Lady Angler’s Corner

More Good News for Lady Anglers!

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink There is plenty of exciting evidence that more and more women are discovering the great sport of fishing! One example of this is the continual growth of both local and state wide ladies fishing clubs and organizations where both fishing trips and social events are enjoyed by the club members and participants. One ladies ... Read More »

‘Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!’

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Fishing can be so much more than just fishing! The sport of fishing provides wonderful opportunities for wildlife observation, quality time with family and friends as well as tranquility, rest and relaxation. If you are new to the sport, or haven’t been fishing for a while but would like to, there’s no better way ... Read More »

Angling Styles

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Although there are many different techniques used in the sport of fishing, there are generally only two types of angling styles or approaches to angling. The first approach is more proactive in nature, and the second is more reactive. The proactive angler is a hunter, constantly seeking signs of fish activity and active water. ... Read More »

Holiday Family Fishing Fun

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink This is the time of year when friends and family come together to enjoy quality time during the holidays. I can think of no better way to enjoy time together than fishing in the magnificent inshore areas that South Florida has to offer. A good portion of the 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge ... Read More »

Help Keep Dolphins Safe Why Venture Offshore?

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink If you enjoy catching a mixed bag of fish, viewing abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery, venture out on a trip in the 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge located 15 miles east on 41 from the 951/41 intersection. Port of the Islands Marina is an ideal location to depart from as it provides easy ... Read More »

Mental Fishing: ‘STEP’ It UP

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Although the act of fishing is physical, it is my belief that 75 percent of successful fishing is mental or cognitive in nature. For the purposes of this explanation, I will use the acronym “STEP.” The “S” stands for “seeing.” When seeking or hunting fish, it is imperative to “see” and observe the ... Read More »

Fishing from a Kayak! Really?

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Absolutely! Why not further enhance the enjoyment found from kayaking by taking a fishing rod along? The benefits of simply kayaking are obvious: ease, serenity, exercise and awesome sightseeing opportunities to name only a few. Most prefer to kayak in quiet areas around inshore waters, dense mangrove islands and bays where waters are ... Read More »

Going Fishing? Prepare for Success!

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink South Florida summers are steamy and hot and full of afternoon and evening thunderstorms of varying degrees of intensity, so good preparation and weather awareness is a must for a safe and successful day on the water. It’s often best to plan to leave early in the morning while the air temperatures are ... Read More »

Let’s Go Fishing!

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Southwest Florida summers are hot and steamy and a perfect time to enjoy fishing with family and friends. The experience doesn’t have to be all about the fish either. The quiet, scenic mystique of the area’s Ten Thousand Islands is about so much more than that! Manatee and dolphin sightings are likely, and ... Read More »

The Reel and the Rod Tip

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink There are many successful fishing techniques that can be utilized depending on your fishing location and targeted species. Some of the more common techniques used include fly fishing, trolling, bottom fishing, kite fishing and cast and retrieve. In the local back country areas of the Ten Thousand Islands and Everglades National Park, I ... Read More »

Expert Tips About Fishing Live Bait

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink When you are serious about catching, and not just fishing, use live bait. The most common local natural baits include shrimp, minnows or baitfish, sand fleas and crabs. Shrimp are devoured by virtually all game fish, as shrimp make up a large part of just about any marine fishes diet. The advantages of ... Read More »

Keep It Light

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Although the sport of fishing is great fun, the excitement of catching is even more so. One sure bet to increase the action on your next trip is to use light tackle. Light tackle can be defined as a reel with a line capacity and strength in the 8-15 lb. range and a rod ... Read More »

Land More Fish

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink One of the most rewarding things about being a fishing guide is sharing the excitement and joy experienced through others when they hook and land fish. It has been my experience, however, that many less-experienced anglers lose a good number of fish through improper retrieval technique. Often, fish are lost due to over excitement ... Read More »

Preparation, Key to Success, Comfort, Safety

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Among the characteristics most all successful anglers possess is that of proper preparation for a day of fishing. Preparation involves things like the selection of a fishing location, tackle and bait requirements, targeting specific species, awareness of tidal exchange and weather, as well as packing proper clothing and gear. When these factors are carefully ... Read More »

Better a Reel than a Shovel

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Most of the snowbirds have returned from their northern residences, and for good reason. When it comes to beautiful weather and excellent fishing, the winter months in southwest Florida are hard to beat, especially in the beautiful mangrove maze of the Ten Thousand Islands and Everglades National Park. While fishing offshore can often prove ... Read More »

For a Mixed Bag, Choose Shrimp

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Very few people can deny that shrimp are a tasty treat, and nearly all salt water fish concur. In fact, local species like sheepshead and black drum can be caught only on shrimp or other crustaceans. It is my belief that shrimp provide enticing bait offerings, but this is especially true during the winter ... Read More »

Fishing: A Natural Stress Reliever!

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink The great sport of fishing provides both intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) rewards. The most obvious extrinsic reward for many is the excitement and thrill of battling a fish on the end of the line and possibly the pleasure of a delicious meal to follow! Most fishing programs and articles relating to fishing deal ... Read More »

Want to Fish the Islands? Choose a Guide!

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, it is wise to hire a guide to take you on a memorable fishing experience in our pristine islands. I don’t recommend this simply because I am a fishing guide; rather, I do so because it is the most effective and comfortable way to become ... Read More »

Florida Keys Summer Fishing Trips

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink The Florida Keys provide an angler with nearly limitless options when it comes to fishing. Sight fishing, trolling, back country as well as reef and wreck fishing can be enjoyed all year round along the numerous beautiful islands stretching over 100 miles, connected by the chain of bridges called the scenic overseas highway. This ... Read More »

To Jig or not to Jig

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink The word “jig” has two meanings relating to fishing. The noun “jig” relates to a type of artificial lure or “jig head” which is usually tipped with some form of live or cut bait. The other meaning, used as a verb; to “jig,” relates to the physical movement of the rod tip that will ... Read More »