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Wild Everglades Womens Fishing University Announced for Oct. 13-14, 2012

 Women’s-only Everglades getaway offers fishing, rigging, conservation and more! New Venue! An incredible Everglades adventure is offered for women for the first time by the award winning “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!®” University Series. The Everglades Adventure University is Oct. 13-14, 2012 at Port of the Islands Everglades Resort, with optional Everglades excursions offered on Friday, Oct. 12. “This is a great ‘out-there’ fishing adventure, where women can learn and go fishing in an amazing area they might not visit on their own,” commented Founder, Betty Bauman. The organization polled its 7,000 graduates for input, who voted to fish the pristine 10,000 islands, ... Read More »

NOAA briefly opens red snapper fishing in South Atlantic

Agency sets limited recreational and commercial seasons for September 2012 NOAA Fisheries today approved an emergency action to temporarily open recreational and commercial red snapper fishing in the South Atlantic region – federal waters off North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida’s east coast. The recreational season will open for two consecutive weekends of Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from September 14 through 16 and 21 through 23. During the recreational season, anglers may keep one fish per person per day with no size limit. The 2012 recreational catch limit is 9,399 fish. The commercial season will open for seven days, ... Read More »

Pirating the backwaters

GOODLAND LIFE  Natalie Strom That’s it. I’m turning in my press pass and heading out to sea. This pirate looks at 30 like she’s ready for a change, and after taking a trip with Goodland-based Backwater Adventure I’m declaring a mutiny on my humdrum life. It’s time for this scallywag to commandeer their vessels and start off on my own excursion. After all, life is too short to wait. Just ask owner and operator of Backwater Adventure, Lisa Seymour. Three years ago she nearly lost her leg in a motorcycle accident. Rather than outfit Lisa with an-all-too-perfect-for-this-article peg leg, doctors ... Read More »

What shall we fish for today?

FOLLOW THE FISH  Capt. Pete Rapps There are so many different species of fish that we catch here in shallow near shore and backwater areas of the 10,000 Islands and the Everglades National Park. Some fish that are targeted for food purposes, depending on their open season, are Redfish, Snapper, Trout, Flounder, Mackerel, Tripletail, Cobia, Pompano, Permit, Snook, Grouper and more. Some fish we target for sport. Tarpon are a great sport fish that are never eaten, however others like Snook, Permit, & Shark are mostly targeted for sport and sometime for food. Others like Ladyfish, Jacks, & Catfish can ... Read More »

Shallow water sharks of the 10,000 Islands

FOLLOW THE FISH  Capt. Pete Rapps Our summer water temperatures bring many types of Shark into the shallow waters of the 10,000 Islands. They are here to breed, and arrive in good numbers. Although there are Shark here year round, it is now that they are most abundant. Below is a list of the five most common Shark in our waters. I have included some pretty interesting profile info obtained from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ( about their habitat, feeding, reproduction, and their sizes. BLACKTIP SHARK: Carcharhinus limbatus. Habitat: Common in Florida’s coastal waters, bays and estuaries. ... Read More »

Midsummer near shore fishing in the 10,000 Islands

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps As we approach the end of July and head into August, you can bet your Jalapenos that we are in the hottest season of the year here in the 10,000 Islands. If you plan your day right, it can also equate to some of the best and most productive fishing our area has to offer. By mid day, air temperatures are now averaging around 93 degrees. Water temperatures are warm – right around 87 degrees. Although it does get stifling hot by mid day, the daily thunder storms will usually drive you back to ... Read More »

Summer is for the Young at Heart

BUZZ FROM THE SWAMP By Patricia Huff During the week of June 25 through the 29th, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) sponsored the “Build-a-Boat” project with the Everglades City students participating. Volunteers also assisted with the program. On Friday, June 29, the students and CCSO staff launched the boat at the city dock at the end of Broadway in Everglades City. “Build-a-Chair” project is starting the week of July 16. Everglades City celebrated Independence Day on Saturday, June 30, with a grand parade and festivities in McLeod Park including “best patriotically dressed” kids’ contests. Adults enjoyed the music, arts ... Read More »

Cover up and stay cool out on the boat

FOLLOW THE FISH  Capt. Pete Rapps When boating in Southwest Florida in the summer months, you have to be very mindful of the intense mid day heat and the effects of the sun on you skin. Out here on the water, we have a much different environment than back on land. We most certainly have different things to think about and prepare for in advance before spending the day out on a boat. First of all, we have sun baking us from two directions. The most obvious is from above, but few think about the reflection from the water. That ... Read More »

July fishing in the Ten Thousand Islands

FOLLOW THE FISH  Capt. Pete Rapps Out here in the Ten Thousand Islands, the weather in late June into July is fairly predictable, as are the daily fishing patterns. Late day storms begin to arrive and cool things off a little. The bite is early in the day, and again late in the afternoon/early evening. Expect the bite to drop some during mid-day heat and slack tides. Day time air temperatures are now hovering around 92 degrees each day, bringing the water temperatures up to 87 degrees. Anglers can get into some nice Snook on the outside islands most ... Read More »

Anquilla British West Indies

CRUISING LIFE Frances Diebler Reluctantly, we had to say “au revoir” to St. Martin and sailed a short distance about 15 nm to Anguilla, British West Indies, (BVI). This is a jewel of an island with magnificent white sand beaches. The warm, friendly, gentle people made us feel as though we were guests in their homes. The sign on the customs office spoke for the whole island. It quietly said, “All Persons Must Be Tidy in Appearance.” That gentle reminder typifies the people of the whole island: quiet, friendly, reserved, and warm folks. The entire island was pristine and the ... Read More »

Enjoy a day on our local waters….It is not just about fishing!

FOLLOW THE FISH  Capt. Pete Rapps From time to time I receive inquiries from potential customers asking me how one spouse could talk their other spouse into a fishing trip or boat tour. I hear things like…. “I would like to do a fishing charter with my wife, but she is not really into fishing like I am. Can we do a combination of a fishing and sight seeing charter?” “Is there anything for my spouse to see or do while I fish?” “Will my spouse be bored?” Well, the truth is that there is so much natural beauty to ... Read More »

Take a walk in the Mangroves

BUZZ FROM THE SWAMP Patricia Huff Many times visitors to Everglades City have asked us where they can walk out in the Everglades, and there are many great places along the Tamiami Trail. If they are headed west to Naples, I suggest the Fakahatchee Boardwalk at Big Cypress Bend and the 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge; and if they’re driving east to Miami, I recommend Kirby Storter Boardwalk in the Big Cypress National Preserve. There are also many trails (or spurs) off Janes Scenic Drive if they are traveling north on SR29. But now we have our own Everglades City ... Read More »

Thunderbird Sailing opens on Isles of Capri

By Natalie Strom Captain Otis Tavlin is excited to announce his newest business endeavor. Thunderbird Sailing, based out of Isles of Capri is now offering afternoon and sunset sailing charters. “The Thunderbird is a world-class, ocean-racing Condor 40-foot Trimaran, 40 feet long and 28 feet wide. We motor out to open water, turn the motors off, get the sails out, hit the gulf and show people what real sailing is all about,” explains Tavlin. “Generally we will be offering afternoon and sunset sails because the wind is better for sailing, although we will go any time anyone wants to ... Read More »


By Natalie Strom On Friday, April 27, Coastal Breeze received word that the first sea turtle nest had been marked for 2012. The nest was located along Hideaway Beach by Mary Nelson, Marco Island’s “Sea Turtle Lady.” The nest, itself, is roped off with yellow caution tape. The female turtle’s trail to the nest can be seen to the right of the photo. Female turtles take their time finding the perfect spot to nest. In this particular case, it is clear that this mother-to-be made quite the trek to find her perfect nesting location. This first nest marks a bit ... Read More »

Dive into summer at Mackle Park

By Natalie Strom  natalie@coastalbreezenews  Mackle Park is gearing up for summer! Plans are in the works for some very exciting camps for kids of all ages. Camp Mackle is back for its third year in a row while many other specialty camps will also be offered. Parents and their kids have the option to choose from a wide variety of programs that range in length and activity. “Our Camp Mackle program starts the day after school ends,” explains Mindy Matusiak, Recreation Manager at Mackle Park. “The first day of camp we have a big water day, including a water slide, ... Read More »

Red grouper shoot out

By Coastal Breeze News Staff The Marco Sport Fishing Club, boasting over 300 members, held its first Red Grouper Tournament. “We had 22 boats with 82 anglers in two divisions: 15 mile and 50 mile,” said Howard Laskau. The longest legal red grouper of 20” plus was the goal, plus there was a wild card category in each division: Spanish Mackerel in the 15 mile group and King Mackerel in the 50 mile division. The tournament garnered three title sponsors: Walker’s Marine, Pursuit Boats and Mercury Marine. According to Jim Walker of Walker’s Marine, “This is the greatest club we ... Read More »

May fishing in the 10,000 Islands

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps May is typically one of our mildest months of the year. We look forward to calm days on the water now that those windy days of April are behind us. It is typically a dry month too, so there is not a lot of running away from those pesky afternoon thunderstorms that will be upon us next month and throughout the summer. The Snook have moved out of the back country where they were hanging out all winter. You will see them in the river mouths and near shore island areas. They are ... Read More »

Goodland: A somewhat disjointed history lesson

GOODLAND LIFE Natalie Strom As my personal interest in the history of Goodland has grown, I have heard some pretty interesting things about our fishing village. Recently, a neighbor of mine showed me a brochure she had saved from the mid-60’s featuring land for sale in Goodland. In my attempts to find out more about this brochure, I found that it’s not always that easy to find what you’re looking for. Thanks to this nagging brochure, which I was unable to find any information on, I have gathered a bit of history from many sources and conversations. And so, I ... Read More »

Take the kids fishing, and keep them on the bite!

FOLLOW THE FISH  Capt. Pete Rapps When we were children, my grandfather used to take my brother and me fishing all he could. Grandpa just loved to have us out on the boat. Sometimes he would take us out to the shallow reefs and we would drop live shrimp down on small hook. We would have a blast reeling in grunts, porgies, snapper, ladyfish, jacks and the occasional trigger fish. We would laugh and giggle as we pulled in one after the other on every drop down. What a blast! Other days Grandpa would take us out for big fish. ... Read More »

Typical target species when fishing the flats and near shore areas of the 10,000 Islands

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps There are so many different species of fish that we catch here in the 10,000 Islands and the Everglades National Park. Some fish that are targeted for food purposes, depending on their open season, are Redfish, Snapper, Trout, Flounder, Mackerel, Tripletail, Cobia, Pompano, Snook, Grouper and more. Some fish we target for sport. Tarpon are a great sport fish that are never eaten, however others like Snook, Permit, & Shark are mostly targeted for sport and sometime for food. Others like Ladyfish, Jacks, & Catfish can be considered sport, however are typically just bi-catch ... Read More »