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On TV: Dolphin Explorer, Seymour

By Bob McConville In March 2012, one of the first rescues of an injured bottlenose dolphin took place in the waters just off Marco Island. Similar to Winter, the star of the movie “A Dolphin’s Tale,” local dolphin Seymour was entangled with fishing line around his tail fin, or fluke. If you saw the movie about Winter, you know that ... Read More »

Saving Seymour…The Dolphin

By Natalie Strom The news of Seymour the dolphin’s rescue on Friday, March 9th, reached far and wide as a team of 26 people in six boats helped save his life. Locals had come to know of Seymour’s plight thanks to the research of The Dolphin Explorer, a sightseeing vessel that traverses the waters around Marco Island. Seymour, an eight-year ... Read More »

Searching for Seymour… the dolphin

By Natalie Strom  natalie@coastalbreezenews.com  Marco Island’s dolphin population is asking for our help. According to researchers on The Dolphin Explorer, a sight-seeing vessel out of Rose Marco River Marina, there is a local population of roughly 60 to 70 bottlenose dolphins. These dolphins roam within the Marco River, around Isles of Capri, Keewaydin Island and down into the 10,000 Islands ... Read More »