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New Laws: Part 4

Marco Beach. FILE PHOTOS

Condo Law By Bob Murrell Woodward, Pires & Lombardo, P.A. Today, we are continuing our look at the changes to the laws that were signed by Gov. Rick Scott in June, and became effective July 1. We are continuing our look at the changes that were brought about by House Bill 807. Today, we will consider the changes to the Homeowners’ Association Act found in Chapter 720, Florida Statutes. The first change in Chapter 720 is found in Section 720.303(2)(a), which was amended to require that meetings of the board must be at a location that is accessible to a ... Read More »

Don’t Use Your Foot as Bait!


By Coastal Breeze News Staff A young islander recently saved the day for Ross Snyder. Ross, an experienced fisherman with thousands of hours on the water under his belt, tells of fishing with well-known names like Doyle Doxsee and Tom McPherson when he was a young boy. The number of hours he has racked up fishing is a tale verified by his GPS trackers. Ross, in true “salty dog” form, was passing on the fishing tradition by taking young Marco Islander, JohnEdward Padgett-Wright, out on the water to one of his favorite fishing spots. JohnEdward, a MICMS student and son ... Read More »

MIFRD June Update

By Noelle H. Lowery [email protected] Six months into 2014 and the Marco Island Fire-Rescue Department has been busier than ever. At the Aug. 4 City Council meeting, MIFRD Chief Mike Murphy reported that through June the department had answered 1854 total calls, ranging from fire alarms and incidents to medical calls to marine rescues. This accounts for a 6.5 percent increase over the same period of time last year. Moreover, occurrences of concurrent overlapping emergency calls are up 38 percent over 2013. For all of 2013, MIFRD had 683 overlapping incidents; for the first six months of 2014, the department ... Read More »

Hurricane Prep Guide


By Noelle H. Lowery [email protected] Roughly 15 years ago, the Marco Island Civic Association (MICA) released a Hurricane Preparation Guide. In June, board members decided to dust off the old guide and created a revised, refined and updated version. The new free, 16-page guide was available to the public at the end of July. It was a labor of love for MICA member Jim Curran, taking eight weeks of research, writing and editing. The guide focuses solely on preparing for hurricanes on Marco Island. It includes a storm surge map of Marco, tips on how to prepare for a storm, ... Read More »

Sweet Victory


GOODLAND LIFE Melinda Gray [email protected] In my experience, especially as a writer, learning about any new place always begins with getting to know its people. I love listening to the local stories, and I’m always eager to shine a well-deserved spotlight on the people that make their town great. I’ve written once before about Goodland’s own, Nick Lemke, and his Shima Dojo at the Greater Marco Family YMCA. To this day, it ranks as one of my most favorite stories. So of course, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do an update on all of the exciting things ... Read More »

Highlights from New Association Laws


CONDO LAW  By Bob Murrell  Woodward, Pires & Lombardo, P.A. On June 13, Gov. Rick Scott signed into law three bills that will impact community associations in Florida; those were Senate Bill 440, House Bill 807 and House Bill 7037. All of them became effective on July 1. The law that impacts community associations the most is House Bill 807. The following are some of the highlights from this law. The first of the highlights deals with abandoned condominium units and an association’s right to protect the common elements and other units of the condominium. Under the new law, in ... Read More »

Deciphering Changes to Federal Gulf Fisheries

Red Snapper

By Noelle H. Lowery [email protected] Just as the weather, water and fishing were heating up in the Gulf of Mexico this spring, officials with NOAA Fisheries implemented new recreational fishing closures and accountability measures for six popular Gulf reef species — red snapper, red grouper, gray triggerfish, greater amberjack, hogfish and Spanish mackerel. The reason: Federal recreational catch limits in the Gulf were exceeded in 2013 for red snapper, red grouper, gray triggerfish and greater amberjack, while the combined commercial and recreational catch limits for hogfish and Spanish mackerel also were exceeded. If you are one of the thousands of ... Read More »

It’s That Time Again…

Used traps are pulled and stacked. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

GOODLAND LIFE Melinda Gray [email protected] The smell of crab traps in the open air — after months of being underwater — is a tell-tale sign of the end of stone crab season in Southwest Florida. “It’s quite pungent over there,” said Pat Kirk, the matriarch of the Kirk family and owner of Kirk’s Fish Company. Anyone living or passing by Kirk’s downwind can confirm that, as over the past month crab traps have been systematically pulled and stacked next to the store in preparation for cleaning and repair. May 15 was the last day to legally collect those delicious stone ... Read More »

Marriott Honors Marco Island 1st Responders

Marriott employees serve Marco Island’s 1st responders. SUBMITTED photo

Submitted The Marco Island Marriott employees celebrated “Spirit To Serve Our Communities Day” by volunteering time Wed., May 21, to prepare and serve lunch to all first responders and emergency personnel for the city of Marco Island. This effort is part of Marriott International’s worldwide initiative that enlists 325,000 employees at headquarters and from more than 3,800 managed and franchised lodging properties in 74 countries to deliver community service through volunteerism. Business leaders from all Marriott brands and businesses have pledged to dedicate a day to helping others during or close to the third week of May. Marriott General Manager ... Read More »

City Council Notes


By Noelle H. Lowery [email protected] The Marco Island City Council got down to business during its May 19 regular meeting hashing out a number of issues, including the purchase of an emergency standy-by generator for its South Water Treatment Plant for $200,000, the award of the $7.625 million contract for the Smokehouse Bay Bridge project to Quality Enterprises USA and a detailed discussion on how the city creates its ordinances and resolutions. An Electric Deal Council tackled the generator purchase first, agreeing to include the purchase of the emergency standy-by generator from Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC) in its FY2015 ... Read More »

Nominate Your Sir Galahad Today

Captain Chris Crossan, right, and Carole Roberts, congratulate  Bid Bakkar as the 2013 Galahad Award Recipient. PHOTOS BY NATALIE STROM

By Natalie Strom [email protected] The Third Annual Galahad Award is fast approaching. It is a chance to honor members within the community for their acts of courage, bravery and compassion. Coastal Breeze News and the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation are now accepting nominations for the next Galahad Award recipient. What exactly IS the Galahad Award? Named for Sir Galahad, the most gallant and pure of King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table, Sir Galahad did not shy away from danger; he confronted it head on. He rescued those in trouble and was modest about what he accomplished. The award ... Read More »

Wilma and Harold’s Lightweight Adventure

Rooftop view of Reykjavik from the Hallgrimskirkja church. PHOTOS BY WILMA SANDERS

SPEAKING OF TRAVEL Vickie Kelber [email protected] Unless cruising, which is not our preferred method of travel, grappling with luggage can take some of the pleasure out of a journey. For domestic destinations, we usually use just two carry-ons and a back pack. We literally do carry on our luggage and deal with TSA restrictions by buying any large sizes of liquids or gels, such as toothpaste, when we arrive. For month-long treks to Europe, we bring one larger size suitcase, one carry-on size, which we check, and a backpack. The backpack contains our electronics, items we may want on the ... Read More »

Galahad Winner Chosen


By Natalie Strom [email protected] Time sure flies when you’re busy saving lives. It has already been a year since the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation and Coastal Breeze News announced the First Annual Galahad Award recipient, and now it’s time to name another. Many loyal readers sent in their nominations to Coastal Breeze for this year’s deserving winner. Working together, the MIFRF and Coastal Breeze sifted through names and acts of bravery, finally coming up with a winner. However, the name of this individual cannot yet be released – because they don’t know that they’ve won! Prior to November 7, ... Read More »

Wanted: ALS Ambulances


By Noelle H. Lowery [email protected] The fire departments on Marco Island and Isles of Capri are in emergency mode. Both have concerns about the advanced-life support ambulance services stationed in their fire-rescue districts by Collier County Emergency Management Services. Marco Island wants a second ALS ambulance, and Isles of Capri wants to keep the one it has. Questions about the fate of Capri’s Medic 90 rose weeks ago during a special meeting of the Isles of Capri Fire Advisory Board. While the main topic was the proposed consolidation between Capri and the East Naples Fire Control and Rescue District, the ... Read More »

Islander Finishes Fire Training


By Natalie Strom [email protected] Ask any little boy what they want to be when they grow up and a chorus of similar answers will sound: policemen, astronauts, super heroes, secret agents, and, of course, firemen. Some of these career choices are more easily attained than others (i.e. super heroes) but they are all noble choices. Nicholas Macchiarolo of Marco Island was once one of these young boys. His profession of choice: fireman. On August 3, Nicholas achieved his life long goal when he graduated from the North Naples Fire Academy. “My whole entire life I’ve wanted to be a fireman,” ... Read More »

The Time is Now: Honor Your Sir Galahad


By Natalie Strom [email protected] The Second Annual Galahad Award presentation is nearing. Every October, since its inception in 2012, the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation and Coastal Breeze News have honored an individual, business or organization for outstanding service in a crisis situation. Many of you have already sent in nominees by sending a short description of how your choice demonstrated the actions as described below. But there are many more heroes and heroines out there who deserve recognition. The Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation and Coastal Breeze are taking nominations through October 1st. Nominees must demonstrate the following in ... Read More »

Fire Station 50 rehab


By Noelle H. Lowery [email protected] The pressure is on for the Fire Rescue Department As the city’s Budget Sub-committee works through the fiscal year 2014 budget, MIFR Chief Michael Murphy and Deputy Chief Chris Byrne are working to convince city staff, officials and residents that Station 50 needs a major overhaul. The proposed project remains in the design stage, and the price tag is anyone’s best guess. Still, support and approval of the project is uncertain. Last month, MIFR requested an annual budget increase from $4.7 million to $5.1 million as part of its budget negotiations. This budget does not ... Read More »

Coaches learn CPR

These coaches are more prepared for an on field emergency with up-to date CPR certification: Dave Vergo, Ricky Soto, Rick Endres, Hayden Warren, Eddie Webb, Jim
Gates and Randy Hamilton (not in order of
appearance). SUBMITTED PHOTO

The volunteer coaches of the Optimist Club of Marco Island take their dedication to our children seriously. Their goal is to bring quality sports programming to the children of the area, but their safety is of utmost importance, too. With that in mind, a number of coaches recently gave up a Saturday morning to take a free CPR course offered at the Marco Island Fire Rescue Department. Topics covered in the course were adult CPR, child/infant CPR, Heimlich maneuver and use of an Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs). The certification courses are free of charge thanks to the Marco Island Rescue ... Read More »

Rescue Boat Delivery


By Noelle H. Lowery [email protected] Members of the Marco Island Fire Department have been eyeing their calendars all summer, and their anticipation has nothing to do with vacation days. The reason: The department’s new $398,000, state-of-the-art and customized fire-rescue boat will be delivery in August, marking the end of a three-year journey for Fire Chief Michael Murphy, Deputy Chief Chris Byrne and Captain Tom Bogan. The new vessel will be housed at the dock behind Station 50 on Elkcam Circle. “We are a water-based, recreational community,” explains Chief Murphy. “We get calls of cardiac problems on the water. We get ... Read More »

Enter Your Sir Galahad Today


By Natalie Strom [email protected] The Second Annual Galahad Award presentation is nearing. Every October, since its inception in 2012, the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation and Coastal Breeze News have honored an individual, business or organization for outstanding service in a crisis situation. Many of you have already sent in nominees by sending a short description of how your choice demonstrated the actions as described below. But there are many more heroes and heroines out there who deserve recognition. The Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation and Coastal Breeze are taking nominations through September 1st. Nominees must demonstrate the following in ... Read More »