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Celebrations Planned for City’s 20th Anniversary

By Don Manley Fun for all ages accented by a dash of local culture and history will be at the heart of the City of Marco Island 20th Anniversary Celebration. The Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Marco Family YMCA, the Marco Island Center for the Arts, the Marco Island Civic Association, the Marco Island History Museum, the ... Read More »

Making the Smart Choice

More Straight Talk  Steve “Stef” Stefanides stef@coastalbreezenews.com It is true that most of the population really doesn’t stay abreast of what is going on around them unless it directly affects their daily lives. That doesn’t mean that they don’t care, but in many cases they are absorbed into so many other issues that concern them or members of their family ... Read More »

Meet & Greet for City Manager Candidate

By Coastal Breeze News Staff Mango’s Dockside Bistro in the Esplanade recently hosted a public Meet and Greet for Josh Gruber of Beaufort, South Carolina, the candidate for the Marco Island City Manager position. The Meet & Greet was well attended by city council members, city staff and residents. Those in attendance enjoyed an opportunity to mingle with the candidate ... Read More »

Hearts to Heart for Cash

By Maureen Chodaba A cloud rained its blessing over the grounds of La Tavola Restaurant early in the afternoon of July 9, but it left the premises just in time for an outpouring of love showered from the hearts of more than 350 people gathered together for Cash. Cash Macchiarolo, that is; our very own heart warrior and hero! Cash ... Read More »

‘The Ones We Trust’ by Kimberly Belle

BOOK REMARKS Marisa Cleveland www.marisacleveland.com “Because words can be just as deadly as warfare.” “The Ones We Trust” is the first novel I’ve read by Kimberly Belle, but it won’t be the last. I’m really glad someone recommended this book to me, and I thank all the readers who’ve reached out to me through my website with book recommendations. I’m really ... Read More »

The American Dream Davood Kaheh – Part 2

By Barry Gwinn  Immigrants entering the U.S. have usually spent years and a relatively large amount of money trying to get here. It is normally a painstaking process and only the persistent and committed make it through. Davood (or David as he is known to us) Kaheh is nothing if not persistent and committed. From the time he left home ... Read More »

Burmese Python Update

Stepping Stones Bob McConville Master Naturalist                                                                                                  In 2015 and 2016 the adrenaline ... Read More »

Stumbling Blocks

MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT Laurie Kasperbauer lkasperbauer@gmail.com “When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, you do not change your decision to get there.”  ~ Zig Ziglar Our grandson Boone is 4 years old, and the middle of three children. I’m not sure how important it is that he’s a “middle child” except that my husband and I ... Read More »

Florida- The Fishing Capital of the World

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps CaptainRapps@Outlook.com Florida is often considered the Fishing Capital of the World, and it continuously delivers on this promise due to the great resources available, as well as the management of these resources. Over the years, the Census Bureau has conducted several surveys asking anglers where they consider the best place to go fishing would be, ... Read More »

JW Marriott to be World-Class

By Steve “Stef” Stefanides Simply put, it’s the largest project of this magnitude ever undertaken in South Florida, and it’s going on right here on Marco Island. The conversion of the Marco Island Marriott Beach and Golf Resort to a JW Marriott Branded Resort will have a long lasting and positive effect, as it brings the prestige of being the ... Read More »

Civility, Compassion and Respect Forgotten Traits of an Admirable Nation

Written by Roy Eaton, August 2010 Updated by Jessica Hernstadt, June 2017  Some people may blame the current climate of disrespect and rudeness on the political antics of the day. But this problem predates the nastiness of the recent 2016 election. Formalities and customs that encourage a polite society are being forgotten, or are never learned. People have allowed the ... Read More »

Cold Brew For a Hot Summer

By Maria Lamb “The coffee is what hooks you, Oscar is what keeps you coming back.” ~ Jessica Hadraba, customer For millions of coffee drinkers in the 1980s, the catchy jingle of “The best part of wakin’ up is Folgers in your cup,” started their day with the sound and smell of fresh brewed coffee. If you’re a coffee drinker, ... Read More »

Fishing the 10,000 Islands in July

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps CaptainRapps@Outlook.com It is officially summer, which means our daily air temperatures are beginning to climb into the nineties, so it is best to start your fishing trip earlier on in the morning. Starting your fishing trip earlier will help you escape from the high midday heat, and you can avoid those afternoon thunderstorms and showers ... Read More »

An Iranian Limousine Driver Davood Kaheh, Part I

By Barry Gwinn Thirteen years ago my daughter, Nikki, called from Phoenix and gave me some disturbing news. She told me she had begun dating an Iranian limousine driver named Davood Kaheh. I was speechless. At that time in world history, I figured that nothing good could possibly come of this. After allowing me to vent, Nikki tried to cheer ... Read More »

July Fourth, Island Style

By Samantha Husted Marco Island was abuzz with activity as visitors and residents alike came together to celebrate the Fourth of July on the beach. Despite a late afternoon thunderstorm, hundreds came out to Residents’ Beach to take part in the Marco Island Civic Association’s annual Sand Jam event. The day officially kicked off at noon with DJ Goose and ... Read More »

Marco’s 20th Birthday

By Don Manley Planning is underway for a weeklong celebration for all ages to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Marco Island’s incorporation as a municipality. The Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Marco Family YMCA, the Marco Island Center for the Arts, the Marco Island Civic Association, the Marco Island History Museum, the community’s three public schools and ... Read More »

Trailering Your Boat Safely, Part III

BOATING SAFETY By Keith Wohltman  Over the past two issues we have tackled the art of trailering your boat to a boat launch ramp and successfully getting the boat into the water. This week we will help you recover your boat and get it back on the trailer for the return trip home. One word of caution here, you have ... Read More »

Southwest Florida Summer Golf

All Things Golf Todd Elliott telliott@hideawaybeachclub.org The summer season in Southwest Florida has officially arrived. The hot and sticky mornings, followed by afternoon rain and lightning, and then more hot and sticky conditions to finish out the day. Most activities in Southwest Florida are developed to be outside. In the summer months it can be tough to maintain all our ... Read More »

Lightning Strikes Tigertail Beach Business

By Jesus Calo In the midst of Marco Island’s recent flood storm earlier in June, lightning struck near the hut at Tigertail Beach Rentals located on the entrance of Tigertail Beach. Everything (electrical) in the rental hut got fried. The lightning affected the electrical wiring, which carried the current through every outlet the surge could reach. The damage included the ... Read More »

Freedom of Speech on College Campuses

While diversity of all kinds is undoubtedly crucial to success in academic environments, more and more college campuses across the country seem to flaunt one glaring omission: that of opinion and, more specifically, political belief. This exception was underscored most recently by the actions of students at Evergreen State College, a small liberal arts college in Olympia, Washington. The school’s ... Read More »