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Save Room for Tortoises

Adult tortoises. PHOTO BY JEAN HALL

PROTECTING & PRESERVING  Nancy Richie For a small, developed, semi-tropical island, Marco Island has a diversity of habitats which equates to abundance of wildlife species. Sandy beaches with wide, lush vegetated dunes, sea grass beds in nearshore shallow waters, tidal mudflats, mangrove wetlands, upland scrub oak and palmetto, tropical hardwood hammock, patchy slash pine stands and even open undeveloped, grassy properties — all provide a variety of opportunities for wildlife to survive and sustain a side-by-side existence with the suburban activity. Surmised from many inquiries, interactions with residents, increased numbers of volunteers, large membership in wildlife groups, roadside stops by ... Read More »

Harmony, Discord and Composition


Artful Life Tara O’Neill Passion vs. serenity; active vs. static; harmony vs. discord. These aren’t just the building blocks of artful compositions, but of all human relationships. What we seek is balance – and it’s not one-size-fits-all – it’s personal. In color theory, the juxtaposition of color-wheel opposites – oddly called compliments – creates a super-charged vibrancy (just put a dot of purple paint in the middle of a yellow sun and watch for a solar explosion). Color-wheel neighbors, however, create a calmer, more soothing composition. Elsewhere in visual arts, a horizontal line is perceived as static, a vertical ... Read More »

Pre-swing Fundamentals Part 2: Address Position


Golf Tips Todd Elliott Now that we’ve developed a solid grip in Part One it is time to address the ball with the correct posture. People are made in different shapes and sizes. There is no one perfect posture in golf. Depending on height, arm length, leg length and torso length an athletic golf posture will look different. However, there are fundamentals of setting up to a golf ball that are absolute. The picture provided shows three different address position. N stands for neutral spine, which is desirable. C stands for a C curve in the back/spine at address, ... Read More »

Do You Suffer From Sugar Hangovers?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres With the holidays behind and in front of us, I’m sure we have thrown our willpower to the wind on one occasion or the other. Whether it was Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays, graduations, Memorial Day, or the upcoming Father’s Day, most of us have succumbed to evil spell of sugar. If you eat clean the majority of the time and can have one cheat treat and get back on the wagon, then this message is most likely not as crucial as it is for the occasional binge eater – you know the type: where one ... Read More »

MICMS Responds


May 12, 2014 Marco Island Charter Middle School is such a successful and “A” rated school in large part because of the unique community in which it exists. MICMS and our students are a large part of the culture and community of Marco Island and the culture and community of Marco Island are a large part of us. We organize community events and educate our residents’ children, and the community, in turn, supports and participates in our school events. Our school works to best serve our residents, and our residents generously support our school. An important part of keeping our ... Read More »

The Sandwich Generation’s Balancing Act

Caring for the whole family. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Ask The CFP® Practitioner Darcie Guerin   He plants trees to benefit another generation. Caecilius Statius, Roman Poet   Question: My husband and I are looking forward to retirement. Because our parents and children may need help financially, we’re not sure how to balance everyone’s potential needs. Help! Answer: You are not alone. Many pre-retirees and retirees are concerned about the financial, physical and emotional needs of family members. Statistics show that almost half of baby-boomers provide financial assistance to aging parents — paying for groceries, medical and utility bills — while also helping their adult children. Depending on ... Read More »

Is Your Diet Aging You?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres It very well could be! I could literally spin this multiple ways, but I’ll just focus on one direction — alkalinity versus acidity. Unlike the multiple diets out there, this one is actually geared more towards health (surprise!) and less about weight loss. Now, before you write it off because I didn’t say you’d shed weight like a Biggest Loser contestant, hear me out. Many diets promise quick fixes, lasting results, flatter abs or saving the planet one animal at a time — and to each their own. If you adopt this style of eating, ... Read More »

Mountain Pose: Tad asana (tah-dahs-anna)


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell Mountain pose is a standing pose and starting pose for many other poses commonly practiced in yoga sessions. You are standing strong and tall as the name suggests, unwavering and focused in the present. It represents a strong foundation, and is full of power and meaning when taken and used to stabilize not only your physical body but also your mind and spirit. You may find yourself at first swaying a bit, or slightly moving back and forth. Given time, focus and a few cues, though, you will discover the mountain within, and be ... Read More »

Do you have stability in your life?


Golf Tips Todd Elliott Golf is a sport! If golf is not treated as a sport, it is difficult to improve. In all sports, it is important to have good balance and a stable starting position. A shortstop in baseball, a linebacker in football and a defender in basketball, all stand in a ready position that enables them to make sudden movements. An athletic stance requires slight knee bend, forward bending from the hips and weight on the balls or insteps of the feet. As an instructor, I give a student a tiny push on their shoulders from all ... Read More »

You Can’t Take it With You


Ask The CFP® Pract itioner Darcie Guerin “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King, Jr. Question: Would you explain why we must take withdrawals from tax-deferred retirement accounts and discuss the importance of age 59 ½ and 70 ½? Answer: The reason required minimum distributions (RMDs) must be taken from certain tax-deferred retirement accounts is that while you’ve been conscientiously saving for retirement, the IRS is patiently waiting to collect taxes on those funds. A brief history lesson will help explain why age 59 ½ and 70 ½ are significant milestones. In ... Read More »

Our Canals Need Care & Conservation

A web of animals and plants live together in harmony in our canals, as long as we keep them clean. SUBMITTED PHOTO

PROTECTING & PRESERVING Nancy Richie Marco Island has 100 miles of man-made canals. Historically, it was an approximate 6,000 acre mangrove island until the Deltona Corporation dredged it and filled it, using vertical, cement paneled seawalls to contain and stabilize the fill. Thus, creating the labyrinth of 100 miles of waterway canals in an approximately four square mile area. This construction created the 8,311 single-family residential properties (excluding Hideaway Beach and Key Marco) that we call home. Of these 8,311 properties, 5,723 are located on the canals, or waterfront. To date, 4,634 of those properties are developed. Basically, for those ... Read More »



Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell BALANCE: A state of equilibrium. An equal distribution of forces allowing steadiness. The 5:00 AM alarm chimes off as it is the day of the week to teach an early yoga class. The MIND instantly recoils and says “I don’t like this. This is not what I want.” The BODY says “Let’s do it! I need to be open and pain free.” The SPIRIT, well, it just tries to adjust to the fluctuation. Walking in to the bathroom, the scale sitting there on the floor, innocently beckons to be stepped on. There is a ... Read More »

The Power of Dividend Stocks


Ask The CFP® Darcie Guerin “Patience is the companion of wisdom.” – Saint Augustine, 335 – 430 AD Question: What are dividend-paying stocks? Answer: Most investors look for two things from investments; growth of principal and/or income. A dividend is income because it is a return of surplus to stockholders. Dividends occur when a company’s board of directors decides to distribute a portion of the earnings to its shareholders. With cash on corporate balance sheets at all time highs, dividend stocks deserve a thoughtful look. Stocks that pay cash dividends are in essence sharing their profits with investors who have ... Read More »

Acrobats and Newly Found Cats


FOR THE LOVE OF CATS Naomi & Karina Paape Dear Fellow Felines: I just heard the most amazing thing! There’s a tortoiseshell (you know, a cat who looks just like me) in Key West who can sail through a flaming hoop as hundreds of adults and children cheer her on. Not only that, but she and her fellow performers climb steps, shimmy up ropes, leap from circus stands, walk a ten foot balance beam that is five feet above the ground and clear hurdles. One of them can even catch flying fish (sushi tossed in his direction). I was, ... Read More »

Coastal Comments


Donna Fiala Things are moving a little slower these days. Not much traffic, easy access to restaurants and parking spots, and most of us stay indoors where it’s cool while we get some long awaited chores done that we’ve been putting off during Season. Ah, Enjoy! *A good news item for those people who live in or love Port of the Islands. As you know, the boat ramp convenience store is up and running and carrying more products as the need is identified. Now the long awaited Fire Station is about to be furnished. When the county bought the ... Read More »

Boating Safety for Kids


Courtesy of the United States Power Squadron Noting gives parents and grandparents more delight than showing the kids a good time on the water. Unfortunately, in our desire to please, we often jump into situations without thinking of the dire consequences, such as the forces when  making a sharp turn with a tube or while pulling a wake board. One extremely dangerous practice for any age is bow riding. Children are on a slippery curved surface with minimum side rail protection while receiving a maximum jolt from waves and passing wakes. Recently, a boat went by with three kids sitting on ... Read More »

Kelly MacDonald: Capturing People, Life


Welcome back, Kelly MacDonald. After moving away from Marco Island in 1999, MacDonald is headed back, and she is bringing her photography business — Kelly MacDonald Photography — with her. Currently, she is searching the islandscape for studio space and new clients. “I’m so excited to be back in the sunshine,” quips MacDonald. It is only fitting, as MacDonald fell in love with photography as a Lely High School student. She cut her chops while working in the photo lab at the former Eckerd Drugs (now CVS) at the corner of Collier Boulevard and Bald Eagle Drive. She also learned ... Read More »

Code Compliance Changes on the Horizon


By Noelle H. Lowery  The Marco Island City Council has drawn a line in the sand. At the heart of the issue is the growing community debate over how to handle code compliance issues. This debate has been fueled by the real estate foreclosure crisis, which has left city officials conflicted about how to deal with abandoned and bank-owned residential properties. Both pose health and safety risks to the citizens of the island community. On one side, stand those demanding stricter enforcement of the city’s ordinances, and on the other side, are those who believe compliance, education and fine ... Read More »

Summer: the Time to Gain?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres or those of you who have been following my fit pregnancy journey, here is a recent update: I am now going to prenatal appointments twice a month and while I was shocked that I had gained five pounds last month, I was in for an even bigger surprise this time! Throughout my journey thus far, I had gained one pound, then two pounds a month, then one month three pounds, then last month five pounds—my midwife said that the baby went through a growth spurt and he’ll be putting on those last layers of fat ... Read More »

Florida Rolls Out New Guide for Senior Drivers

Florida has something new specifically designed for aging drivers. The  Florida Guide for Aging Drivers is a handy book available at no cost to senior drivers, compliments of the Florida Safe Mobility for Life Coalition. The Coalition, a group comprised of professionals from 28 organizations, created the guide to give aging drivers a comprehensive resource with the most up-to-date information available. Users will find safe driving tips, licensing information, lists of resources, and community contacts for every county in the state. Basically, the guide offers just about everything an aging driver needs to be more proactive about staying safe on the road. This book compliments ... Read More »