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Letter to the Editor: ENOUGH!

The recent political T-shirt statement directed towards Councilor Petricca is juvenile, mean spirited, and pathetic. It is Councilor Petricca who is the victim of this disgusting act. I am very disappointed that Howard Reed, a man who studied “Divinity,” would state that this T-shirt depiction “suggests that only three people stood to gain from the actions of the persons who ... Read More »

City Council Highlights

By Maureen Chodaba The Marco Island City Council held its regular meeting on April 4. Chairman Brown was present, as well as Councilors Batte, Honecker, Honig, Petricca, Rios, and Sacher. Councilor Sacher was supported by his colleagues when he asked to move the action items up on the agenda since he could not be certain that he would be present ... Read More »

Councilor Kudos:

A recent Letter to the Editor from City Councilor Amadeo Petricca offered the reader a clear-eyed example of the disparities that exist in Marco Island’s utility rate structure. Petricca’s letter was simple and straightforward, so much so that even an eighth grader could understand and grasp the inequality that exists in our water and waste rates, something that highly paid ... Read More »

Approved: 1st Reading of Marriott PUD Amendment

By Noelle H. Lowery The Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort’s $150 million renovation plan cleared its first hurdle Monday (June 2) night when City Council approved the amendment to the hotel’s planned unit development and master plan by a vote of 4-2. Councilors Amadeo Petricca and Chuck Kiester voted against the measure, and Councilor Joe Batte was not in attendance. ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Marriot Ordinance denial

One Marco Islander’s Opinion:   Under the leadership of Councilor Petricca and Councilor Batte, our City Council must be commended for recognizing the inadmissibility of the proposed Marriott expansion petition.  Their petition was rejected because it had been written by the petitioner, the Marriott itself. Hopefully, this means the City of Marco Island is finally starting to demand respect for ... Read More »