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Hideaway Beach Holds Casino Night Fundraiser

By Danielle Dodder Members of Hideaway Beach have a long history of backing the efforts of the local chapter of the American Cancer Society, but this year, they raised the stakes, literally, with a Vegas-style fundraiser on January 27th. “In the past, we’ve done traditional golf outings with a silent/live auction and a dinner, but we wanted to do something ... Read More »

Power Up Your Boating Skills This Season

By Danielle Dodder As part of the Ten Thousand Islands, the National Park Service aptly refers to this area as “a labyrinth of water and mangroves.” Add approximately 5,000 area boats out at any given time to enjoy this natural beauty, and it’s not a big surprise that Collier is one of the top ten counties in Florida for boating ... Read More »

Re/Max Affinity Plus Franchise Bridges Tradition and Innovation

By Danielle Dodder “Did you know that when you sell a house, you trigger a minimum of 18 other commercial transactions?” Debra Meredith-Peters is passionate about bringing home the point that her profession is a stronger engine for growth than it’s often given credit for in a post-real estate crash world. Peters is the broker/owner, who along with her partner, ... Read More »

Season for Sneezing: Flu Arrives on Marco

By Danielle Dodder The littlest members of the community are lining up for repeated hand washing throughout their school day and local pharmacies are running out of the flu vaccine. As visitors from all over arrive for warm beaches, so does the seasonal germ influx. Wash your hands and cover your nose; flu season is alive and well on Marco. ... Read More »

Water Manager Takes On New Role

By Danielle Dodder For a relatively small city, Marco Island boasts a sophisticated water system. We’re a barrier island surrounded by saltwater and environmentally sensitive habitat. Consequently, getting water to paradise was never as simple as piping it in from Naples. Today, the city water utility encompasses an aquifer storage system, a reverse osmosis system, three drinking water facilities, two ... Read More »

Keeping Plastic’s Footprint Off Our Beaches

By Danielle Dodder Major beachfront cities like Miami are banning them outright. The resort empire that is Walt Disney World in Orlando has replaced them with paper versions. The small bits of plastic straws and drinking cup lids discarded by people quickly accumulate into a giant toxic mess on beaches globally. The unsightly litter not only ruins the beauty of ... Read More »

Optimist Soccer Grows to 300 Thanks to Parent Volunteers

By Danielle Dodder The Optimist Club of Marco Island was formed in 2008 to make organized sports accessible to a wide range of children’s ages and abilities. The fee to sign up a child is $40 and the uniforms and part of the equipment is sponsored. This season, the soccer team added 100 new kids to the program, bringing the ... Read More »

City Committees: A Few Key Changes and A Special Magistrate

By Danielle Dodder “Another avenue for citizen input shut down.” The chair of the city’s Beach Advisory Committee found city management’s proposal to consolidate city committees into four bodies plus a magistrate, distressing at the December 20 meeting and workshop. From city inception, volunteer committees have been a cornerstone of citizen input and oversight in local government. City council members ... Read More »

Pathways to Safety & Fitness

By Danielle Dodder It’s almost too easy to see cycling enthusiasts as hobbyists living in their own little niche of speedy bikes and neon, zipping down their path on the side of the road, but for the group of them who make up the city’s volunteer bike paths committee, concern for creating a safe riding environment extends to the entire ... Read More »

TBE tennis debate

By Danielle Dodder For 20 years, an informal group of about 40 locals and snowbirds gathered at the tennis courts at Tommie Barfield Elementary, to play pickup tennis games at the last free public access courts on the island. Earlier this month the courts were closed after the city determined that needed repairs would be too costly. The group suddenly ... Read More »

It’s better to give, especially to Santa!

By Danielle Dodder Kids usually obsess over what Santa will be leaving for them, but Olivia Waters paused to consider sharing some holiday cheer for the jolly red man while out on Black Friday shopping with her mom, Michele. The Waters family lives in Naples but came to Marco for dinner and Santa’s arrival at the Shops of Marco. Olivia ... Read More »


By Danielle Dodder Vital input and citizen perspective often come to city managers via the nine committees that advise, and sometimes help create policy. The Planning Board, for example, makes key recommendations on growth and development, and was tasked alongside the Waterways Advisory Committee to develop a workable solution on seawall construction standards. Post-election, the city is seeking 56 volunteers ... Read More »

New Council Questionnaire: Ken Honnecker

By Danielle Dodder  Newly elected council Vice-Chair Ken Honnecker answered the set of questions we posed to all newly elected members. His responses follow below. What do you feel will be your three biggest challenges when it comes to governing the city and communicating with your constituents?  I feel that one of the biggest challenges will be putting an end ... Read More »

Sandy victims need ‘Change’

By Danielle Dodder Working actors don’t get free designer gowns. They hear ‘no’ more often than they land a part. They don’t have layers of hired handlers, to steer them away from the unscripted side of their personalities. One of these actors, Sean Ringgold isn’t just climbing the fame ladder. He is putting his all into making a difference in ... Read More »

ROAD UNDER WATER Funding and ecological hurdles for Goodland Drive

By Danielle Dodder An historical anecdote says that the road into Goodland was originally built out of shell sixty years or so ago by a man named Henry Pettit with just a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Goodland residents today find the old road’s twists and turns endearing, but not the way it frequently floods and traps them on or off ... Read More »


By Danielle Dodder Dollar volume is already up ten percent over last year for Mutual of Omaha’s mortgage lending sector. According to the Marco Island Area Board of Realtors, 2012 closings on island property tally 1,061, an 18% increase over last year. The signs are there, according to Tiffany Homuth, Metro Market President for Mutual of Omaha, for the real ... Read More »

New Council members ready to get down to business

By Danielle Dodder  “All politics is local.” So said Tip O’Neill, the second longest serving speaker of the US House of Representatives in reference to the only political race he ever lost: a run for city council. It’s a trivia tidbit that speaks volumes for the aggressive politicking that seems to take the island by surprise each election season. The ... Read More »

Candidate profile: Donna Fiala

By Danielle Dodder  Donna Fiala has held the office of Collier County Commissioner longer than anyone else, and she’s done it as a woman. But in the beginning she never anticipated how far her journey would take her;  Donna Fiala has lived in the same East Naples home since 1974. She was the director of community relations for Naples Community ... Read More »