Coach Wayne’s Corner

Three Strikes and You’re in


In the sport of baseball the rule is three strikes and you are out, but in the sport of pickleball, it’s three strikes and you are in! The importance of the third shot in pickleball is a priority on all levels of the game. Players on an advanced level of play are utilizing the third shot as a strategic opportunity […]

Olympic Observations


I have spent my entire life residing on the Gulf coast at an elevation that has been either at or below sea level. Because of this fact, I have never had the opportunity to participate in any type of winter related sports. I refer to these sports as being any activity that includes snow, ice or mountains as part of […]

Speed Zone


As tennis players gain confidence in their abilities and advance their level of play, they start to hit the ball faster (utilizing more MPH’s) and heavier (utilizing more RPM’s). The two kind of go hand in glove with one another, because the harder you hit the ball, the more spin you need to apply to the ball to keep it […]

The Proof is in the Paddle


As the sport of pickleball grows, several “mom and pop” companies have ventured into the pickleball paddle business. These entrepreneurial manufacturers are attempting to grab a piece of what is presenting itself to be a very popular and profitable marketplace. The USAPA governs the specifications of pickleballs and pickleball paddles; they monitor and oversee the materials used, as well as […]

What’s My Line?


I remember the old game show on TV called “What’s My Line?” where celebrity contestants would ask questions to try to figure out the usually, somewhat obscure occupation of the mystery guest. As a coach and instructor, when I inquire as to a player’s ability or level in the sport of pickleball, I often feel like a contestant on that […]

Proper Position


When I first started playing pickleball several years back, I was just like other beginners, simply trying to remember who’s turn it was to serve, how to call the score, and which part of the court I was supposed to be standing on! As I instruct beginning pickleball players, I feel that it is important for them to understand early […]

That Little Voice


We all have it, that little voice in our head that informs us of the fact that we just did something foolish. Whether it’s on the tennis/pickleball court when we make an unforced error, or in a social environment where we say something stupid and embarrassing, that little voice is always there to remind and admonish us as to what […]

Driving Directions


As players in the sport of pickleball, we hopefully have understood, from the very beginning of our introduction to the game, that the fundamental basic strategy during a point is to try to keep our serve and our return of serve deep into our opponents’ side of the court. I refer to this direction from baseline to baseline, as north […]

The Logistics of the Lob


In the sport of tennis, the execution of a lob usually takes place from the baseline. The tennis court allows us the luxury of a court length of 78 feet to get the ball up and over our opponent’s reach and drop the ball inside the lines. However, in the sport of pickleball, because the court is only 44 feet […]

The Etiquette of Etiquette

Coach Wayne’s Corner Wayne Clark After reading my fellow Coastal Breeze News contributing columnist Todd Elliott’s recent columns, titled “Golf Etiquette” and “What Makes Golfers Compatible?” it got me thinking about proper etiquette and players being compatible, in tennis and pickleball. Golf and tennis are traditionally very old school, proper games. However, these two sports are experiencing a transition, […]

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