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A Real Treat For Mango Lovers

CHEF’S TABLE Chef Anne Feinman thechefsexpress@aol.com Marco Island enjoys the climate to grow the most wonderful fruit bearing trees…Mango’s, Lemons, Limes and Grapefruits. For those of us fortunate to have them growing in our own yards, sometimes it becomes necessary to find friends and neighbors to share the fruit. As, a Chef, I am always looking for ways to share these ... Read More »

Explore Your Estuary with Rookery Bay

By Natalie Strom nstrom81@yahoo.com “Seventy to eighty percent of commercially and recreationally valuable fish and shellfish spend part of their lives in an estuary like Rookery Bay,” explains Renee Wilson, the Rookery’s Research Translator. “So if you like seafood, you are probably benefitting from an estuary in some way.” As far back as the Calusa Indians, inhabitants of Southwest Florida ... Read More »

Queen for a day

By Natalie Strom • natalie@coastalbreezenews.com Does your wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, girlfriend or secret crush deserve to be spoiled? As a woman, they probably do. So treat the lovely lady in your life to the ultimate in pampering, Marco Island-style. By purchasing a “Queen for the Day” raffle ticket, sponsored by Mutual of Omaha Bank, your special sweetheart has the ... Read More »

New Exhibits in the Everglades

Buzz From The Swamp Patricia Huff mulletrapper@gmail.com A new photographic perspective with Mother Nature is the subject of the Museum of the Everglades’ September exhibit entitled “The Everglades and the Goodman’s.” A reception to “Meet the Artist” Kayla Goodman is scheduled for Saturday, September 8, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be served by the Friends of the ... Read More »

Hurricane Party!

GOODLAND LIFE Natalie Strom natalie@coastalbreezenews.com Well, Tropical Storm party really. But we were prepared for whatever Isaac had in store for us. After all, when Jim Cantore takes the time to leave the gym and head down to our neck of the woods, we know we could be up against just about anything. So we prepped. Goodlanders were on Marco in ... Read More »

Cape Romano Uncovered

By Natalie Strom natalie@coastalbreezenews.com The mystery of the “dome home” on Cape Romano has been solved! Coastal Breeze readers asked for it and we’ve delivered. After an intense search, the family of Bob Lee, the brainchild and builder of the dome home, has stepped forward to tell their story. The oddly eccentric home has been a topic of conversation and ... Read More »

CELEBRATING CITYHOOD Honoring Fifteen Years as the City of Marco Island

By Coastal Breeze News Staff On August 28, 1997, by just 181 votes, Marco Islanders elected to become a city. Seven members were subsequently elected to the City Council, a City Manager and staff were hired, and the huge task of becoming a city was underway. With the invaluable assistance of 75 citizens who volunteered to serve on various start-up ... Read More »

A Walk in the Swamp

By Natalie Strom • natalie@coastalbreezenews.com “My concept is to make the best looking picture that I can. So I’ve learned to take old technology into the new technology and then back to the old again,” explains Clyde Butcher as he celebrates his 70th birthday at his art gallery and home in The Big Cypress National Preserve. Every Labor Day weekend, the ... Read More »

Council Candidates Respond

By Coastal Breeze News Staff Coastal Breeze News contacted each of the nine candidates for City Council; Gerry Gibson, Larry Hoenig, Ken Honecker, Paul Meyer, Amadeo Pettricus, Frank Recker, Larry Sacher, Wayne Waldack and Duane Thomas. We asked each the same question. Their responses are limited to 400 words. Their responses will be run in the order in which they’re ... Read More »

Introducing the GALAHAD Award

Coastal Breeze News and the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation are proud to present the first annual Galahad Award. In the coming weeks, an award ceremony will be held with members of the local fire rescue department, city council and Collier County Commissioner, Donna Fiala, to announce the recipient of this fine award. What exactly IS the Galahad Award? Named ... Read More »


Donna Fiala donnafiala@colliergov.net         Many of you know that I have some very special Amish friends in Ohio whom I consider family. It’s such a joy to visit them because I feel like I’m stepping back in time – back to a time when life was slower. People still visit one another (rather than texting them), children ... Read More »


By Monte Lazarus Bengoshi@comcast.net It happened suddenly. One moment I was a whole sentient being merrily chomping on something. The next moment I felt a large crater in my jaw. It easily was at least as large as the Grand Canyon…all because I lost a crown from a tooth. “Oomph”, I mumbled, “I fink I loft a toofth”. (It was ... Read More »

Sandhill Cranes

PROTECTING & PRESERVING Nancy Richie NRichie@cityofmarcoisland.com Sandhill Cranes (Grus Canadensis pratensis), one the most common cranes in the world, is not commonly found in our area of southern Florida. Being dependent on freshwater marshes as habitat, the coastal, brackish and saltwater wetlands are not suited for this bird species. On occasion there will be sightings of Sandhill Cranes on a golf ... Read More »

Splash and Dash at the Y

By Natalie Strom natalie@coastalbreezenews.com Grab your swimsuit and tennis shoes and head on down to the Marco Island YMCA. On Sunday, September 16, the Y will play host to the USA Triathlon’s Splash and Dash. Also known as an Aquathlon, the multi-sport event features both swimming and running and is geared towards kids between the ages of seven and fifteen. ... Read More »

Fragrant Plants

PLANT TALK Mike Malloy mikemalloy@naplesbutterfly.com With August winding down, it’s time in Florida to set our sights on– fall? Most of us have been trapped for months, scurrying from our air-conditioned cars to our air-conditioned homes, trying not to be overcome by heat exhaustion or dehydration and working in our gardens only in the wee hours of the morning to ... Read More »

September fishing in the 10,000 Islands

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps Pete@CaptainRapps.com September is typically the warmest month of the summer here in the 10,000 Islands. Day time air temperatures will average around 92. Water temps will hover between 86-88 degrees. Typical to our summer months, September heats up so much by midday, that the bite typically drops off by early afternoon. We get a lot ... Read More »

Baby Got Back

FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Crystal@PinkIslandFitness.com Do you sit at a desk all day or sit for the majority of the day? Do you practice strengthening your postural muscles when you stand or sit? Do you train those often neglected back muscles or forget that they’re there because they aren’t easily visible to you? Most people are desk jockeys and a larger ... Read More »

Social Media Moves From Fun to Investment

BUSINESS BASICS Camden Smith DREAMFly Marketing Facebook has become a bad version of the “Spam-a-Lot” musical rip off of Monty Python’s movie “The Holy Grail.” People using Facebook for personal communication with friends and family have long complained about unwanted spam messages and mail on the popular social media website. The issue now arises for business owners who are beginning ... Read More »

Eagles Hang On To Win!

By Monte Lazarus Bengoshi@comcast.net Photos by Victoria Wright [imagebrowser id=109] Marco Island’s Charter Middle School Eagles hung on in the last two minutes of their first game to defeat Community School’s Seahawks 16-12. The game was a nail-biter for the entire second half, and wasn’t decided until the final minute. Led by quarterback Jay Vanderjagt the Eagles scored quickly in ... Read More »

Did Roddick retire too soon?

READ MY TIPS Doug Browne dbrowne912@aol.com First, tennis fans had to absorb the retirement of Kim Clijsters; perhaps one of the most popular pro tennis players in the history of the game. Then, a few days later as he celebrated his thirtieth birthday, American tennis standout, Andy Roddick announced his retirement – effective at the end of the US Open tournament. ... Read More »