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Red Tide Present in Collier County

On the southwest coast of Florida, a bloom of the Florida Red Tide organism, Karenia brevis, continues alongshore in medium to low concentration levels. The bloom originated early last week off Tampa Bay. Now, the Red Tide organism has been found to be present in various concentrations along the Collier County beaches. Recent satellite imagery was partially obscured by cloud cover alongshore; but some patches of elevated to very high chlorophyll were visible extending as far as southern Collier. Winds will be mostly from the south with a slight westerly shift on Friday, which may increase the chances for impacts, such ... Read More »


By Danielle Dodder The Marco Island Police Department recently completed a study of accident trends from 2008 to 2011 and found incidents involving cars and bicycles, or pedestrians, has increased 50%. “We need to share the limited amount of space we have and do it properly so we don’t injure each other…when we see this increasing trend [of accidents] we need to ask ourselves, why?” Assistant Chief Dave Baer said that the department is teaming up with the city Bike Paths Committee and the Knights of Columbus to improve bike safety awareness on the island. Ben Farnsworth is the current ... Read More »

Fire Rescue Boat passes council

By Danielle Dodder Since 2006, Fire Captain Tom Bogan has been steadily pursuing the acquisition of a fire-rescue boat for the Marco department. With a price tag just under 400 thousand dollars, it’s been a long, slow asking process, but 2012 has arguably been the year to sadly justify his persistence. “We used to commandeer regular boats [to respond to an emergency].” Bogan explains the ‘evolution’ of the departments’ offshore emergency services. Today they respond to accidents and fires on the water with a Pathfinder, a recreational boat whose emergency performance in recent disasters proved to be an epic fail. ... Read More »

2012 General Election BALLOT GUIDE

By Coastal Breeze News Staff Within the 2012 General Election Ballot which is six pages, you’ll see the races most individuals are interested in casting their vote for: President, Vice-President, Senate, Congress, and County Commissioner. In addition to those races, numerous judges are included, as is the office of Sheriff. The nine candidates vying for four Marco Island City Council seats are listed. Even a seat on the Collier Mosquito Control is open to vote on. A question on whether the Collier County School District should reduce the capital millage and increase the operating millage by .25 mills for another ... Read More »


Donna Fiala   Not many of you know that I conduct tours every year of county facilities. We’ve seen places like the landfill, a waste water treatment plant, a water treatment plant, the Jail, Museums, Botanical Garden, the Emergency Operations Center, etc. Well, I’m beginning to plan for this year’s tours and wondered if anyone on Marco would be interested in going. In the past I’ve had a few Marco Islanders join me, so just maybe this year I’ll again have some people interested in learning a little about the inner workings of the county. I am now asking ... Read More »

Introducing Dr. Rashmi Sharma

By Coastal Breeze News Staff  Forging a new path in the Naples/Marco Island, Everglades City area is Rashmi Sharma, M.D. She is an Endovascular/ Vascular Surgeon, the only female vascular surgeon in the area. Dr. Sharma joined Physicians Regional Medical Group and moved to this area in April. “I am a beach lover, and had vacationed here. I fell in love with the lifestyle of the area. The restaurants, the shops and of course, the beach,” said Dr. Sharma. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Moorhead University in Minnesota, she received medical school degrees at the University of North Dakota. ... Read More »

Marco Re-enactors sponsor Historical Tours

By Natalie Strom  The Marco Island Historical Society Re-enactors are taking on a new role. Beginning this November, the program is being expanded to offer historical tours of Marco Island. Sponsored by the Re-enactors, proceeds from the tours will go towards the Marco Island Historical Society. Fun and entertaining for both individuals or groups, all tours begin at the Marco Island Historical Museum. “Every tour starts out with a short viewing of the University of Florida film, ‘Domain of the Calusa,’” explains Betsy Perdichizzi, founder of the MIHS Re-enactors and well-known for her portrayal of Tommie Barfield. “Then we ... Read More »

Ikebana speaks an international language

By Carol Glassman Ikebana, the fine art of Japanese flower arranging, is enjoyed all over the world. Rather than putting a bouquet of flowers in a vase and moving the stalks around so that they ‘look pretty’, the student of Ikebana works in a disciplined way to balance blooms, stems, and leaves to emphasize shape, line, and form. It’s a practice that has been evolving for over 500 years, and under the umbrella there are seven main schools of styles: Ichiyo, Ikenobo, Ohara, Saga Goryu, Sangetsu, Sogestu, and Wafu Kai. At Ikebana International #160 – Naples, Florida, a very active ... Read More »

Candidate sought for MICMS board

By Coastal Breeze News Staff Are you interested in serving on the Marco Island Charter Middle School Board? The school is seeking a qualified candidate who would be willing to serve for the next three years as a volunteer on the Board. School Board members establish school policies and lend their expertise to securing the financial future of the school. Over the next three years, the Board is scheduled to launch a multi-million dollar Endowment Campaign to secure the financial future of the school; so, qualified candidates should be able and willing to further this objective. An application is available ... Read More »

INSPIRATION THROUGH DEATH: Celebrating Dia de los Muertos with artist Esau Rodriguez

By Natalie Strom  “I always get inspired when Day of the Dead comes around,” explains local artist, Esau Rodriguez. The holiday, el Dia de los Muertos, celebrates death as a transition rather than a finality. “It helps you realize that death is just a part of life and then you can see the comical side to it,” adds the 26-year old who has used the celebration as a muse for his canvas oil paintings. Bright colors, masks, whimsical skeleton figures or “calacas,” and sugar skulls are all a part of the Mexican tradition and are also incorporated into Esau’s ... Read More »

Women’s health focus must be ongoing

TO YOUR  HEALTH  C. Scott Campbell October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Originally launched in 1985, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month began as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries. Initially, this focus on breast health was conceived to promote mammography as the most effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer—a goal that remains as relevant today is it did in 1985. About one in eight U.S. women (just under 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. However, to those of us in the ... Read More »


Bruce Greene, 77, passed in Peace, Thursday, September, 20, 2012. Born in Bristol, Conn., he was raised to observe, appreciate and respect all of nature, especially wildlife. On one of his many walks with his father, he found his first arrowhead, thus, began his curiosity and passion for all human cultures. Stationed in Sendi, Japan, as a meteorologist, he received his honorable discharge from the US Army Air Corp 1958. His interest and study of the Japanese culture was as natural as the beauty he found there. This began his career path in anthropology and archeology. Following college, he was ... Read More »

The Pyramid of CAPE ROMANO

By Natalie Strom “This is where it started. Do you see how far away the beach was? Never did we ever think the water would ever come that way. All the land was available but we decided not to buy where the domes were because we were afraid of erosion. Nevertheless, the erosion came from Marco and everything started building up at the point and blocking off the pass. You can see by the pictures.” Judy Innes recalls her time on Morgan Beach at Cape Romano as she looks through four photo albums filled with memories while at her ... Read More »

Vertical gardening

PLANT TALK  Mike Malloy  Leave it up to the mad gardener to find new ways and places to display more of his collection of plants. This is the ultimate in my horticulture addiction. In the past years, like most people with a plant “problem,” I have run out of room to plant one more plant in my garden. Most of us live in communities where the building lots are not that big (or they can never be big enough). I have been finding less and less open ground to install new plants I find on expeditions to the east ... Read More »

If It’s That Colorful, It Must Be Fall!

By Kit Kitchen-Maran Gorgeous colors of gold, red, yellow; splashes of orange and brown and lots of green—does it sound like it’s the annual leaf-viewing tour? Instead, it’s the Fall Orchid Plant Sale; the annual fundraising event put on by the members of the Naples Orchid Society. The plants come from members’ own collections, donations from orchid growers throughout the state or from purchases made by a selection committee. Every year different plants are offered and the variety is amazing. Many different kinds of orchids are offered for sale. Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Phalaenopsis, Vandas, Oncidiums and others will be available. Most ... Read More »

Good night Jerry Vallez

ART UNCOVERED  Tara O’Neill  On Saturday, September 29, I attended the funeral service for artist Jerry Vallez in Naples. I didn’t know him well, we met years ago when he was painting at the City Dock at Crayton Cove (before Tin City, and before the Dock Restaurant) and I was a teenager with high aspirations of being an artist. He was cordial, sweet actually, if maybe not a wee bit salty, and over the years I made it a point to stop into his various Naples galleries for a chat and to view his latest paintings. I learned something from Jerry ... Read More »

Why get hooked on fishing?

LADY ANGLER’S CORNER Capt. Mary Fink Ladies, when you think of the sport of fishing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you visualize complacently sitting somewhere with your line in the water hoping that a fish may swim by and take some interest in your bait. Could it be that you have an aversion to touching live bait and fish? Perhaps your husband wants to go fishing and asked you to join him, so you feel obligated to go. Whatever your initial thought of fishing may be, it is this author’s experience that many women ... Read More »

Serving success

READ MY TIPS  Doug Browne  Despite the changes in today’s modern game where groundstrokes rule the planet, every tennis player desires to have a big serve. In particular, when the match is closely contested, winning easy points is a premium and possessing a big serve will decide the match. To me, far too many tennis players toss poorly and do not have the necessary balance to be good servers. In order to achieve serving success, I like to put my students in big buckets or a big tennis case. The key is to make sure the server is comfortable ... Read More »

Fakahatchee strand

BUZZ FROM THE SWAMP  Patricia Huff  If you’ve ever walked along the Big Cypress Boardwalk in the Fakahatchee Strand or driven the back roads of Janes Scenic Drive, then you’re familiar with the wonders of the Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve. Guided Swamp Walks will begin in November on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month. Reservations are required for these adventures into the wild. Friends of the Fakahatchee members receive a discounted rate of $50 ($70 for non-members). The trips are well worth it. Phone 239-695-1023 or email for more information. On Saturday, October 27, the official ... Read More »

The spotted seatrout

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps A prime shallow water fishing target here in the 10,000 Islands, the Spotted Seatrout are common estuarine fish found throughout the southern coasts of the United States along the south Atlantic and all coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico. Contrary to its name “Spotted Seatrout”, they actually are not a member of the Trout family at all, however they are a member of the drum family (Sciaenidae). Spotted Seatrout are silver in color with olive-green tints on their back, and numerous small black dots which extend over their dorsal fins and onto their ... Read More »