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By Pat Newman I have been a magazine junkie all my life and continue to lose myself in the glossy pages of at least a dozen monthly periodicals ranging from Good Housekeeping and Garden and Gun, to Elle, Vanity Fair and National Geographic weekly. I have outgrown Cosmo, Glamour and Seventeen, but still take an occasional peak at Highlights for Children and American Girl. I have learned how to cook, diet, style my hair, and travel the world from my armchair through magazines. I tried using a tablet for getting my fix at the push of a button, but nothing ... Read More »

Dr. Lam and the Wound Care Center at Physicians Regional

Dr. Gary Gallo inspects the hyperbaric chamber before

By Pat Newman We all recognize that oxygen is a vital element for life, but in its purest form, it can be a miraculous curative for patients dealing with hard-to-heal wounds. Every year, doctors are faced with between 1.1 million and 1.8 million new cases nationwide of chronic wounds, plus the 8 million existing cases. Obviously, the need for cutting-edge wound care is essential. For patients living on Marco Island and Naples, treatment is just a phone call away at Physician’s Regional Health Care System’s Wound Care Center on Collier Boulevard. The addition of a third hyperbaric chamber enhances the ... Read More »

Are Your Hidden Food Allergies Making You Fat?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Crystal@PinkIslandFitness.com I know what you’re thinking—not another excuse as to why we are overweight. Many people dismiss the new rule of thought that an obesity gene exists, and frown upon those who should “just exercise and eat right” to lose weight. Although I disagree, I do understand where they are coming from as fads, gimmicks, and excuses fill our inboxes and TVs on a regular basis, constantly changing and contradicting each other. In this case, we’re going to discuss hidden food allergies. Hidden food allergies are very real; studies have shown that once you remove the ... Read More »



FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Crystal@PinkIslandFitness.com If you’re like most people, you probably have a routine when it comes to just about everything from what you eat for breakfast to what you do before you go to bed. This could be a good or bad thing depending on what goal you are trying to achieve. When it comes to your diet, there is nothing wrong with eating the same foods for a while in the short term, but in the long run, you definitely need to feed your body a plethora of vitamins and minerals — you know nutrients — in ... Read More »

Are You Nutrient Deficient?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Crystal@PinkIslandFitness.com Do you struggle with losing weight? Do you exercise and feel that you eat “right” and yet the scale never seems to budge? Maybe you should inspect your diet a little bit closer… The truth is that we are an overfed and undernourished society. How can there be any truth to this oxymoron? Well, for starters, we are filling up on the wrong kinds of food. Forget about the food guide pyramid — don’t even get me started on that mess of a guide. Do you crave sugar? If yes, you could be deficient in ... Read More »

What Birds Eat… The Beak Can Tell the Tale

Wood storks use “tactolocation” to find food
and can close their beak in 1/20th of a second!

Stepping Stones Bob McConville Master Naturalist Have you ever seen a reddish egret dance along the shoreline to snag a meal? How about a great blue heron sitting trance-like on a mangrove branch just one foot above the water to catch a fish? Or an osprey swooping into the water feet first to grasp its prey? There is such a variety of bird life in the Marco area, and they capture their next meals in several different manners. One physical feature can tell you something very unique about their diets. Take a look at the shape of the bird’s beak. ... Read More »

Do You Suffer From Sugar Hangovers?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Crystal@PinkIslandFitness.com With the holidays behind and in front of us, I’m sure we have thrown our willpower to the wind on one occasion or the other. Whether it was Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays, graduations, Memorial Day, or the upcoming Father’s Day, most of us have succumbed to evil spell of sugar. If you eat clean the majority of the time and can have one cheat treat and get back on the wagon, then this message is most likely not as crucial as it is for the occasional binge eater – you know the type: where one ... Read More »

Is Your Diet Aging You?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Crystal@PinkIslandFitness.com It very well could be! I could literally spin this multiple ways, but I’ll just focus on one direction — alkalinity versus acidity. Unlike the multiple diets out there, this one is actually geared more towards health (surprise!) and less about weight loss. Now, before you write it off because I didn’t say you’d shed weight like a Biggest Loser contestant, hear me out. Many diets promise quick fixes, lasting results, flatter abs or saving the planet one animal at a time — and to each their own. If you adopt this style of eating, ... Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide to (Gulp) Pythons – Part 1

This tricolored heron is feeding in ideal python habitat. PHOTO BY BOB MCCONVILLE

Stepping Stones Bob McConville Master Naturalist “I’ve got a snake over here!” “Okay, can you describe it?” “Yes. It looks to be about 6-feet-long, dark brown with black spots and about 3 inches thick.” “Do the spots connect? Do they touch each other? Tell me about the markings on the head.” “The spots a giraffe-like. They do not touch. The head markings look like a dark arrowhead with a lighter line in the center.” “Sounds like you’ve got a Burmese python! Get on the phone and dial 1-888-IVE-GOT1. Give them your GPS coordinates, the closest street intersection or a mile ... Read More »

Christmas with Naomi

Sally and Franklin were sadly returned to FLC and are looking for a new fur-ever home.

FOR THE LOVE OF CATS Naomi & Karina Paape chestergun@comcast.net Dear Fellow Felines We have a lot of ground to cover this time around. For starters, lets begin with you and your staff’s (again, I remind you that only dogs have owners; we felines have staff) resolutions for 2013: Did you meet said lofty goals? I didn’t think so. You just couldn’t lose those five to 10 pounds you hoped to drop could you, your diet having fallen to the wayside some time after Valentine’s Day? I have to admit that I also failed to maintain my diet goal this ... Read More »

Halloween Horrors and Helpful Tips


FOR THE LOVE OF CATS Naomi & Karina Paape chestergun@comcast.net Dear Fellow Felines: If ever there was a season for tossing your feline cookies, Halloween is it! In fact, it is the busiest time of year for the Pet Poison Hotline (1-800-213-6680). Why is this, you ask? Well, any one of us felines can decide to taste-test some halloween candy (my personal favorite is candy corn, but sugar causes pancreatitis), or swallow some of those stringy, obviously fake spider webs (choking hazard), or chew on, and accidentally swallow, some of those yummy and enticing candy wrappers (may cause a life ... Read More »

Prevent Cancer with Your Fork!


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Crystal@PinkIslandFitness.com Can you really prevent the big C by following a clean diet and creating healthy lifestyle choices? Many experts believe the foods you eat (and don’t eat) play a bigger role than you may realize. Although many professionals differ in their opinion on the best path to a guaranteed cancer-free life, there are a few biggies that most experts agree can certainly decrease your chances of having to face off against it. These are the top tips that appear to be unanimous across the board: 1. Avoid smoking at all costs! A no-brainer for sure, but ... Read More »

Hypnobabies and Trivia!


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Crystal@PinkIslandFitness.com It’s coming down to the wire ladies and gents! I had my labor and delivery class last week and will be starting my childbirth course this coming week. My husband and I have chosen the Hypnobabies method that we are super excited about. If you’ve never heard of it, it is pretty amazing. The way I interpret Hypnobabies is that you train your mind and body over the course of six weeks to be able to relax during labor as well as to embrace it in a positive light. You mentally prepare yourself for childbirth ... Read More »

Dining With Naomi


FOR THE LOVE OF CATS Naomi & Karina Paape chestergun@comcast.net Dear Fellow Felines:  Boy, did I get some great news after last month’s epic pantry raid! As I do every day, I was scrolling through our outgoing emails to make sure my staff of 80 was performing up to snuff. One in particular caught my eye and made my tastebuds somersault with joy: “Naomi is getting just a bit on the thin side so we have upped her food.” How many gals are told they need to GAIN weight? Or had their food ration doubled overnight? My weight woes have ... Read More »

Turn that keg into a six pack! Part II

Q&A WITH THE FITNESS DIVA  Crystal Manjarres  Crystal@PinkIslandFitness.com   This is Part II of how to turn your keg into a six pack. Enjoy!  Tip #3: Cut your carbs. We as a society are crazy about carbs—either we avoid them like the plague or consume them in excess. If you are overweight (or even obese), chances are, you enjoy a high-carb diet. If you were to simply cut down on your carbohydrate consumption, you’d be surprised at how quickly the pounds would fall off (and reveal that washboard hidden beneath). Try eliminating the heaviest carbs first: pasta, bread (including bagels), ... Read More »

Healthy Foods: The Affordable Choice

By USDA Undersecretary Kevin Concannon Fresh fruits and vegetables? Key elements of a healthy diet, for sure. But many people of modest means, including those served by USDA’s nutrition assistance programs, wonder if they can afford to buy healthy foods like the wonderful fresh produce that can be found in summer abundance at America’s farmers’ markets. As USDA Undersecretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services, I find that perception a source of concern because we work hard to encourage all Americans to make healthy food choices – particularly those participating in USDA’s nutrition assistance programs, from kids in school to ... Read More »


By Natalie Strom natalie@coastalbreezenews.com On a sunny morning in mid-May, a few lucky onlookers witnessed a flock of at least thirty Roseate Spoonbills wading among the mangroves along State Road 92. The sighting was incredibly rare for a number of reasons. The bright pink birds were brazenly wading near the noisy, 45-mph roadside that connects Marco Island to the Goodland Bridge. The area, just east of the Steven’s Landing development, is also currently undergoing a restoration process, as over 225 acres of mangroves are dying at that location. To learn more about these awe-inspiring birds and what constitutes a healthy ... Read More »


By Monte Lazarus Tomorrow begins yet another heroic diet. I know, I know. It’s number 756 on my all-time list of diets, each of which previously failed after I turned thirty. This time it is dead (oops, wrong word) serious. This is a doctor prescribed diet. The alternative is a gurney surrounded by 17 Draculas all seeking to jab an IV (with a huge square needle) into a convenient vein. Thanks very much; I’ll take the diet. Any of you who have gnashed your teeth as your bathroom scale spins out of control – always upward – knows that the ... Read More »

“The Secret Non-Diet Diet”

By Jeff Popick There’s a secret diet that allows you to eat hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, turkey, bologna and salami sandwiches in any amount you want. Oh yeah … pasta, pizza and ice cream, too. And there’s absolutely no counting of calories or carbs. It’s not only a diet, but in the larger scheme of things it isn’t a diet at all and yet you’ll lose excess weight, slash your cholesterol level and eradicate heart disease – as well as any chance of heart disease. You’ll reduce or eliminate your need for diabetes and hypertension medications. Within days of ... Read More »