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Marco awarded BP Grant


By Natalie Strom British Petroleum was recently found guilty by the U.S. Supreme Court on 11 felony counts of misconduct or neglect pertaining to the Deepwater Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Over the next six years, BP is expected to pay an additional $4.5 billion dollars, on top of what the company has already paid towards the massive oil spill disaster. The British oil giant seems to be wasting no time doling out the federally mandated money; on November 7, Marco Island, Naples and Collier County were awarded grants totaling $1,313,650. The three government entities ... Read More »

A fantastic time to fish


FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps Typical to this time of year, we are seeing some mild cooling trends to both the air and water temperatures here in the 10,000 Islands. Weather trends are usually about the same right now up until the middle of December, when we typically see our first major cold fronts come rolling through. We have already seen a few minor cold fronts come through in November which brought the night temperatures down into the low 50’s. The fronts also brought some days where the wind hit 20+ mph. Expect Gulf water temperatures to drop down ... Read More »

FREE Conservancy Nature Walks to Resume


Conservancy of Southwest Florida offers FREE Guided Nature Walks. Three great locations. All walks conducted by trained Conservancy of Southwest Florida volunteers and are subject to weather conditions and volunteer availability. Times and days subject to change. Not available on holidays. Bring a hat, water and wear sunscreen. Also bring water shoes and binoculars for Tigertail Beach. Clam Pass, Naples, December 1 thru April 30, Monday-Saturday, 9:00AM. Boardwalk, Bay and Beach. Learn the importance of mangrove trees, some Florida history, and meet fascinating creatures and plants that share habitat. Located west of the Waldorf Astoria on Seagate Drive, west of ... Read More »

Talking Trash: the toxic type


PROTECTING & PRESERVING Nancy Richie Monthly, different local groups and residents make the effort to organize and pick up trash on Marco Island’s beach. Weekly, we all make the effort to throw trash in the appropriate receptacle; the regular trash bin which goes to our overflowing county landfill or the recycling bin which keeps excess trash out of the landfill so that products can be repurposed and reused. Those are our choices at home and work. Daily, we pick up trash as we take walks in our neighborhoods, parks or on the beach. Trash; it is part of our life. ... Read More »

Understanding local tides


FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps As fall turns into winter here in the 10,000 Islands, we are presented with some daily challenges and obstacles that require more thought and planning prior to starting your day of fishing. One aspect of planning your day can be accomplished far in advance and that is determining your tides. Tide charts are available spreading out years in advance. Here I will explain tides in layman’s terms to help keep it simple for those new to tide prediction. There are more technical explanations on the Internet that can be found with a simple Google ... Read More »

Choosing the right tackle for the right reason

Nice Red caught on light tackle. PHOTO BY MARY FINK/COASTAL BREEZE NEWS

LADY ANGLER’S CORNER Capt. Mary Fink  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced lady angler, one of the most important decisions you should make before setting out for a day of fishing is that of tackle selection. Fishing tackle can be defined quite simply as: a rod, a compatible reel, fishing line, hooks, lures and possible live bait selection. This author recommends light tackle for most types of fishing for both novice and experienced anglers. Light salt water tackle would include a reel with a line capacity and strength in the 8-15 pound range and a rod that ... Read More »

Something for everyone in the Swamp

BUZZ FROM THE SWAMP Patricia Huff  The holidays are approaching and more events are being planned in the Swamp. Big Cypress Gallery is hosting its “Annual Holiday Book Signing” with Clyde Butcher on Friday, November 23, and Saturday, November 24. Clyde’s books make great holiday gifts, especially with a special note from Clyde. For more information call (239) 695-2428. The Everglades Society for Historical Preservation will host its first program of the season on Friday, November 30, at 5:30 PM in the Everglades Community Church annex. Marco Island historian Betsy Perdichizzi will present “Pioneering Medicine in the Marco Wilderness” based ... Read More »

Marco Sportfishing Club rides the bull

By Danielle Dodder The Marco Sportfishing Club kicked off its annual redfish tournament on Tuesday, October 23 at Walker’s Marine in Goodland. Two person teams went out in 16 boats on a mission to bring back the largest regulation size redfish. The winners, Bruce Robertson and Chuck Gainan, brought back two fish weighing in at 9.34 lbs. The event kicked off ‘Ride the Bull’ week, a term for bringing in a large male redfish. The club also held boat and individual tournaments on Wednesday, October 31, closing the tournament with an awards dinner. Read More »

Snowy Egrets: One of the coolest birds on our beach


PROTECTING & PRESERVING  Nancy Richie One of several larger shorebirds that are spectacular to watch while walking the beach, especially along the Tigertail Lagoon and Sand Dollar beach peninsula area, is the Snowy Egret (Egretta thula). Just saying the name can cool one off on a hot Florida day at the beach. When walking the beach, one notices that there are several large white birds with long legs in the tidal zone and lagoon area. The Snowy Egret is easily identifiable by its bright yellow feet. Perhaps they are yellow galoshes? Not the largest of the long-legged shorebirds, the Snowy ... Read More »


CRUISING LIFE Frances Diebler We loved Antigua for its history, living museums, friendly people, snug anchorage, facilities and so much more. However, after an 11 day stay, we reluctantly had to move on. Our next port of call was Deshaies on the French island of Guadeloupe. Deshaies pronounced “Day Hay” is on the northwest corner of Guadeloupe. From the anchorage, Deshaies looks very much like a village on the French coast with its colorful shops and brightly painted fishing skiffs bobbing on their moorings. The harbor is opened to the West as all of the Leeward Island anchorages are. Seldom ... Read More »

November fishing in the 10,000 Islands

FOLLOW THE FISH  Capt. Pete Rapps November is one of my absolute favorite months here in the Ten Thousand Islands! The reasons are numerous and I could go on forever describing them, but some of the highlights are…. 1) Mild weather patterns with little rain and light winds, 2) Fish are actively following and feeding on the huge bait pods just off the coastal beaches, 3) Daytime temperatures are comfortably hovering in the high 70’s to low 80’s, 4) Migratory birds are actively arriving for the winter……. and the list goes on! The change of seasons will begin to affect ... Read More »

Red Tide Present in Collier County

On the southwest coast of Florida, a bloom of the Florida Red Tide organism, Karenia brevis, continues alongshore in medium to low concentration levels. The bloom originated early last week off Tampa Bay. Now, the Red Tide organism has been found to be present in various concentrations along the Collier County beaches. Recent satellite imagery was partially obscured by cloud cover alongshore; but some patches of elevated to very high chlorophyll were visible extending as far as southern Collier. Winds will be mostly from the south with a slight westerly shift on Friday, which may increase the chances for impacts, such ... Read More »

Why get hooked on fishing?

LADY ANGLER’S CORNER Capt. Mary Fink Ladies, when you think of the sport of fishing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you visualize complacently sitting somewhere with your line in the water hoping that a fish may swim by and take some interest in your bait. Could it be that you have an aversion to touching live bait and fish? Perhaps your husband wants to go fishing and asked you to join him, so you feel obligated to go. Whatever your initial thought of fishing may be, it is this author’s experience that many women ... Read More »

The spotted seatrout

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps A prime shallow water fishing target here in the 10,000 Islands, the Spotted Seatrout are common estuarine fish found throughout the southern coasts of the United States along the south Atlantic and all coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico. Contrary to its name “Spotted Seatrout”, they actually are not a member of the Trout family at all, however they are a member of the drum family (Sciaenidae). Spotted Seatrout are silver in color with olive-green tints on their back, and numerous small black dots which extend over their dorsal fins and onto their ... Read More »

Women’s Wild Fishing Weekend

By Natalie Strom “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” is an award-winning University Series coming to the Everglades area for the first time this October. Avid female anglers will settle in at the Port of the Islands Everglades Adventure Resort for a weekend of education, hands-on fishing activities, habitat conservation and local recreation. Founded by Betty Bauman in 1997, the Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing University (LLGF) boasts 7,000 female graduates. LLGF is a national organization dedicated to attracting more women to sport fishing and to promoting conservation, responsible angling and emphasizing mentorship between novice and experienced members. The organization has earned rave ... Read More »

October fishing in the 10,000 Islands

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps Fall is officially here and October will bring a change in the local fishery. As we get further into the month, the daytime air temperatures will average around 87 and water temps will hover around 81. October shows a much welcomed cooling trend, which will help prolong the bite throughout the day. We are seeing some schools of large live bait pour into the area. Get them with your cast net close to the shorelines at high tide, and out just a little deeper in the low tides. Follow the tide line and look ... Read More »

Fall means it’s “Redfish Time”!

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps The past two years we have been hearing about it. Local fishermen in the 10,000 islands and the Everglades National Park have been reporting record catches of small “Rat Reds” in the 12”-20” range. It’s not unusual to hear of catches of 15 or 20…… or even more in a single morning. They are hitting everything from artificials like DOA Shrimp, to natural baits like live or frozen shrimp, cut mullet, or cut ladyfish. You can usually find them on the last part of the incoming tide around the barrier island mangrove roots and ... Read More »

Sea Turtle Tidbits

By Coastal Breeze News Staff In order to learn more about endangered sea turtles of the Florida coast, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute hosts two sea turtle monitoring programs. Outlined at, the Statewide Nesting Beach Survey (SNBS) and the Index Nesting Beach Survey study and track nesting patterns of the five species of sea turtles that nest along Florida’s beaches. According to, “The Statewide Nesting Beach Survey (SNBS) program was initiated in 1979 under a cooperative agreement between the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the U.S. Fish and ... Read More »

Explore Your Estuary with Rookery Bay

By Natalie Strom “Seventy to eighty percent of commercially and recreationally valuable fish and shellfish spend part of their lives in an estuary like Rookery Bay,” explains Renee Wilson, the Rookery’s Research Translator. “So if you like seafood, you are probably benefitting from an estuary in some way.” As far back as the Calusa Indians, inhabitants of Southwest Florida have taken advantage of all the estuaries that surround us have to offer. On September 29, Rookery Bay National Estuarine Reserve will be celebrating, “these special places where the rivers meet the sea,” with the rest of the country for ... Read More »

September fishing in the 10,000 Islands

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps September is typically the warmest month of the summer here in the 10,000 Islands. Day time air temperatures will average around 92. Water temps will hover between 86-88 degrees. Typical to our summer months, September heats up so much by midday, that the bite typically drops off by early afternoon. We get a lot of mid afternoon storms which will cool things off a little, and produce a late afternoon/ early evening bite. Although Tropical Storm Isaac did not accumulate to much as far as damages on land, it sure did leave it’s mark ... Read More »