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Preparing for common retirement surprises


Ask The CFP® Pract itioner Darcie Guerin Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” Winston Churchill Question: I am approaching retirement. Beyond the obvious evaluation of my expenses and income sources, what should I consider? Answer: Congratulations on your upcoming retirement and bravo for analyzing your cash flow. You’ve addressed the first step in this significant transition by making sure that long-term investments are on track to meet your target income needs. Planning for and anticipating the unexpected is wise. Unless you’re a fan of unwelcome surprises, it is sensible to identify financial vulnerability. The significance and likelihood ... Read More »

To be mindful, or not to be mindful?


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell Anyone who has ever delved into yoga and discovered its amazing benefits will certainly relate to the following sentence my husband texted me the day after I taught him a yoga class instead of practicing on his own, “Doing mindful yoga is a lot harder than hurry-up-and-get-it-over-with yoga.” I was happy to learn he discovered the difference. I am unsure if he was happy to know that now or not. “Knowledge is power,” I told someone one day; and he responded, “Yes, but ignorance is bliss.” Or is it? Any activity or undertaking ... Read More »

Act Like a Kid Again


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Are you stuck? Stuck in a workout rut or stuck behind a desk at work, or even stuck at the same weight that you keep trying to get off? Why not break out of the box and try something different? Watch little kids play; they are exercising without even knowing it. Why? Because they are having fun. Remember when you were a small child? I’ll bet some of your fondest memories are playing tag, hide-and-seek or simply running around the playground. Instead of working out indoors, take advantage of the cooler weather and take your ... Read More »

Christmas with Naomi

Sally and Franklin were sadly returned to FLC and are looking for a new fur-ever home.

FOR THE LOVE OF CATS Naomi & Karina Paape Dear Fellow Felines We have a lot of ground to cover this time around. For starters, lets begin with you and your staff’s (again, I remind you that only dogs have owners; we felines have staff) resolutions for 2013: Did you meet said lofty goals? I didn’t think so. You just couldn’t lose those five to 10 pounds you hoped to drop could you, your diet having fallen to the wayside some time after Valentine’s Day? I have to admit that I also failed to maintain my diet goal this ... Read More »

The Death of Santini


BOOK REMARKS Maggie Gust By Pat Conroy 352 pages, Nan A. Talese publisher Sold by Random House “Time passing has a soothing, ameliorative effect, and memory softens as its tides flow out to sea. And to the amazement of all his children, Dad was turning into a man of decency and self-control.” I wanted to read The Death of Santini because it was touted as a journey to forgiveness between a father and son. Every major world religion values forgiveness, and it seemed an appropriate read for the Christmas edition, covering father-son relationships, family, love and forgiveness. Also, Conroy ... Read More »

“What were you thinking?”


READ MY TIPS Doug Browne We all know what happens when we assume something, right? Just last week, my tennis ladies kidded me about something I always say to them when we practice each Wednesday morning. We constantly work on doubles strategy, and too often I am perplexed on their shot selection during a drill session. Typically, at the end of a puzzling shot, I inquire, “What were you thinking when you hit that shot?” “Doug, you are assuming that I ever think,” one of my ladies remarked with laughter. After each team practice, I always huddle up with ... Read More »

Jupiter Rises in the East Comet

Looking East, 9:00 PM December 20th. Bright winter stars are rising  over Marco. SUBMITTED photo

SOUTHERN SKIES By Mike P. Usher Comet ISON was totally roasted on Thanksgiving day during its suicide dive into the close proximity of the Sun. Apparently nothing is left of the comet except perhaps a few rocks. At less than one solar diameter distance, the comet failed to endure temperatures hot enough to melt iron. Needless to say, my careful instructions on how to view the comet during December turned out to be useless. In the form of a consolation prize, we now have Jupiter visible again during the early evening hours this winter. It can not be missed ... Read More »


The Smallwood Store has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places for 39 years.

Re: Smallwood Store Public Hearing on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 Dear Commissioners, Smallwood Store and Museum is under attack again, but this time by our own county! If you vote to vacate the 100-year old road to Smallwood Store, thereby jeopardizing the continuing existence of this historic structure, you are letting your taxpayers down! The Smallwood Store came under attack last year when Florida-Georgia Grove (FGG), a Limited Liability Partnership from Sebring, FL, bought property adjacent to the Store knowing that the deed had a public road right in the middle of it. Over one weekend, bulldozers were brought in to ... Read More »

Rookery Bay Welcomes New Staff

Kevin Cunniff. Julie Drevenkar. Submitted Photos

By Natalie Strom Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve is more than just a great place to enjoy one’s day and learn about our areas ecosystems. Guest speakers, art exhibitions and outdoor exploration are all a part of the great experience that is RBNERR. The facility’s main focus, however, is on research. Research staff study myriad subjects within the 110,000 acres of coastal lands and waters protected by the reserve, including water salinity, mangrove health, fish sampling and much more. As such, RBNERR is always looking for qualified scientists to assist and coordinate in said research. This is where ... Read More »



Donna Fiala Today, while attending the craft show on the Isles of Capri, I had many people come over to talk to me about the new additions at Tigertail Beach. Ann and Eddie Hall said they thought it was “astronomical” and “beautiful.” They took their grandchildren there and were pleasantly delighted with the divided playground depending on the age group. They also took a look at the bathroom now being constructed at the far end of the large parking lot in the back. Donald and Joanna Sunshine find it much more convenient than traveling all the way to South ... Read More »

Which season ‘tis it?


By Carol Glassman Children ask, “Are we there yet?,” while folks of a certain age are more likely to groan, “Are we there already?” This can refer to either time or place. All right, in an effort to carpe the diem, stop and smell the roses and/or cappuccino, savor the intoxicating scent of cinnamon that reminds us of mom’s apple pie, inhale the fragrance of pine cones or the pungent aroma of frying potato latkes and roasting turkey, we’ll do almost anything possible to bring back the good memories and reminisce about holidays, and maybe even put the brakes on ... Read More »

Flying High: “Icarus Protocol”

By Natalie Strom “I’ve always wanted to write a book. Many years ago, in college, I took a course where I remember the teacher asking us, ‘what makes a book a classic?’ This teacher explained how (classics) were (written in) a very rigid framework that actually began in ancient Greece. They’re called Aristotelian Tragedies. Well, I thought it would be kind of interesting to use that framework and put it into a very contemporary, modern day story.” Kevin Dohm, a Marco Island resident and first-time author explains the concept behind his newly released fiction read, “Icarus Protocol.” Not only ... Read More »

Capri boats parade for Christmas

Submitted Isles of Capri captains decorated their boats in preparation for the 10th Annual Capri Christmas Boat Parade. They gathered in Tarpon Bay at sunset on December 6th. They shared some pizza gratis from the Island Gypsy, powered up, and paraded their 10 boats around Isles of Capri, traversing every bay and finishing at the south end of Johnson Bay. Capriers approach their parade like no other paraders do. This year’s parade had no theme, except an unstated expectation that the decorations be Christmasy. Also, the boat numbering system is non-sequential, and the judges make the monumental attempt to give ... Read More »

Deck the Doors

By Coastal Breeze News Staff The Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce asked area businesses to decorate wreaths for an all new event, DECK the DOORS. The finished wreaths were presented at a holiday party held at Rose History Auditorium and first, second and third place winners were selected by a group of judges. In addition, there was a People’s Choice award. Each wreath was auctioned off with the proceeds benefiting the Marco Island Historical Society and the Chamber of Commerce. First Place Wreath was decorated by the Marco Island Historical Society. Second Place Wreath was decorated by Beach Dogs. ... Read More »

Marco Seafood and Music Festival

By Coastal Breeze News Staff What began just six years ago has grown in popularity and become an annual signature event for Marco Island. “Little did we know when we started this festival it would continue to grow each year to be such a popular event. So far, it has subsidized the major part of charitable giving for three service clubs on the island — the same three that volunteer hundreds of hours to put the festival together — the Sunrise Rotary Club, the Noontime Rotary Club and the Kiwanis Club. Each year, we’ve grown and tried to make it ... Read More »

MIAAOR Installs 2014 Board

By Coastal Breeze News Staff The 38th Annual Installation Banquet for the Marco Island Area Association of Realtors (MIAAOR) was held at the Island Country Club. Attending the ceremony was Senator Garrett Richter and installing the new board was Representative Kathleen Passidomo. Keith Dameron emceed the affair. Gerry Rosenblum, outgoing President recapped 2013 awarding his wife Barbara Rosenblum with the Unsung Hero award. Gerry presented Shirley English with the Special President’s Award for her support throughout the year and another to Dick Shanahan for his mentoring. Marv Needles had the honors of presenting the Robbie Clark Award to Michael Vale. ... Read More »

Weather Wreaks Havoc on Wildlife

By Natalie Strom The week of November 25 through December 1 was a strange week on the beach for many of the city’s volunteer beach stewards. A recent storm front and some odd activities led to an unusually large amount of marine mammal life to be washed ashore on Marco’s beaches. First up, octopi. In one day, a beach steward found eight stranded on the shore as he monitored the beach. Another one was found on Sand Dollar Beach in the same week. Of the nine, six were still alive and were able to be returned to the water. ... Read More »

Murder, mayhem and mystery! Oh my!

By Noelle H. Lowery Meet Martha Horror (aka Gina Sisbarro). She wants to take you on a tour through Marco Island’s history, but it is not the history of sunshine, sand and shells. Her’s is a “ghost tour” through the unsolved murders and mysteries of Marco’s last 150 years. “I love history,” says Sisbarro, decked out in her full Martha Horror costume. “Marco Island is loaded with history and mystery.” In addition to the new Marco Murder and Mayhem Ghost Tour, Sisbarro also works for Marco Office Supply and directs productions at The Marco Players Theater. She will host ... Read More »

Marco Island’s Woman’s Club Cleans Beach

By Nancy Richie Despite an overcast, breezy November day, the Marco Island Woman’s Club turned out in large numbers to clean the Marco Island beach on Saturday, November 16. City of Marco Island Beach Advisory Committee chairperson and President of the Marco Island Woman’s Club, Debbie Roddy, led the group, in their matching custom t-shirts, to collect twenty bags of debris and trash between South Beach and Tigertail Beach Park. Many found the beach to be very clean with no large pieces of trash, but did find plastic wrappers, bottle caps, cigarette butts, as well as over 100 plastic straws, ... Read More »

Winter Fishery Changes in 10,000 Islands

More beautiful redfish  caught with Capt. Rapps.

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps Every year around this time, we see some major changes to our local fishery. Around the middle of the December we typically see our first major cold front come rolling through. We have already seen a few minor cold fronts come through in November which brought the night temperatures down into the 50’s. The fronts also brought some days where the wind hit 20+ mph. Expect Gulf water temperatures to drop down into the mid 60’s later this month. Be extremely diligent in December, and be certain to do your homework by reviewing local ... Read More »