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Blue Mangrove celebrates

By Natalie Strom natalie@coastalbreezenews.com Happy Birthday to you! On December 6, Blue Mangrove Gallery appropriately celebrated its sixth year in business. The Golden Birthday was honored by a wine and cheese event at the gallery, featuring well known artist Tara O’Neill. Six years ago, Christie Marcoplos, owner of Blue Mangrove Gallery called on her friend and artist, Tara O’Neill to ... Read More »

REMEMBERING HELEN: Building the Marco Community

By Craig Woodward  CWoodward@wpl-legal.com  On Wednesday, November 14, at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, a church which first opened 46 years earlier in November of 1966, many old timers came together to celebrate the life of a Modern Marco pioneer – Helen Tateo. She and her husband, Vince, moved to Marco Island in August of 1966, just a little over a ... Read More »

CELEBRATING CITYHOOD Honoring Fifteen Years as the City of Marco Island

By Coastal Breeze News Staff On August 28, 1997, by just 181 votes, Marco Islanders elected to become a city. Seven members were subsequently elected to the City Council, a City Manager and staff were hired, and the huge task of becoming a city was underway. With the invaluable assistance of 75 citizens who volunteered to serve on various start-up ... Read More »