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Light up orange

By Natalie Strom  The Marco Island Marriott is getting a surprising makeover. “For the entire month of September we’ll light up the entire building orange,” explains Jada Shigley, Director of Reservations and member of the Marriott’s Spirit to Serve committee. In an effort to promote hunger awareness within Southwest Florida, the Marriott is participating in the Light Up Orange campaign, honoring September as Hunger Action Month. The Marriott’s Spirit to Serve committee works with charitable organizations within the community and encourages employees to do the same. During it’s quarterly associate rally on August 14, General Manager Rick Medwedeff explained, ... Read More »

Sea Turtle Tidbits


By Coastal Breeze News Staff There are five species of sea turtles that nest on Florida’s beaches. The most common is the loggerhead. The green turtle and leatherback are also found frequenting beaches throughout the state. The Kemp’s ridley and hawksbill sea turtles nest in Florida but not very often. All five species are listed as either threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. Sea turtles are considered to be a keystone species within their ecosystems. The extinction of any one of the many sea turtle species would affect many other organisms within both beach systems and marine systems. ... Read More »

Bicycling to school

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour Are you ready? It’s that time of year again. The children are heading back to school. By this time, I am sure all the school supplies are purchased and the backpacks are filled with new notebooks, pens, pencils and crayons and ready to go. If you’re prepared to send your children off to another year of learning and adventure and their means of transportation is by way of a bicycle, then I have a few tips that may help ease your mind. Even if you don’t have any kids bicycling to school or you ... Read More »

It’s picnic and barbeque time

CHEF’S TABLE  Chef Anne Feinman Labor Day weekend is upon us and it’s the perfect time of year for a family barbeque. I have so many wonderful recipes that it is hard to narrow it down! So here are two favorite fun dishes that are full of flavor and color. Chef Annie’s standard words of wisdom. “It must be pretty and colorful!” We eat with our eyes first, so presentation is everything, before the very first bite. I love to blend multi colored peppers, instead of a traditional green bell pepper. It is a must that a fruit bowl has ... Read More »

On the shady side

PLANT TALK  Mike Malloy When most of the flowering plants and shrubs are struggling to thrive in the hot summer sun and waiting for the “cooling” afternoon showers, there is a group of plants that might be a little bit smarter. They thrive in the shade. Not only are these shade plants doing just fine, they are blooming. In Florida, shade takes on a different meaning than the shade “up north.” I don’t think we have the same deep shade areas in Florida as they do up north because the sun is so intense here. It’s lower in the ... Read More »

Back to school

BUZZ FROM THE SWAMP Patricia Huff School started this week, and our children are back after a summer of fun. Our Everglades City School (Pre-K through 12th grade) has a new principal, Mr. Robert (Bob) Spano, who has over 20 years of experience as principal of various Collier County Schools. He has been teaching in this county since 1978 so we feel very fortunate to have Mr. Spano as our new principal. He also comes from a family of teachers, including one sister who teaches 1st grade, two brothers (one retired), two nieces, one nephew and his wife, Darlene, ... Read More »

Take back Wall Street

DOG & STYLE  Tony Wakefield-Jones       Dear Tony: What are your thoughts on Wall Street? Theresa G. – Marco Island, FL  Dear Miss Theresa: Why on earth would someone want to put walls up next to a street? That’s just absurd. Does the Marco Island City Council know about this? From a human standpoint, Marco Island is a lovely little beach community— and you bipeds seem to place a lot of value on your ability to view mass quantities of water. I say just take a bath but I digress…  Wouldn’t erecting walls on either side of, for ... Read More »

Maine-ly Marco

ART UNCOVERED  Tara O’Neill  I am just back from my ‘working’ vacation in beautiful, if only slightly cooler, New England. Devoted readers will remember that I attended the opening night reception for Maine-ly Marco at The Gallery at Harmon’s & Barton’s in Portland, Maine. They’ll also know that Maine-ly Marco is an exhibition of nine Marco Island artists – a reciprocation for the highly successful Maine Fiber Artists exhibit held last January at the Marco Island Center for the Arts. Both events were spearheaded by the lovely, and art-loving, Sandy Wallen – who, with husband Bill, divides the year twixt Marco ... Read More »

What shall we fish for today?

FOLLOW THE FISH  Capt. Pete Rapps There are so many different species of fish that we catch here in shallow near shore and backwater areas of the 10,000 Islands and the Everglades National Park. Some fish that are targeted for food purposes, depending on their open season, are Redfish, Snapper, Trout, Flounder, Mackerel, Tripletail, Cobia, Pompano, Permit, Snook, Grouper and more. Some fish we target for sport. Tarpon are a great sport fish that are never eaten, however others like Snook, Permit, & Shark are mostly targeted for sport and sometime for food. Others like Ladyfish, Jacks, & Catfish can ... Read More »

Ties That Bind

BOOK REMARKS Diane Bostick Author: Marie Bostwick Publisher: Kensington Books, 2012 If you are enticed into reading this book pay special attention when you are looking for it as the title is fairly common, but the books are written by various authors. When I looked on Amazon some of them appeared to be a bit racy…or perhaps even more than a bit. This particular one has a sub-title of “A Cobbled Court Quilts Novel,” which does not say racy in any language. It is still mighty hot around here even if the calendar says summer is over so there is ... Read More »

Practice makes you perfect if…?

READ MY TIPS  Doug Browne In order to move to the next level in tennis, players have to be committed to outstanding practice sessions combined with tournament play. However, the vast majority of players often takes the safer route and only play “practice matches.” Unfortunately, when we practice with friends, most people still have a need to win and probably won’t try new things. But, if players desire to graduate to a higher level, they must be willing to radically change their practice sessions. If only two people are available to practice, the couple must focus on doubles drills and ... Read More »


SOUTHERN SKIES By Mike P. Usher Periodically the question is asked about how a stargazer can take pictures of the night sky. To get really good pictures, it takes some thousands of dollars and a few hundred hours of practice and study; however, that being said, it’s possible to take fairly decent pictures to share among friends and family without too much trouble. To do so you need two things: a camera capable of making time exposures and a tripod. The quality of the photos depends on the size of the camera lens and sensitivity of the imaging chip. ... Read More »

The Islands that Brush the Clouds

CRUISING LIFE Frances Diebler Along with St. Eustatius, St. Kitts and Nevis, Redonda, and Montserrat are known as the “Islands that Brush the Clouds.” Nevis and St. Kitts are one country. We checked into customs at Charlestown. That was how it was when we were there. Charlestown then was the only town of entry in Nevis. Nevis is a rather unusually shaped island. It is rounded in shape and has been likened to a sombrero with a peak in the center which rises 3,000 feet skyward toward the clouds. Hence the descriptive name of this island group. Nevis was named ... Read More »

You Can’t Win…UNLESS

By Marilyn Honahan For those of you who have ever gone into a casino, a Marco Island author has just published a book which you may want to read. As an award-winning Chicago television investigative reporter, Peter Karl investigated everything from political, judicial and corporate corruption, police misconduct, nursing home fraud, medical malpractice, to prostitution. Now retired and living on Marco Island, Peter has turned his talents to the game of blackjack. “I put my name on it to give it credibility,” Karl said. “It’s hard to tell someone how to gamble with their money.” The book entitled, You ... Read More »


Members of the Marco Island Police and Fire Rescue Departments donated 36 backpacks (all fully stocked with school supplies), along with extra school supplies to the Collier County Shelter for Abused Women and Children. The Shelter, which provides services to Marco Island residents and visitors, assists more then 1,100 child victims and survivors of domestic violence through safety, intervention, and direct support annually. The project was spearheaded by Marco Island Police School Resource Officer Al Schettino and Marco Island Fire-Rescue Captain Dave Batiato. This was the third year for our backpack initiative, and we are excited to top last year’s ... Read More »

Randy Wayne White’s GONE

It’s that time again! Randy Wayne White has a new book coming out titled GONE (Putnam, On Sale: September 4), the first in a new series with a female protagonist. After nearly 20 bestselling Doc Ford novels, Randy Wayne White has become one of the most popular thriller-writers in the nation whose audience and reputation only continue to grow. Now in GONE, White introduces readers to Hannah Smith, a strong, formidable woman, the descendant of generations of resourceful Florida women (with a touch of the wild side). While White has always created layered female supporting characters, Hannah is a perfect complement to Doc Ford. Set in ... Read More »

July 2012 MLS Statistics for Marco Island Sales Activity Remains Strong

MLS statistics, released by the Marco Island Area Association of Realtors® for Marco Island only properties, show a very active market according to Gerry Rosenblum, President.  Here is a recap of what happened in the Marco Island Real Estate market during July 2012. 83 Total properties CLOSED for a total of $38 Million (including Time Shares and Commercial) as follows: 27 Single Family Homes for $18.4 Million – Avg. Sale price $684K 37 Condominiums for $16.3 Million – Avg. Sale price $440K 19 Vacant Home sites for $3.6 Million – Avg. Sale price $189K 92 Total properties went UNDER CONTRACT ... Read More »

11th Annual Dog Days Party at Marco Island Yacht Club Commemorates Sultry Summer

Every dog must have his day. Just ask the more than 70 members of the Marco Island Yacht Club (MIYC), along with several reciprocal visiting club members, who attended the club’s 11th annual Dog Days Party, Friday, July 27, with a summer-themed menu of honey almond salmon and boneless cowboy style rib-eye steaks, complemented by refreshing sorbet and fresh berries for dessert reports MIYC membership director Lisa Luft. Originally conceived by Ken Pagach in 2001 as a substitute for the popular annual summer Day Cruise, Dog Days takes its name from Sirius, the “dog star” in the constellation Canis Major of ... Read More »

Marco’s Big Flag Shirt, an Olympic Hit

Marco Island’s official, Big Flag Shirt, is receiving lots of compliments and questions by the media, volunteers and fans in London.  Suzanne Smith Guerin, daughter of Tom and Yvonne Smith of Naples, has appeared in the shirt in an Olympic TV segment and the subject of many USAfan and volunteers photos. Pictured here at an Olympic site, Suzanne was selected as a volunteer by the Olympic organizers. When not performing volunteer duties, Suzanne and family have attended multiple events including the opening ceremonies. Suzanne received her shirt along with matching shirts for son Jack, daughter Madeline and visiting niece, Jacqueline Meth, as gifts from her parents ... Read More »


Thirteen officers from Civil Air Patrol’s Marco Island Senior Squadron recently spent 10 days in support of Florida Army National Guard (ANG) air defense during the ANG summer encampment at Camp Blanding in Starke, Fla. Marco Island personnel traveled to Ormond Beach Airport, where they joined 40-plus other senior and cadet members from CAP’s Florida Wing in support of air operations. Six CAP aircraft from across the state were deployed to Ormond Beach and performed multiple roles in support of Army training over the two-week encampment. As the training events involved active duty military personnel, the content of the training may not ... Read More »