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The Original Snowbirds…White Pelicans

White pelicans are gregarious and will work together to gather fish.

STEPPING STONES Bob McConville Master Naturalist It is estimated that humans have been in the Florida region for more than 14,000 years. Naples became a destination point just over 100 years ago and Marco Island was a mosquito-infested area until development escalated in the 1950s. Long before northern tourists began visiting our beaches to seek refuge from the winter cold there was a different type of “snowbird”…the white pelican. This giant of the skies breeds primarily in the interior regions of North America and makes its way to Florida, Central America and South America for relief from the colder climate. They ... Read More »

What’s New in January


COASTAL COMMENTS Donna Fiala What a new way to start a new year – with wind forces like we’ve never seen in January! AND with gasoline prices we haven’t seen in years…on Saturday we had $1.75 along the Collier Boulevard/951 corridor. One of the same gas stations about two miles away had prices at $1.85 on U.S. 41 E, and further on down the prices continued to climb. This is a good place to be when buying gasoline, that’s for sure. It will be interesting to see how the prices will run when the WaWa gas station is built at Price ... Read More »

Dr. Tremaine Joins Skin Wellness

Submitted Skin Wellness Physicians is pleased to welcome Anne Marie Tremaine, MD, board-certified dermatologist, fellowship-trained in laser and cosmetic dermatology, to their practice. Dr. Tremaine graduated magna cum laude from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. After receiving her Doctorate of Medicine at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York, Dr. Tremaine completed her residency in clinical research and dermatology at the University of California in Irvine. Dr. Tremaine’s training continued at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Cosmetic (ASDS) and Laser Surgery fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout her training, she held ... Read More »

Flotilla 95 Change of Watch

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 95 recently held its 49th Change of Watch.

By Coastal Breeze News Staff On January 16, 2016, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 95 held its 49th Change of Watch ceremony at the Marco Island Yacht Club. The time-honored Change of Watch ceremony is conducted annually before flotilla members, guests and dignitaries. In the ceremony, the continuity of the watch’s authority is restated. There is also a transfer of responsibility and authority from one individual, to another as part of the Change of Watch. PDCO Walter Jaskiewicz was master of ceremonies for the evening. The Sounding of the Bell was done by John DeFalco, a past flotilla commander. ... Read More »

In a Word


MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT Laurie Kasperbauer The word was privacy. Our grandson, just short of six years old, and a few weeks into his kindergarten school year, said to me, “Nana, I can spell that word. Privacy.” Uh huh, I thought. “Go ahead,” I said. “P.” Good start. What comes next? “R. I.” Hmmm. Now he has my attention. “V. I.S.Y.” Nice work! I say. I’m truly impressed! Phonetically correct. Are they teaching kindergarteners to read, I ask my daughter? Evidently yes. I remember kindergarten as an introduction to the days of the week, snack time, recess and nap. But ... Read More »

Fire at the Sea Watch Condominiums

Marco Island Fire Rescue had a three-minute response time to the Sea Watch condominium fire on January 4.

By Samantha Husted On Monday, January 4, 2016 at 4:09 PM, the Marco Island Fire Rescue Department received a call of smoke coming from the Sea Watch Apartments at 209 S. Collier Blvd. Fire units responded immediately, arriving at the scene in approximately three minutes. Smoke was coming from the front of the structure as well as the rear. The Marco Island Fire Rescue Department, Greater Naples Fire Rescue and Collier County EMS all responded to the scene. Marco Island police officers assisted in the evacuation of residents of the building. The fire crews entered the structure and successfully ... Read More »

Kiwanis Club of Marco Island


Submitted On Monday, December 14, 2015, Kathleen Reynolds and Joe Swaja, from the Kiwanis Club of Marco Island, handed over a $1500 check to Dr. Laurie Mearsheimer, Principal of Shadowlawn Elementary, while County Commissioner Donna Fiala looked on. The funding is directed at upgrades to the school’s Media Center, and is given on behalf of fellow Kiwanian Donna Fiala, in light of her continuing and persuasive advocacy for children served in District 1. The Kiwanis Club of Marco Island supports numerous children’s initiatives, including the Kiwanis International’s drive to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetnus. Local Kiwanian projects, among others, include ... Read More »

MIPD to Use Mobile Shooting Range


Submitted The Marco Island Police Department is pleased to announce they will be the first department in the Southeastern United States to secure the use of a mobile shooting range. This range will allow the Marco Island Police Department to conduct use of force training that is mandated by the State of Florida to ensure that officers maintain the highest level of preparedness, with the most up-to-date training available. More importantly, the training will be onsite, which allows the police department to train officers while on duty and still be available to respond to calls for service. Currently the Marco ... Read More »

Serafin String Quartet Performance

Serafin String Quartet  comes to Marco Island on January 21. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Submitted The Marco Island Center for the Arts presents Serafin String Quartet in a performance on Thursday, January 21 at 5:30 PM. The Quartet’s recent recording on Naxos was named “Top 10 Classical Albums of 2013” by Philadelphia’s City Paper, and the Delaware-based Serafin String Quartet is sought after for performances around the nation. Hailed for “silken finesse and gritty vibrancy” by Gramophone Magazine and for “playing with style and sophistication” by The Strad Magazine, Serafin String Quartet debuted at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in 2004 and has consistently received superlatives in the press and ovations by audiences ... Read More »

SALUTE TO VETERANS Walker Noe Goes to War

A l05 mm howitzer, France (1944)

GOODLAND LIFE By Barry Gwinn Walker Noe has wintered in Goodland since 1985. He has lived in a cottage at 519 Goodland Dr. W., which he purchased from his father who had the place moved over from Caxambas in the 1960’s. Walker was born at Stanford, Kentucky on May 18, 1923, the first of five siblings. Walker’s father owned a hardware store and sold Nash automobiles as a sideline. In 1932, due to the Depression, Walker’s dad lost his businesses. The family was forced to move to a farm in nearby Hubbell. “We moved from a house with all ... Read More »

Southwest Florida Nature Festival

Birding for Beginners  field trip at Sand Dollar Island. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

COASTAL CONNECTIONS Renee Wilson Leaves rustling on a light breeze in harmony with twittering songbirds. A mullet splashing out of a brackish bay. Slivers of sunlight dappling the leafy ground. There are many sights and sounds to enjoy in Southwest Florida. Throughout the seasons residents and visitors can enjoy nature hikes, paddling, birding and photography on hundreds of thousands of acres that are protected as conservation lands. As temperatures drop, the environment welcomes new arrivals from the north, many of which have flown here on their own two wings. Now in its 12th year, the Southwest Florida Nature Festival at ... Read More »



By Monte Lazarus (Note: If you are deceived by the title and believe this is about professional football, you may stop reading now. For purposes of full disclosure I hereby acknowledge that references to “my wife” are purely coincidental and I hope this acknowledgment insulates me from extraordinary reprisals.) Every travel book and article I have read admonishes travelers to pack lightly. In fact, some urge prospective voyagers to lay out their clothes and sundries, and then leave half of them behind. In my world this advice is pooh-poohed, ridiculed and completely ignored. My wife (a fictional example), practical in ... Read More »

Going, Going, Gone! Extinction Rate is Faster Than Ever

Peregrine Falcons are slowly rebounding after near elimination. PHOTOS BY BOB MCCONVILLE

STEPPING STONES Bob McConville Master Naturalist “It is a folly to think that we can destroy one species and ecosystem after another and not affect humanity.” ~ Joel Sartore A few weeks ago I was watching a morning news program that featured conservationist and National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore. He is flying around the world taking pictures of thousands of animal and plant species and he is in a hurry. He displayed a few photos taken in recent months, and those subjects are no longer alive. They are gone, and gone forever. Mr. Sartore is in a race against time to ... Read More »

Chanukah at the JCMI

By Sandra Hechler When I think of Chanukah, I see in my mind’s eye spinning dreidels, glowing candles and luscious latkes (potato pancakes). I think of the tiny bit of oil, which escaped defilement in the Jerusalem Temple during the rule of the Hellenic Syrians B.C.E. The oil miraculously provided light for eight days. Hence, this holiday lasts for eight days. Most of all I thank a small band of Jewish fighters, led by Judah Maccabee, who repelled the aggressor so that they and their Jewish brethren could live and worship as they pleased. Chanukah is a holiday whose ideas freedom-loving people ... Read More »

Trends, Part II

Inside/outside: open floor plan. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

ASK AN ARCHITECT Hector C. Fernandez AIA Continuing my column on “Trends,” we pick up where we left off and now delve inside the modern house (literally inside, as in under the hood, so to speak). Behind the scenes, or better yet, just behind the walls, things are getting sophisticated. More and more we see water reclamation in the form of cisterns or green roofs. And who on Marco wouldn’t want to save on water consumption- especially for irrigation? HVAC systems are being split into scalable systems, such as those manufactured by Daiken, to allow for room-by-room zone controlled environments. No ... Read More »


Courtesy of G3 Homes, South Miami Fl.

ASK AN ARCHITECT Hector C. Fernandez AIA I figured I would give my readers a much-needed break from the heady topics and discussions concerning zoning, land use, deed restrictions, ordinances, etc. Let’s talk architecture, design and trends. As we look forward to the start of season, let’s see what’s hot and happening in design. So I’m going to take a very deliberate right turn on this one and set eyes on our nearest design capital, and arguably one of the current trendsetters internationally today. Yes, you guessed it, our neighboring metropolis of MIAMI. MIA for short, or the “305” if you ... Read More »

The Greater Naples YMCA

The Greater Naples YMCA, in partnership with The Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida, the Help a Diabetic Child Foundation and Lee Memorial Health System’s Golisano Children’s Hospital will host the Inaugural Naples Diabetes Conference on Sunday, November 15th  at the Greater Naples YMCA from 11 a.m. to  4 p.m.  The cost starts at just $10 per person and need-based scholarship is available courtesy of the Naples YMCA.  Prior to the conference kickoff, an official ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place for the new Weny Trust Diabetes Education Center inside the Naples YMCA. The event includes a light brunch, and multiple sessions on ... Read More »

GUEST COMMENTARY: What We Leave Behind…


By Hector Fernandez So there has been much ado lately about discussions, ideas, opinions and plans for some kind of facility, building, offices, veterans’ facility, etc. at Veterans Park. It seems that some of the speculation and rumors were laid to rest at this past week’s PRAC meeting where City Manager Roger Hernstadt presented some of those ideas. So as usual, I am going to look at this issue from an architectural point of view. I like to divorce the hearsay and sticky political mumbo jumbo from things. After all, after the years have passed and we are all long ... Read More »

“With a friend at hand you will see the light. If your friends are there then everything’s all r i g h t … ” ~ “Friends” by Elton John

By Don Manley Merrill Allen’s friends are clearly demonstrating that they are “there” for the well-known Goodland singer-guitarist who sustained second-degree burns over 60 percent of his body in an explosion on his boat. A benefit for Allen will be held October 11 at Goodland’s Little Bar Restaurant, where he has been performing regularly since 1993. It was Little Bar owner Niki Bauer who came up with the idea for the benefit. “Merrill is part of our ‘Little Bar Family,’” said Bauer. “We all help each other when one of us is in need.” Entitled “Merrill Fest,” the benefit will ... Read More »

Debra Bailey Joins Skin Wellness Physicians


Submitted Skin Wellness Physicians is pleased to welcome Debra Bailey, MD, board-certified dermatologist to their medical team. Bringing extensive experience to her new position, Dr. Bailey offers services to adults and children for issues affecting the skin, hair and nails, taking special interest in caring for patients who suffer from complex disorders and chronic conditions. “I will be providing the latest options in skincare medicine with personalized treatment programs. I believe in treating people with sincere concern, not just treating their skin problems,” said Dr. Bailey. Dr. Bailey earned a bachelor’s degree with distinction at Iowa State University in Ames, ... Read More »