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Keep It Light


LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Although the sport of fishing is great fun, the excitement of catching is even more so. One sure bet to increase the action on your next trip is to use light tackle. Light tackle can be defined as a reel with a line capacity and strength in the 8-15 lb. range and a rod that is much lighter and shorter than average, say between 4-6 feet. Consider ultra light tackle being on the lowest end of this range. Keep in mind that fly fishing is light tackle fishing in a category all of its ... Read More »

Myers Wins Pro Title at Hideaway Beach


READ MY TIPS Doug Browne The big stage never looked better; no wind, no humidity and 175 enthusiastic fans cheering on 28 talented Southwest Florida professionals during the finals at Hideaway Beach. Tye Myers, who grew up in Naples and now is a club pro at both Eagle Creek and Hideaway Beach, needed enough of his A-game to edge out the stiff competition as he won the number one title by one game! His biggest competition was Benji Kendall, former tennis star at Penn State University and Lynn University. Kendall boasted a flashy and bombastic forehand drive and ‘dipper’ as ... Read More »

Fishing the 10,000 Islands in April


FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps The average air temperatures in April are a few degrees higher than in March and will typically range between 61 and 86 degrees. This will, in turn, keep our average water temperatures up into the mid to high 70s. Snook are on the move from the back country to the near Gulf river mouths. Best bets for catching snook during this time is live bait like pilchards and thread herring. Try the mangrove shorelines where the water is moving over deeper cuts. Typically, there is an eddy of still water around each point. The ... Read More »

Tour de Marco Rides Again!


PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour Have you been enjoying all the new bike lanes around the island and the wider multi-use bike paths? How about the new multi-use path that goes from the Marco racquet center to Mackle Park parallel to South Heathwood? Well, if you haven’t yet had the chance to ride on some of these new paths or lanes, your time may soon be arriving. So get your bike ready for the upcoming Tour de Marco. The Marco Island Bike Pathways Committee began sponsoring the Tour de Marco four years ago in hopes of educating the public ... Read More »

Going Mental


Golf Tips Todd Elliott This game will make you crazy. Golf has so much time in between shots — so much time to think about all the bad things that can happen. I compare it to shooting a free throw in basketball. Nothing to stop the free throw; all the time in the world to think about what could go wrong. Many times, a professional basketball player is a great scorer, but has a dreadful free throw shooting average. This player does well reacting to the defense and makes the plays with their athleticism. Put them at the free ... Read More »

Bike Safety Tips


Nearly every year I write more or less the same article, but I believe it is the most important one of them all. It’s about bicycle safety and knowledge. Safety goes for both motorists and bicyclists as we need to be aware of our surroundings; we need to watch for both vehicles and other bicycles; we must think ahead at times and even possibly anticipate what the other person may be doing. Whether it be a motorist or another bicyclist, safety for ourselves and others should always be on your mind. Be courteous as well! We also need to be ... Read More »

Worst Swing Thoughts in Golf


Golf Tips Todd Elliott Have you ever hit a thin shot or topped the golf ball, and after the shot a playing companion says, “you lifted your head” or “keep your eye on the ball.” I have given thousands of lessons and I have never given “keep the eyes on the golf ball” as advice. However, I have spent thousands of hours fixing swings that revolve around a player trying to keep the eyes on the ball. Let’s talk about these two myths: why they have some merit but can really influence the golf swing negatively in the long ... Read More »

Hideaway Pro tennis tournament coming

A solid, steady player.

READ MY TIPS Doug Browne Earlier this month, Hideaway Beach hosted the 4th Annual Open Doubles Tournament and it showcased some of the finest tennis players in our area; 3.0 through 4.0 divisional stars exhibited their many talents over a two-day period. On Wednesday, March 26 at 4:30 PM, the Hideaway Beach Tennis Club will be running the finals of the prestigious Pro league, and they will be using a different format than what was done over a 20 week period. Prior to the playoffs, players often played with their favorite winning partner and they played one two out of ... Read More »

Annual SAMI Lady’s Day Regatta

The Moby Nick

Submitted Saturday, March 15, was a beautiful day for sailing, and the Sailing Association of Marco Island took advantage of it, as it held its annual Lady’s Day Regatta in the Gulf waters along Marco Island’s beach. The coastal breeze was just right to be caught in the sails and gentle enough to provide a sway of waves for the boats at anchor. Even so, it was close quarters on the water, and some held their breath for a beat or two at the awesome sights. This is just one of several event SAMI conducts on Marco waters. The club ... Read More »

Land More Fish


LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink One of the most rewarding things about being a fishing guide is sharing the excitement and joy experienced through others when they hook and land fish. It has been my experience, however, that many less-experienced anglers lose a good number of fish through improper retrieval technique. Often, fish are lost due to over excitement when the angler tries to rush the fish into the boat. Others are lost due to excessive slack in the line or improper rod tip position where leverage is lost. Although not every fish hooked will be landed, there are ... Read More »

March is a great month to hit the water!

Tom and Chris with twin Redfish.

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps Typically, the month of March brings some of the best Speckled Trout fishing our area has to offer. If you can find areas where you have grass on one side of the boat and sand on the other, you could certainly get into some fun fishing! In these areas you can fish the same flats for both Speckled Trout and Pompano. Try casting out a 3/8 oz bucktail style jig tipped with very small fresh shrimp pieces (cut a shrimp into 6-8 pieces). The Trout will be in 3-5 feet of water in the ... Read More »

4th Annual Hideaway Beach Open


READ MY TIPS Doug Browne Doug, I’ve played USTA tournaments throughout the state (Florida), and this is the best organized event I’ve attended,” entrant and former champion Monson Douglas offered Sunday afternoon. Not only did we have the largest draws in the four-year history but we had the greatest talent as well. The weather was picture perfect with 80 degree temperatures and literally no wind, and the players responded with stellar play. Finally, we had record crowds cheering their friends on Saturday and Sunday — a minimum of 200 players patrolling the grounds around the beautiful tennis center at the ... Read More »

The Dynamic Golfer


Golf Tips Todd Elliott Golf has many things to offer; fun with friends, exercise, friendly wagers, nature, family time, wildlife, etc. If you want to excel at the game of golf you must treat it as a sport. Golf is similar to many sports in which the human body moves in a rotary motion, such as batting in baseball, hitting a hockey puck, etc. The difference is the object is moving in most other sports, so more physical endurance might be needed to get to where the object is located. The kinematic movement to hit the object however is ... Read More »

Bob Ray Bocce Tournament

By Coastal Breeze News Staff “The popularity of bocce has blossomed in recent years,” according to Marco Island Parks and Recreation Manager Mindy Gordon. “At Mackle Park, a group of residents play year round, every single day weather permitting. Groups such as the Italian-American Society of Marco Island have teams, and even some of the condo associations have formed teams now.” More than 100 people attended the recent Italian-American Society Bob Ray Memorial Bocce tournament, co-sponsored by Marco Island’s Park and Recreation Department. In fact, 16 teams signed up for the tournament this year, and it was standing-room only around ... Read More »

Marco Island Soccer Club to Host 3v3 Tournament


By Noelle H. Lowery The Marco Island Soccer Club (aka Surge) is kicking off its spring season with a Live 3v3 Tournament on Saturday, May 3, at Mackle Park. “The Marco Island tournament is going to be a great opportunity for our kids to get out and play, as well as an introduction to families who haven’t experienced the fun atmosphere of 3v3 soccer yet,” said tournament organizer Patrick Baldwin, vice president of the Marco Island Soccer Club. “We are expecting 40-plus teams from the area, including adult teams, to compete, which will be great for generating business for ... Read More »

Putting Around With Rules Changes


Golf Tips Todd Elliott telliott@hideawaybeachclub.or As you may have heard the United States Golf Association and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews — the governing bodies for the rules of golf — have made a controversial rule change. The rule change, 14-b anchoring the club, states that in making a stroke a player must not anchor the club either “directly” or by use of an “anchor point.” Many PGA Tour professionals who make a living playing golf will be affected by this decision. Some tour professionals, like Webb Simpson and Kegan Bradley, have been using anchored putters ... Read More »

Prime Fishing Targets of the 10,000 Islands

Remember slot size for snook: 28-33 inches.

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps Here in the Ten Thousand Islands, we target many different species of fish throughout the year. As the seasons change, so do our target species and methods of how and where we fish for them. Our top shallow water targets include snook, redfish, speckled trout and tarpon. In addition to these four, we catch snapper, sheepshead, shark, tripletail, pompano, permit, cobia, gag and red grouper, spanish mackerel, king mackerel, flounder, catfish, jack crevalle, ladyfish and a few others. Below is a very brief explanation of our top four targets. • Snook: There is ... Read More »

This pro exemplifies the never-say-die attitude


READ MY TIPS Doug Browne We’ve all heard the cliché: The postman always delivers the mail whether it be rain, sleet or snow, right? Well, I think I have another profession with the same never say die attitude: tennis professional. Meet Hideaway Beach tennis pro, Leslie Holmquist Browne, who exemplified the real meaning of mental toughness despite incredible odds. Even though Leslie had a previous injury to her finger (she gashed her finger cutting a tomato and it hit the artery), she had it wrapped to the max and was armed and ready to go. However, midway through her ... Read More »

MICMS Girl’s Soccer Team CCAC South Division Champions


Submitted The Marco Island Charter Middle School Eagles girls soccer team played the Collier County Athletic Conference-South Division final on Saturday morning against Pine Ridge Middle School. The stakes were high as these two teams had tied 0-0 in their previous regular season match. Emily Hamilton scored the first goal of the game in the 20th minute off of a goal kick from goal keeper Andrea Castilo. In the second half, Hailey Carp scored the second goal in the 33rd minute on an assist from Miranda Webb and Emily Hamilton. With their victory over PRMS, MICMS Eagles won the South ... Read More »

MIA Girls Soccer pave the way


by Julia Cartwright This year’s Marco Island Academy girl’s soccer season has come to a close. Eight games were played throughout the entire season, all of which were lost, though the Marco girls did not go down without a fight. The girls started practicing in October, and worked hard to be prepared for the season ahead of them. In the years past, MIA has always had a coed soccer team, as there were never enough girls to participate for two separate teams. Having a coed team proved to be a disadvantage for the girls participating. The boys got a lot ... Read More »