vince, moved to Marco Island in August of 1966, just a little over a ... Read More »

Smokin’ Joe Giordano

By Coastal Breeze News Staff Smokin’ Joe, as he was known in these parts, was the trolley driver. He had driven the trolley for the past 22 years. “He loved driving that trolley, it was his life,” said one of Joe’s acquaintances. Can you imagine the number of people who must have had their first real view of Marco Island ... Read More »

Saving Seymour…The Dolphin

By Natalie Strom The news of Seymour the dolphin’s rescue on Friday, March 9th, reached far and wide as a team of 26 people in six boats helped save his life. Locals had come to know of Seymour’s plight thanks to the research of The Dolphin Explorer, a sightseeing vessel that traverses the waters around Marco Island. Seymour, an eight-year ... Read More »