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Lely Junior ROTC launches letters from home

By Danielle Dodder  Exactly one hour before this article was written, a US military convoy was attacked in Farah province by Taliban militants and five security guards killed, according to the Wakht News Agency wire, a local news service that reports in Farsi and English. As US troops seek to keep order, roads, supplies and fuel all moving forward in this western Afghan province, Taliban routinely target the soldiers, along with the aid workers and demining agencies trying to push back against the danger and misery. Island veterans are anticipating upcoming ceremonies to reflect on their military past, but an ... Read More »

The Headstone Project

Craig Woodward  I appreciate the many people who commented or called about the last article written about John Weeks and his family. One point that concerned readers was the comment that his wife, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Weeks Sawyer was buried in an unmarked grave at the Marco Cemetery. Clearly the wife of the first settler of Collier County, who moved here in 1862, deserves more recognition. Lizzie died in 1939 in the middle of the depression and although there were four generations of Weeks living on the Island at the time, the family was not affluent. However, her grave site is ... Read More »

ArtWalk supports “Bras for Life”

By Natalie Strom  Is it a brassiere? Is it a piece of art? It’s both! The artists of the Artist Colony at the Esplanade displayed their “bra art” at their monthly ArtWalk on Wednesday, September 28th. These hand-crafted pieces of lingerie/artwork were then brought to the Marco Island Center for the Arts for the “Bras for Life” Auction benefiting the American Cancer Society. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the seven bras on display at the ArtWalk were a part of the twenty bras auctioned off on October 6th. The success of the auction was certainly due to the ... Read More »


Donna Fiala  The Marco Beach Ocean Resort received the Waste Reduction Award for contributing to the greater good of Collier County by promoting the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” philosophy, thereby helping to prolong the usable life of the Collier County landfill, thus keeping all of our landfill fees lower. Jeffrey Bullock, Hotel Manager, and Branka Guberina, Operations Manager, received the award for the hotel. In 2010, the Marco Beach Ocean Resort was awarded a Green Lodging designation by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. They expanded their recycling program to include placing recycling containers throughout the 98 units, two offices and ... Read More »


By Monte Lazarus  Once upon a time the writing and release of memoirs and biographies was in the province of the well known and, usually, well aged. Now it seems that everyone writes a memoir (or, more likely in some cases, has it ghost written). I confess that I’m aghast and amused at the same time, by some of the books flooding the bookstores. Sure, there are the books of Bubba (Bill Clinton, if you forgot), W, Rumsfeld, Obama, Jimmy Carter, Cheney, Colin Powell and other noteworthy characters. Whether we agree with them or not, there’s usually something to learn. ... Read More »

Paws for Patriots

Paws for Patriots provides guide dogs to blinded soldiers and veteran assistance dogs to vets suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as other disabling conditions. On behalf of the American heroes who sacrificed so much, a Paws for Patriots program was developed to help these veterans maintain their dignity and independence. “Each year, the Florida Association of Realtors (FAR) endorses a charity. This past year, the Marco Island Area Association of Realtors (MIAAOR) was pleased to support Paws for Patriots in conjunction with FAR,” said Bill Filbin, President of the MIAAOR, and a veteran himself. “Keep in Touch ... Read More »


October 3rd was the first night of the Jewish Congregation of Marco Island’s (JCMI) 13th season of B-I-N-G-O. Every week one number is posted as the hot ball number. Buying a $1 chance could win the jackpot of $250 if you bingo on the hot ball number of the evening. The first game was won on the hot ball with two people splitting both prizes. What a way to begin the lucky 13th season. Alice Palys of Marco Island, who has been coming to bingo every Monday night since it started 12 years ago, and Jenny Richmond of Naples won ... Read More »

Tiffany’s coming!

By Coastal Breeze News Staff  Greystone Manor, a one of a kind luxury estate on Robert’s Bay, whose grounds are perfect for a one of kind evening of elegance, brought to you by Tiffany and Co. and the Greater Marco Island American Cancer Society. Greystone Manor is situated on 3 lavish acres with over 190 feet of bay frontage. It is a stunning estate. The event, Keys for a Cause, presents guests with an opportunity to experience an evening of glamour and giving amidst the luxurious surroundings of Greystone Manor, in the name of a good cause. The benefit is ... Read More »

Business Brief

Mario Curiale Owner, Marco Building Supply Marco Building Supply is alive and well. We have served Marco Island and the surrounding communities for the past 20 years and we will continue to do so for another 20 years. We are a complete source of building supplies for any job big or small, homeowners and contractors alike have given us the opportunity to serve them. By shopping at Marco Building Supply, our customers save time and money. Most important of all they get our knowledge from us at the sales counter to do the job and get the right material for ... Read More »

Raccoon rescue

By Carl Kelly So, I was washing the bow pulpit on my boat. No. I was down on my knees, stiff bristled brush in hand, scrubbing the bow pulpit, and grumbling that I had to do it again. That little green heron had once more left me a generous token of his esteem. Then, I heard it, a chattering that sounded sort-of like the noise a green heron makes when upset or disturbed. I stood up and looked around for that little bugger, prepared to give him a talking to. I do talk to birds, and other animals, but not ... Read More »

What happens now that the Naples GCCF office is closed?

By Al Wagner The Deep Water Horizon oil spill caused significant economic impact to southwest Florida. While there was no oil on our beaches, that didn’t stop the media hype throughout the country convincing thousands of tourists to cancel or alter travel plans. Southwest Florida experienced a significant loss of business because of the perceived damage to our beaches and waterways. Businesses such as boat rentals, hotels, restaurants and real estate offices were impacted, including the employees who worked for them. As a result of those businesses suffering, the local economy experienced a ripple effect across a multitude of business ... Read More »

Crab season opening soon and Everglades City celebrates the blessing of the fleet

Patricia Huff Excitement comes to Everglades City when stone crab season opens every year on October 15! Last Sunday we started the celebration with the 3rd annual “Blessing of the Fleet.” Local fishermen and their families arrived at the Rod & Gun Club on their crab boats as visitors and residents welcomed them with applause and local children lined the dock with rose petals. Pastor John Gilmore from Copeland Baptist Mission, Pastor Morris Dantin from Chokoloskee Church of God, and Pastor Jim Fross from the Everglades Baptist Church blessed each vessel, praying for their safety. Earlier in the afternoon there ... Read More »

When a newbie meets an oldie

Joanie Fuller Sometimes we don’t dream of our next chapters, they just happen, don’t they? Captain Bill Collier never dreamed his 1910 Doxsee cottage built on Marco and moved to Goodland in 1967 would be renovated and treasured in the 21st century. Why? Think about it. Clam diggers used to bunk in the attic. Marciano Gizzi, a Chicago resident for many years, never dreamed he would be living in Goodland in this 1,400 square foot Old Florida cottage either. But he is and he loves it. In Bill Collier’s time, clam harvesting and the Doxsee Clam Factory were a big ... Read More »

Benefits of Pilates

Crystal Manjarres    Q. I have heard a lot about Pilates. Could you elaborate on the benefits? A. The benefits to Pilate are numerous! The first that comes to mind is that of postural awareness; you cannot master Pilates without it! In fact, that is one of the first goals I urge clients to take away from their first (as well as successive) session(s). You learn how to stand, breathe, and carry yourself consciously—you will find that it spills over into every aspect of your life. Another facet that Pilates is known for is promoting longer, leaner muscles; because there ... Read More »

Does your brain get in the way of your success?

Doug Browne Doug, did you see the latest tip in Tennis Magazine?,” one of my enthusiastic stu­dents asked me recently after one of our work-outs. My main concern is that the student is on the right track; she is begin­ning to do the essential items to win ten­nis matches but due to her curiosity she just may screw things up. In other words, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing as people tends to over analyze cer­tain bits and pieces and then they become mentally slower on the tennis court. For example, my improving student is rapidly becoming ... Read More »

Congratulations to the Aldis Family!

The beachfront at Marco Beach Ocean Resort was the recent site of the Renewal of Vows for a Marine and his wife of 20 years. Coastal Breeze News helped Navy Command Master Chief Chris Aldis and his wife, Paula, have the wedding of their dreams. They eloped during the time between Chris’ many deployments. They were never able to realize their dream of having a wedding on the beach. Over the years, they have endured many good times as well as a number of difficult ones. They were unable to share many of life’s everyday events as Chris, a career ... Read More »

Enjoying the islands’ cuisines

Frances Diebler Before we visit the many more islands of the Caribbean, I would like to introduce you to the many exciting and unusual foods and recipes that are popular and different from island to island. Many kinds of fruits, vegetables, grains, meat and fish are common to each island. The differences are in how each country combines and uses these raw and natural resources. Even with a similar culture and many of the same foods, each region prepares them differently. I personally found this aspect of the cultures most fascinating. For example, Spanish speaking people in Venezuela cook differently ... Read More »


Chef Annie  Who would have thought that the simple combination of spinach, chicken, pears and gorgonzola could create such a delicious meal? Well, for me, I’m just awed that it took me so long to realize it. I mean, I love spinach, I love chicken, I love pears and I am crazy for anything with gorgonzola! How has this dish never been prepared in my kitchen? And when can I have it again? It truly is a perfect combination of flavors and textures and all those other things that make food so decadent. This dish has the benefit of making ... Read More »

This is not going to stay in Vegas

By Matt Walthour Well I did it, I broke down and headed to Vegas. I know what you’re thinking; poor guy had to go to Vegas. Actually, my trip was not about hanging at the Palms, I did do that, or seeing elaborate shows. I did take in the Elvis Cirque de Soleil show, I mean how could I not, he is the king after all, but in all actuality my main objective for going to “Lost Wages” (as the Southwest pilot called it) was to attend our industry’s yearly show, called “interbike” and what a show it was. Besides ... Read More »

Fall weather is here and it’s time to “Hunt for Reds in October!”

Capt. Pete Rapps With all of that tropical storm activity that has been going on out there, it’s nice to see the change of seasons. It seemed as though summer would last forever. October is here and what a great month it is to fish the 10,000 Islands! Our day time air temperatures should now be averaging around 87 degrees, as water temps hover around 81 degrees. Usually right now, we will start to see some nice schools of large live bait like Pilchards and Thread Herring pour into the area. Last October the live bait came, but was not ... Read More »