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Why We Do It


Artful Life Tara O’Neill Self-deprecating humor is not in my DNA. I figure the rest of the world has enough opportunities to critique us that we don’t have to steal anyones’ negative thunder. That being said, I seldom miss the chance to laugh at myself when I do or say something foolish, and for that, there’s plenty of opportunity. Recently, I had a happenstance chat with Linda Chambers, an artist I greatly admire and a fellow instructor at Marco Island Center for the Arts. She commented on how stridently I market my work and myself. “I have to,” I ... Read More »

Thrill Her


All That Glitters Richard Alan I’m not sure if is part of our sixth senses or if it is an additional one. Being thrilled is a feeling we have all experienced at one time or another in our lives, maybe more so when we were younger. Remember the feeling you experienced on a Christmas past when you got that special toy or bicycle you were wishing for? Excitement and exhilaration come to mind. I expect your first ride on a roller coaster provided the same incredible experience. Well, believe it or not jewelry can create the same feeling of ... Read More »


Sensory Night at the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples (C’mon) is an engaging, interactive, and inspiring night to promote families playing, learning and dreaming together in a low-sensory museum experience. Held the fourth Tuesday of every month from 5-7pm, sensory night is intended for all individuals with sensory integration needs including people with autism.   According to Mary Fellenz, OTR/L, an Autism Specialist and owner of MF Therapy Group, “Sensations flow into the brain like streams flowing into a lake. Countless bits of sensory information enter our brain at every moment, not only from our eyes and ears, but also from ... Read More »

Warm Hearts and Willing Hands: San Marco Youth Serve the Poor in Tampa and Belize Youth in Tampa-service and smiles

The group visited Mayan ruins. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

By Stephanie Shiller San Marco Church Youth Group, under the direction of Kim Adamson (DRE), sent two groups of young people on mission trips this summer with Catholic Heart Work Camps. The goal of these missions is to “share the love of Christ as we serve the neglected, brokenhearted and the marginalized in any way needed. Equally, to inspire participants to live as disciples of Christ through serving others as a way of life.”   Tampa This summer marks the third year of participation for the San Marco Youth Group in the Tampa mission trip. This group gave its all ... Read More »

A Meeting with Mr. Misguided


Artful Life Tara O’Neill You are NOT going to believe what happened to me. This story begs the question: If someone is misguided, then who or what guided them there? I recently participated in a Naples event called “An Evening on 5th.” It involved visual artists and musicians scattered up and down the avenue to enhance the dining and shopping experience of the out-and-abouters. Sounded nice. I rather like talking to folks when I’m at my easel; I feel the more information the public has about the creation of art, the better for artists. The event was well organized, although ... Read More »

Shotgun Lovesongs


BOOK REMARKS Maggie Gust By Nickolas Butler St. Martin’s, 2014, 307 pages “All things on earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travelers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken.”– Thomas Wolfe   The small town of Little Wing, Wisconsin is the setting for this debut novel by 30-something Nickolas Butler who actually grew up in Eau Claire, WI. The story revolves around a group of five friends, now middle-aged, who grew up together in Little Wing; most of them ... Read More »

Winds of Change


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell We can’t direct the wind; we can only adjust our sails. — Thomas Monson   Winds of change will come into every human life. We, aware of it or not, are always heading in a direction. This may be obvious at some point in our lives and not perceivable at other times. Did you ever take stock of your life and ponder just how you got here? Through the small adjustments (of the sails tacking) or the big decisions (turnabout the sails), you are traveling in a direction — toward a destination. The ... Read More »

Creating a Buzz Through Advertising


BUSINESS BASICS Camden Smith DREAMFly Marketing This column focuses on creating a buzz using the marketing tactic, advertising. While press releases and article writing create some media buzz, organic promotion is easy if publicity is connected to advertising. Ways to Create Advertising Buzz Marketing research has shown that to create positive marketing buzz advertisers must connect with consumers and stir positive emotions. Buzz comes as a result of hitting a consumer’s sweet spot, meaning a topic they love to talk about and share with others by turning an ad campaign into a viral buzz online. Use humor or controversy to ... Read More »

Change: It’s a Way of Life?


ALL THAT GLITTERS Richard Alan Change is supposed to be good, but for many, even the suggestion of change can be downright traumatic for them. Change has been my way of life since I read that seemingly silly book “Who moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. You can read the whole book in about an hour, but what you get from it can honestly change your life. It was that book that motivated me to leave a steady job in someone else’s jewelry store, sell my small condo, pack up the wife and kids in a U-Haul and leave ... Read More »

A Personal Resurrection, 2014

''Resurrection'' by Tara O'Neill

Artful Life Tara O’Neill Two dates best herald the end of high-season in Southwest Florida: April 15 and Easter. Before April 15, many of our part-time residents find it necessary to haul it on home to talk taxes. As for Easter, it marks the end for tourists in general; although why this should be I’ve never understood – especially since the date is all over the calendar – but there you have it. For the worker-bees who remain year-round, end of season – on either date – has much different meanings. It’s over… working six to seven days a ... Read More »

26th Annual Easter Sunrise Service

Larry Krejci and JoAnn Criss Krejci model their backpack beach chairs.  This is the first year the two will attend the Easter Sunrise Service as a married couple. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

By Coastal Breeze News Staff The Easter Sunrise Service evokes a joyful sense of community for some and a sacred pilgrimage for others. “It was pure joy, something I wished I experienced sooner,” said Islander Rosemary Tolliver who was overwhelmed the first time she attended six years ago. Tolliver tries to gets there early to watch as the people stream down the beach. She enjoys seeing the different collections of people from various walks of life, families and neighbors gathering and discovering each other in the crowd. “It’s dark when you get there,” she said. “The boats have lights on ... Read More »

Wilma and Harold’s Lightweight Adventure

Rooftop view of Reykjavik from the Hallgrimskirkja church. PHOTOS BY WILMA SANDERS

SPEAKING OF TRAVEL Vickie Kelber Unless cruising, which is not our preferred method of travel, grappling with luggage can take some of the pleasure out of a journey. For domestic destinations, we usually use just two carry-ons and a back pack. We literally do carry on our luggage and deal with TSA restrictions by buying any large sizes of liquids or gels, such as toothpaste, when we arrive. For month-long treks to Europe, we bring one larger size suitcase, one carry-on size, which we check, and a backpack. The backpack contains our electronics, items we may want on the ... Read More »

EGO revisited


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell Recently, while sitting with two of my closest friends and enjoying a warm fire on a chilly Cape Cod night, we touched upon the topic of personality characteristics. It began with one of us describing herself as “very shy,” promptly adding and “always will be.” It was brought up in a context that alluded to the idea of it being a quality that she found fairly limiting in her life. Another one of us agreed, head nodding, and stating that she felt the same and was also a timid person in so many instances. ... Read More »

Nurturing Confidence


ARtful Life Tara O’Neill It’s not very often I write a follow-up to a previously published column, but I did get some interesting communications on my last Artful Life column entitled, “Confidence, the Good Kind.” So, I would like to revisit the topic of nurturing confidence in folks young and old, and including ourselves. The most interesting call I received on the subject came from a semi-retired school teacher from New Hampshire. Here’s what she had to share: “Ask a classroom of first- and second-graders who in the room can sing, and 95 to 100 percent of those students will ... Read More »

“A Christmas Story” comes to Marco


By Linda Ickes Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit more than the production, A Christmas Story. You’re invited to celebrate the holiday with 30 school-aged children performing with The Marco Players Children’s Theater. A Christmas Story is a 1983 American Christmas comedy, set in the 1940s, about a boy who has to convince his parents, teachers, and Santa that a Red Ryder BB gun really is the perfect Christmas gift. The author, Jean Parker Shepherd (1921 – 1999), was an American raconteur, radio and TV personality, writer and actor who was often referred to by the nickname Shep. The ... Read More »

Letting go to move on


Artful Life Tara O’Neill I am often asked about how professional artists are able to let go of their creations and if there is great difficulty in the act of releasing the products of one’s imagination. The work of the soul, so to speak. My response, for me personally, is always a healthy and hearty, “heck no!” And, while I’m in no position to speak for all artists (it simply can’t be done), I know from those I speak with and read about that the prevailing tennent is that the work we do today is leading to the work we ... Read More »



By Monte Lazarus As I age my fear is that I am becoming far more crotchety; so much so that my proposed new organization for such as me would be known as “Cranky Old Men” or just COM (Not to be confused with the movie “Grumpy Old Men”). I also considered having a group of “Cranky Old Women”, but the acronym “COW” would label me as a misogynist, so please bear with that omission. My latest piece of crankiness revolves about the indiscriminate use of those ubiquitous so-called smart phones. The phones may be smart but some of the ... Read More »

Lose Your Ego and Find Yourself


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell EGO: What comes to mind when you see this word? Self concept. Character. Identity. Self image. Your innermost self evaluation based upon perception formed by various experiences over time. It is a very personal concept that can only be looked at by the owner. SACRED SELF: Free of ego and able to perceive life beyond the self. Hard to imagine when the world is often defined by our very own needs and wants. Why wouldn’t it be? We need to survive and thrive. The sacred self holds truth in trust that, even without our ... Read More »

Lely’s Top 100


By Coastal Breeze News Staff The Lely High School National Honor Society held a dinner at the Marco Island Marriott in honor of the Lely High School Top 100. The Top 100 program recognizes the top 25 students in each grade level, offering a monetary award to seniors as a way to recognize that academics are an important part of high school. This year’s guest speaker was Judge Christine Greider, one of three Collier County judges who graduated from Lely High School. Judge Greider said the most powerful words she ever came to hear were, “Would you help me?” “Ask ... Read More »

Newcomers Celebrate 43 Years


The Newcomers Club of Marco Island held its 43rd Birthday Celebration on April 10th at the Marco Island Yacht Club. There were tears of joy and recollections of happy times as outgoing President Litha Berger welcomed Sharon Cook as President for the coming year. Many Past Presidents of Newcomers were in attendance along with an overwhelming crowd of members. As well as welcoming the new President and Board, members said farewell to 33 ladies who were spinning out of the organization after their allowed five-year term of membership. Read More »