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Chasin’ Tail Florida-Style


PROTECTING &PRESERVING Nancy Richie NRichie@cityofmarcoisland.com In my household, sometimes I wonder if the refrigerator calendar of the Julian twelve months is really necessary as we mark our year by seasons – not fall, winter, spring and summer – but by stone crab, sailfish, mahi, grouper, scallops and lobster seasons. That’s just the oceanic seasons for my daughters and me; my husband adds in the hunting seasons as well for his year! It is definitely unanimous that we all love Lobster Season when late July and August roll around. Most Floridians know (and plan for) the “mini season” – two days ... Read More »

To Jig or not to Jig


LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink islandgirlscharters.com The word “jig” has two meanings relating to fishing. The noun “jig” relates to a type of artificial lure or “jig head” which is usually tipped with some form of live or cut bait. The other meaning, used as a verb; to “jig,” relates to the physical movement of the rod tip that will often entice fish to strike more readily. This article will address each meaning of the word and its relevance when fishing our fish rich waters. When fishing our beautiful local back country bays and mangrove islands, jig heads are most ... Read More »

The City of Marco Island’s Beach Ordinance


The City of Marco Island’s Beach Ordinance #08-14, under Section 54-36. Regulation of Use and Conduct on the Beach, Item (g) states: It shall be unlawful for any person while on the Beach or within 1,000 feet from shore to fish for sharks or to fish by those methods commonly known as chumming or blood baiting. Nothing herein shall be construed to create a duty of any sort on the part of any law enforcement officer or city employee to prevent fishing or to warn of the presence of sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. To address the increase in ... Read More »

The Library and the Arts


By Karen Swanker The Marco Island Public Library and the Marco Island Center for the Arts work cooperatively to provide monthly art shows at the Marco Island Library branch on Heathwood Drive. Each artist exhibits for two months. July and August 2013 will feature the work of Marco Island artist Rick Granneman. Before retiring and moving from Chicago to Marco in 2007, Rick and his wife, Billie, were involved in the R&D of new medicines like Humira, Depakote, Kaletra, Norvir, and Synthroid. Besides pursuit of their lifelong passion for the arts, they feel “blessed to enjoy the Gulf, Everglades, 10,000 ... Read More »

Tales from the Cape: the Lost Years


By Natalie Strom natalie@coastalbreezenews.com Nearly one year ago, Coastal Breeze News introduced readers to Bob Lee, the man who built the dome home at Cape Romano. His story was told through the recollections of his daughter, Janet Maples and grandson, Mike Morgan. Janet recalled the time her father first sold the dome home. It was 1989. She didn’t know what happened exactly, but only two years later, the home belonged to her father again. Brian Slager knows what happened. Hired by George Wendell, the man who bought the home from Lee, Slager lived at the home for as long as Wendell owned ... Read More »

July Fishing in the 10,000 Islands


FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps Pete@CaptainRapps.com Here in the Ten Thousand Islands, the weather in July is fairly predictable, as are the fishing patterns. Daily storms are now arriving late in the morning to early afternoon and cool things off a little. The bite is early in the day, and again late in the afternoon/early evening. Expect the bite to drop off to nothing during mid day heat and slack tides. Day time air temperatures are now hovering around 92 degrees each day, bringing the water temperatures up to 87 degrees. Anglers can get into some nice Snook on the ... Read More »

Camp Able comes to Marco Island


By Noelle H. Lowery noelle@coastalbreezenews.com Kelly Bennett and Sarah Reveland have a lot in common. Both young women are 21 years old. Both have been Lely High School students, and both have a ton of friends. Both of their families live on Marco Island, and both are members of St. Marks Episcopal Church on the island. This summer, both young women also will attend Camp Able, a five-day (July 17-21) summer camp focusing on people with special needs and hosted this year by the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida and St. Marks on Marco Island. Kelly, however, will be the ... Read More »

Mutual Funds Explained


INVESTMENT INSIGHTS Darcie Guerin, CFP® “Muddy waters make for good fishing.” Daniel Drew, American financier, 1797-1879.  Question: Please explain what mutual funds are. I’m uncomfortable asking anyone because I feel like I should know this. – Gretchen S., Naples.   Answer: First, I’ll give you the same advice I give our grandkids and that is to take the word “should” right out of your vocabulary! Until a concept is explained to you in the way you can grasp it, there’s no reason you’d master terminology not used in your day-to-day life. As my husband often reminds me, financial professionals are ... Read More »

Fishing in July in the 10,000 Islands


Follow the Fish Capt. Pete Rapps Here in the Ten Thousand Islands, the weather in late June into July is predictable, as are the fishing patterns. Daily storms are now arriving late in the morning to early afternoon and cool things off a little. The bite is early in the day, and again late in the afternoon/early evening. Expect the bite to drop off to nothing during mid day heat and slack tides. Day time air temperatures are now hovering around 92 degrees each day, bringing the water temperatures up to 87 degrees. Anglers can get into some nice Snook ... Read More »

Keys to Fishing Success: Concentration and Presentation


LADY ANGLER’S CORNER Captain Mary   One observation I have made with many people who try fishing and have had limited success is that they often lack two important components to successful fishing: concentration and effective bait presentation. I find that many enthusiasts begin fishing by casting in an arbitrary fashion with no real cognizance of where their bait is or how it is being presented. This often results in lines drifting under the boat, tangles with other anglers, or becoming hooked up on bottom structure. This article will address some effective tips on how to improve overall environmental awareness, ... Read More »

Snook Season Starting Soon


By Natalie Strom natalie@coastalbreezenews.com Avid anglers are marking their calendars in advance for September 1, 2013. The date marks the reopening of snook recreational harvesting within Gulf waters, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWCC). A cold snap in 2010 stunned the snook population, but recent studies have found it safe to fish for the fish once again. A status update was conducted in 2012 by the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) to follow up on the effects of the 2010 cold snap. Data within the report stemmed back to 1986, offering a close examination of ... Read More »

Gallery Talk with Tara


By Natalie Strom natalie@coastalbreezenews.com The gallery at the Marco Island Historical Museum was filled with chairs which where filled with eager bodies on Friday, June 21. The famed and award winning talent of artist Tara O’Neill hung perfectly on the walls, as if telling a story. And there was O’Neill, herself, who shared her story of art, passion and growing up on Marco in her gallery talk, “South Florida: A Villager’s View. “My parents, Jack and Mary O’Neill, with seven of their ten children, moved to Marco in the late 60’s from White Plains, New York,” explained O’Neill. The palm ... Read More »

Fishing Safety Tips: Good & Bad Slack

Grandmother Pat and her grandson Brett with a beautiful speckled sea trout. PHOTO BY MARY FINK

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink islandgirlscharters.com We’ve all heard the phrase “safety first.” Safety should be of primary importance for all who enjoy a day of fishing from a boat. Fishing tackle can pose many safety hazards when utilized carelessly and without caution. Rod tips and hooks can be dangerous for obvious reasons. In this article, I will address some basic tackle handling tips so that you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable day on your boat with family and friends. Keep in mind that although you may have experience handling tackle properly, your guests and friends may not. ... Read More »

Fishing the 10,000 Islands in June


FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps Pete@CaptainRapps.com The Summer heat is here, and the bite is on! Day time air temperatures in June are hovering around 90 degrees each day, which has now brought the average water temperature up to 86 degrees. Your best bet for fishing the shallow flats in June will be early morning up until about noon, and then again late in the afternoon after 4:00 until sunset. The regular mid day storms will become more regular as the month progresses, so why not take advantage of a mid day break off the water for a dip ... Read More »

Shark Fishing for the Soul


By Natalie Strom natalie@coastalbreezenews.com Sometimes scars aren’t always visible. Just because someone has been injured doesn’t mean it’s going to show. TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury is one such hidden scar – or PTSD. Some scars can be seen, like the loss of a limb or a slice down the center of one’s stomach in order to put them back together. Regardless of the type of scar, it stays with you – and you have to choose how you’re going to deal with it. For soldiers of any war, these types of scars are all too common – be they ... Read More »

Back Country Fish Finding Tips


LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink islandgirlscharters.com It is safe to say that all anglers, regardless of experience level, enjoy being on the water. What’s not to like? The beauty of the water, bountiful wildlife, serenity and the wonders of nature all come together to make a memorable experience. Finding and catching fish on a regular basis will only enhance your days on the water, whether in a boat or fishing from a beach, dock or bridge. In this article, I will share with you some very simple, yet effective ways to locate fish in our local back country areas ... Read More »

“SEASON” is Just Starting for Some


PROTECTING & PRESERVING Nancy Richie NRichie@cityofmarcoisland.com Snowbird Season – or as locals simply call it – “season,” is over. Or at least it has definitely slowed down. Our roads are quieter; that’s good. Restaurants are easier to get in; that’s good for locals (but not so good for owners). Publix aisles are navigable; that’s great! The beach has fewer people on it; nice. But now it is a different kind of “season.” It is one for Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) and nesting shorebirds, such as Black Skimmers (Rynchops niger), Least Terns (Sternula antillarum), and Wilson Plovers (Charadrius wilsonia). This ... Read More »

Rootin’ Tootin’ Grouper Tourney


The Rootin’ Tootin’ Red Grouper Tournament may go down in history as one of the longest tournaments in Marco Sportfishing Club history. Due to weather delays, the scheduled awards ceremony ended up being a “kick off” event and took place on Monday night, April 15th with the “fishing day” of the tournament taking place on Tuesday, April 16th. After 2 weather delays, 19 boats and 80 anglers finally got the chance to go out and bring back some red grouper. The tournament had two separate divisions…a 15 mile division and a 50 mile division, with the weigh-in at the Old ... Read More »

Friends Clean Up Tigertail


By Linda Colombo Mother Nature cooperated for the beach clean-up sponsored by the Friends of Tigertail Beach on Saturday, April 13th. Over 40 people turned out to assist in picking up trash. Volunteers arrived at 8 AM to receive their trash bags, gloves and assignments. The areas to be picked up were: the parking lot, butterfly garden, the boardwalk areas, the playground and the beach along the lagoon in both directions. Sand Dollar Island was also scoured for trash. Sand Dollar is not county property or City of Marco Island property. It is owned and controlled by the State of ... Read More »

Beat the Heat: How to Stay Cool out on the Boat


Many flats fishermen have their boats set up for efficient casting. This involves minimizing items in the boat that can create obstacles and snags. Most of us fishing out of flats boats do not have bimini tops or T-tops for this reason. Because of this, there is no shade or any way to duck out of the direct sun. We have to dress properly to stay cool and prevent sun exposure. Out on the water, the sun is baking us from two directions. The most obvious is from above, but few think about reflection. The reflection from the water and ... Read More »