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FWC Law Enforcement Collier County

While on patrol at a local marina, Lieutenant Shea noticed fishermen hanging what appeared to be several undersized Greater Amberjack on the nails above a filet table. He went over and inspected the fish and found six undersized Greater Amberjack. The captain of the boat that landed the fish was issued a citation for three Greater Amberjack under 30 inches and a warning for three undersized Greater Amberjack less than the new 34-inch fork length. Officers Despian and Lugg were on water patrol in the Gulf of Mexico when they observed a vessel with three individuals fishing. The officers approached the ... Read More »

A Rare Encounter With a Rare Fish…

A smalltooth sawfish, classified as endangered in 2003. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

COASTAL CONNECTIONS Renee Wilson Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve staff were conducting a nonbreeding bird route survey recently in the Ten Thousand Islands near Cape Romano, and were very excited to observe a 30-inch smalltooth sawfish. At this size, the sawfish would be considered “young-of-the-year” and was most certainly pupped in Reserve waters. They were able to watch the sawfish from a distance of just a few feet as it casually swam in a small mudflat pool in just 4 inches of water, likely attracted by the large number of bait fish that were also observed. “This was ... Read More »

From Marco To Alaska, Local Female Captain Is Always Busy

A day of plenty. SUBMITTED  PHOTOS

Stepping Stones Bob McConville Master Naturalist I hear a very pleasant “Good morning, Bob” as someone passes by. “Good morning, Captain Jesse.” I reply as she ushers guests to a catamaran for a sailing tour of Marco Island. Yes, I did say “she”. One of the few female captains in the area, Captain Jesse Baughman leads a very active life. From fishing with active duty soldiers, to finishing her college education, to working the salmon run in Bristol Bay, Alaska, she is constantly on the move. In addition to conducting catamaran tours for the Marriott she owns a fishing charter business, ... Read More »


The Marco Island Historical Museum presents Rob Storter’s “Artwork of the Everglades”, an illustrated guide to the Everglades history.  The exhibit runs from Sept. 2, to Oct. 31, 2014 and will include an opening reception onTuesday, Sept. 2, 5-7 p.m., hosted by the Marco Island Historical Society.  Light refreshments will be served and admission is offered at no cost. The Museum of the Everglades will also honor Storter with the exhibit, “History of Fishing in the Glades through the Eyes of Rob Storter”.  The display will take place through September and include a reception on Saturday, Sept. 20 from 1-3 p.m. at the Museum of the Everglades. Robert Lee ... Read More »

Loggerhead Released Near Goodland


By Natalie Strom The Conservancy of Southwest Florida released Sassy, its female loggerhead sea turtle into the Gulf of Mexico near the Ten Thousand Islands on Tuesday, Jan. 19. Born on Sanibel Island, Sassy was transferred to the Florida Atlantic University lab at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton, where she was part of a gender study linking nest temperature to the gender of hatchlings. Following her two months in the ongoing sea turtle gender study, Sassy was brought to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. In 2012, Sassy became the first resident of the 5,000-gallon saltwater tank in ... Read More »

Angling Wisdom From Local Lady Captain


I so enjoyed the recent conversation I shared with Everglades Fishing Guide, Becky Campbell. She revealed little pearls of wisdom describing her vast experience “hunting” for fish. Becky speaks of fishing with a gleeful glimmer in her eye and prefers to refer to her experiences as “catching” rather than simply “fishing.” I thought it most appropriate to share my conversation with Captain Becky with other angling enthusiasts because expert tips like these are few and far between. Becky grew up in Clearwater, where she describes the water as being a beautiful crystal clear green. Due to the amazing water clarity, ... Read More »

Catch ‘em and Cook ‘em

GOODLAND LIFE  Natalie Strom Goodland is affectionately known as a “Drinking Village with a Fishing Problem.” Most of us here in Goodland are happy to accept this title. After all, we drink all kinds of stuff; lots of water on those hot summer days, a glass of milk to accompany our cookies and occasionally… alcohol. As for the fishing problem, well, that’s true too. Historically, Goodland was built around commercial fishing. These days, commercial fishing in town is mostly stone crab and, occasionally, blue crab. Mullet fishermen swing through from time to time as well. But just because the commercial ... Read More »