Pedal in Paradise

Light the Way

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour It seems now-a-days with so many new products for bicycles, like Go-Pro cameras and Garmin computers, you seem to run out of space on your handlebars pretty quickly, thus leaving out room for one of the most important accessories needed for this time of year: lights. Light sets are especially useful for early morning ... Read More »

Never Too Cool to be Schooled

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour Is this the favorite time of year for parents? For most kids, it’s not theirs because it’s time to head back to the classroom! There are a lot of things to think about before getting the kids ready for school. Kids have lists now of what they need. I sure don’t remember a list? ... Read More »

Tour de Marco Rides Again!

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour Have you been enjoying all the new bike lanes around the island and the wider multi-use bike paths? How about the new multi-use path that goes from the Marco racquet center to Mackle Park parallel to South Heathwood? Well, if you haven’t yet had the chance to ride on some of these new paths ... Read More »

Bike Safety Tips

Nearly every year I write more or less the same article, but I believe it is the most important one of them all. It’s about bicycle safety and knowledge. Safety goes for both motorists and bicyclists as we need to be aware of our surroundings; we need to watch for both vehicles and other bicycles; we must think ahead at ... Read More »

Two wheeled human power!

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour It’s that time again, are you ready this year? Have you been looking for a reason to dust off your bicycle? Well, time to get air in those tires, but be sure to do a safety check on your bicycle before you hop on. Check to see if the brakes work, check to see ... Read More »

To be… or not to be (a hero)

By Matt Walthour I am sure we all have heroes in our lives, but what really is a hero? As Webster defines it: A man admired for his achievements and noble qualities, one who shows great courage. You think of all the people you have looked up to as heroes in your life, do they fit the definition? I remember ... Read More »

Gimme 3 feet… Gimme 3 feet Mister

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour Two articles in a row with some great musical references and I haven’t even mentioned “Bicycle Race” by Queen. Not sure how long I can keep this up. This reference, however, may be the most important I will refer to in any article because it pertains to safety and the law. When you think ... Read More »

Buffalo Soldier…

The sun is beaming down on you, you smell the ocean breeze as it whirls around your body, you feel the sand around your toes, and you are now lost in your own little paradise. You pick up your cold beverage, take a long refreshing sip and then your feet start tapping in the sand as you hear the mellow ... Read More »

Wheeling into 2013

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour If you are reading this, either the world didn’t end, or you snuck out of your bunker and hopefully pedaled your bike to the closest newsstand and grabbed this issue of Coastal Breeze. Whatever the reason, I am happy we are all still alive and you have found the time in your renewed life ... Read More »

Local priest rides for camp

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour Father Kyle Bennett is back on his bicycle. An injury suffered last August while hiking in Maine on the Appalachian Trail had sidelined the rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. After being relieved of an orthopedic boot, Father Bennett immediately got back on his bike to begin training for a 115 mile solo ride ... Read More »

Bicycling to school

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour Are you ready? It’s that time of year again. The children are heading back to school. By this time, I am sure all the school supplies are purchased and the backpacks are filled with new notebooks, pens, pencils and crayons and ready to go. If you’re prepared to send your children off to another ... Read More »


PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour Leave it to the residents of Marco Island to see a neighbor in need and immediately respond! When Steve Zandy’s bike was stolen, Karen Nettles reached out to Steve Stefanides from Christmas Island Style and Tiffany Homuth of Mutual of Omaha Bank. They’ve set up a fund to replace his stolen bike. The group ... Read More »

Hit the trails

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour School will be out soon and you are possibly thinking, what can we do with the kids this summer? Or maybe you are just looking for something to do with a friend or significant other, but then again being alone might sound like fun, too. As a cyclist, many of the trips I take ... Read More »

May is bike month 2012

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour MAYbe you should ride? It’s that time of year to celebrate the power of the bicycle, the freedoms, the opportunities to see things you may have never seen, to get healthier, and well, just to plain old ride your bicycle. The reason you may ask? It is because May is considered National Bike Month. ... Read More »


PEDAL IN PARADISE  By Matt Walthour  There are a lot of places in the world that one can think of which offer a very spiritual place to ride a bicycle. I suppose for the riders in the Tour de France it could be the Alpe d’Huez. I am sure for people who have ridden in California it could be riding ... Read More »

Not a grand tour……yet

PEDAL IN PARADISE  By Matt Walthour  A few of the big tours have come and gone already. We have seen some great racing already this year, the Paris – Nice race was packed with some fast speed and great victories. Coming up on April 1st, is the Belgian classic, Tour Des Flanders. If you don’t think you can quite make ... Read More »


PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthor Last year I wrote an in depth article on bicycle safety and bicycle laws and, as a bicyclist, how we must follow them, not only for our own safety but for the safety of others as well. In my years of cycling I have seen a lot of people who don’t follow the laws, ... Read More »


PEDAL IN PARADISE  By Matt Walthour  In the wake of last week’s cold snap or as I like to refer to it as “freezing”, I had the need to search out my freezing out riding gear. I am not sure about everyone else, but when it gets below 60 degrees outside, I am cold. I guess being born and raised ... Read More »

Let’s be safe out there!!!

PEDAL IN PARADISE  By Matt Walthour  It’s that time of year when the roads will start to get a bit busier with drivers from all over the world. It is important as a bicyclist that we know the rules of the road as much as the automobile drivers. With all the new bike paths and multi-use sidewalks that have been ... Read More »

…and Grandfather makes three

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour At the beginning of November, I had the distinct honor of representing my dad’s side of the family as his father, Bobby Walthour Jr., was inducted into the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame, class of 2011. My grandfather’s induction marks three Walthours currently in the Hall of Fame along with his father, Bobby ... Read More »