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How Often Do You Brush…

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FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Your body? What? Never heard of body brushing? It’s one of the easiest, quickest, (cheapest), most underrated things you can do to improve your immune system among a host of other fantastic benefits! Why, you ask? It’s detoxifying. Our body releases about a pound of waste from our skin daily; if the skin is clogged from dead skin cells, the toxins that are trying to make their way out of you end up being reabsorbed instead. Dry brushing removes these dead cells, and as a result, stimulates the immune system, better enabling it to do ... Read More »

Are You Really Hungry?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Have you ever eaten after you have just finished eating something? Have you ever been chewing, not even tasting your food, while perusing through your pantry for more? Have you ever celebrated with food? Punished yourself with food? Rewarded yourself with food? Eaten out of boredom? Eaten because it tasted good? Because you didn’t want it to go to waste? If any of the above apply to you, then you are not alone; even I have succumbed to many (if not all) of the aforementioned at some time in my life. I remember so clearly ... Read More »

Beat the Bloat!


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Summer is officially here, and with it comes beer bellies and bikinis — two things that don’t belong in the same sentence. Take some time to plan ahead this summer for get-togethers, cookouts and lazy beach days, and you’ll feel good no matter if you wear a swimsuit or not. To avoid the dreaded bulge, belly or bloat (or all three), adopt some of these tips: Have healthy snacks handy: Do this, and when temptation comes your way, you won’t even think twice about reaching for your healthy fare. I suggest loading up on good-for-you-treats that ... Read More »

How Healthy is Your Skin?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Quick, check yourself out in the mirror. Take a good look at your face, neck and décolleté area. Do a once-over on your arms and hands as well. What do you see? Smooth skin or rough and patchy? Hydrated or dry? Clear or blemished? What about your hair? Is it thick, lustrous and shiny, or limp, lackluster and full of dandruff? What you look like on the outside is a direct reflection of what’s going on on the inside. Now, I’m not talking about aging — we’re all on the same boat heading in the ... Read More »

Happy Daddy’s Day!


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres With the arrival of Father’s Day, it got me reminiscing about the recent Mother’s Day that just passed — my first with my son Elijah. I remember last year at that time going to “see” him for my last 3D/4D ultrasound for my birthday and how precious that time was. Flash forward to now, and I have a budding toddler in my arms who at ten months started walking, waving hi and bye, signing the word milk, loves to laugh, dance and get into everything! He loves giving me hugs and kisses (sometimes with teeth—his ... Read More »

Do You Suffer From Sugar Hangovers?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres With the holidays behind and in front of us, I’m sure we have thrown our willpower to the wind on one occasion or the other. Whether it was Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays, graduations, Memorial Day, or the upcoming Father’s Day, most of us have succumbed to evil spell of sugar. If you eat clean the majority of the time and can have one cheat treat and get back on the wagon, then this message is most likely not as crucial as it is for the occasional binge eater – you know the type: where one ... Read More »

Are You Getting Enough Magnesium?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres I know many people who suffer from the occasional Charlie horse and assume that they must be magnesium deficient; I just love it when we diagnose ourselves based on our savvy Google searches! While those pesky cramps can be indicative of a deficiency, it is by no means a tell-all (as other factors such as dehydration or hormones could be to blame as well). Some symptoms of magnesium deficiency are as follows: • Abnormal heart rhythms • Loss of appetite • Cramps • Nausea • Tingling • Weakness • Numbness • Fatigue The National Institute ... Read More »

Are You Overdoing It?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Have you noticed the busy Marco streets lately? No, I’m not talking about the traffic, I’m talking about the sidewalks! Due to season and an exceptionally ill-fated winter up north, our tiny island has swollen like a sponge taking on water with seasonal residents and vacationers alike. The verdict is clear—these people want sunshine and plenty of it! They are biking, walking, rollerblading, golfing and more… only to wake up with tired, lethargic bodies that have been hibernating all winter long. I have client after client come in with some sort of ache, pain or ... Read More »

Are You a Sugar Addict?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Do you crave chocolate or sweets on a regular basis? Do you reach for an afternoon carb-rich pick-me-up? Do you drown your sorrows in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s? Do you just enjoy sugar in any shape or form? Then we need to have a little talk! Not only is sugar in the most obvious places, but it also lurks in some lesser-known areas as well such as salad dressings, bread, yogurt, barbecue sauces and ketchup, baked beans, smoothies and basically most processed foods in one way or another. Is all sugar bad and ... Read More »

Do You Baby Your Back?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Many of the clients I see on a regular basis come to me because they have injured something or something is bothering them. The majority of the time it is related to a joint: the neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees—you get the picture. One of the most frustrating areas for people is the burden of back pain. From stiffness to stenosis, or even scoliosis, the general consensus is—it’s uncomfortable! Whether it’s the desk potato or the seasoned athlete, we’ve all been there (or will most likely arrive there someday). So what can you do about it? ... Read More »

Are You a CocoNut?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Have you ever seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” If not, you’re missing out! If so, you’ll remember how the dad’s remedy for everything under the sun was dousing it with a dash of Windex. This is precisely how I am with coconut oil – seriously! There are SO MANY uses for it it’s ridiculous! Here are some of my favorite ways to use it: As a moisturizer: I get compliments on my skin ALL THE TIME – no lie. People are shocked when I tell them that I only use coconut oil. I ... Read More »

Is Your Workout Knotty?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Whether you walk or watsu, bike or bend it like Beckham, chances are you have some tight muscles, adhesions or “knots” that put you in a bind. You probably suffer through them, attempt to stretch them out or visit a physical (or massage) therapist to get rid of them. Have you ever tried a foam roller? Dubbed “the poor man’s massage,” a foam roller is an inexpensive tool that was once used exclusively by physical therapists for myofascial release. According to Dr. Karl Knopf, “Some experts suggest that, if not addressed early, minor muscle imbalances (such as ... Read More »

Is Your Diet Aging You?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres It very well could be! I could literally spin this multiple ways, but I’ll just focus on one direction — alkalinity versus acidity. Unlike the multiple diets out there, this one is actually geared more towards health (surprise!) and less about weight loss. Now, before you write it off because I didn’t say you’d shed weight like a Biggest Loser contestant, hear me out. Many diets promise quick fixes, lasting results, flatter abs or saving the planet one animal at a time — and to each their own. If you adopt this style of eating, ... Read More »

Make Juice, Not War


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Now that we are into full-fledged New Year’s mode, no doubt your gym is overridden with sweatband-sporting enthusiasts, and your local grocery store is jam-packed tighter than a woman in Spanx. What you may also be taking notice of is an ever-increasing interest in juicing. Many things probably come to mind whenever you think of juicing: cleanses, powders, fad diets, weight-loss, detox and health, of course. Juicing does represent all of these ideas to a degree. Let’s break it down to see what is worth trying and what is worth skipping. Bear in mind that this ... Read More »

New Year, New You!


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Now that the holidays are behind us, many of us are waking up to the New Year feeling sluggish, bloated, hungover and/or exhausted. Not exactly putting your best foot forward for 2014, are we? Whether the aforementioned describes you or not, chances are you want to feel your best each and every day — regardless of the New Year. Most are taking this time to jump into their New Year’s resolutions of health and fitness — even those who swear that they don’t make resolutions. Either way, who doesn’t want to start off each and every ... Read More »

Act Like a Kid Again


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Are you stuck? Stuck in a workout rut or stuck behind a desk at work, or even stuck at the same weight that you keep trying to get off? Why not break out of the box and try something different? Watch little kids play; they are exercising without even knowing it. Why? Because they are having fun. Remember when you were a small child? I’ll bet some of your fondest memories are playing tag, hide-and-seek or simply running around the playground. Instead of working out indoors, take advantage of the cooler weather and take your ... Read More »

Healthy Holiday Food Swaps


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres When it comes to Thanksgiving I notice that people generally fall into one of two groups: those who are excited and those who are scared to death. OK, I may be exaggerating a bit with the last one, but hear me out. Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday to those who love to pig out—and the ultimate disaster to those on a diet. After all, who enjoys watching everyone else eat to their heart’s content while you just sit there and suffer? I’ll never forget my first “health conscious” Thanksgiving—I narrowed down my food choices to the ... Read More »

Prevent Breast Cancer with Exercise!


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres You’ve heard time and time again that exercise is good for you, but did you know that it is so good for you that it could help ward off breast cancer? Studies have shown promising results. According to, “Exercising four or more hours a week may decrease hormone levels and help lower breast cancer risk. The effect of exercise on breast cancer risk may be greatest in premenopausal woman of normal or low weight.” They also note that whenever adolescent girls workout regularly, it provides an equally effective protection. The best case scenario would be ... Read More »

Prevent Cancer with Your Fork!


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Can you really prevent the big C by following a clean diet and creating healthy lifestyle choices? Many experts believe the foods you eat (and don’t eat) play a bigger role than you may realize. Although many professionals differ in their opinion on the best path to a guaranteed cancer-free life, there are a few biggies that most experts agree can certainly decrease your chances of having to face off against it. These are the top tips that appear to be unanimous across the board: 1. Avoid smoking at all costs! A no-brainer for sure, but ... Read More »

Go Pro(biotic)!


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres How many of you suffer from digestion woes? How about one or more colds per year? What about yeast infections? Do you take medications? How about antibiotics? If you answered yes to any one of these, then you will reap the benefits that probiotics have to offer. If you answered no to all of the above, you can still obtain the amazing benefits that they have to offer. What are probiotics? Literally meaning “for life,” probiotics are billions of beneficial bacteria that help to restore balance in your intestines. An ideal ratio of good to bad ... Read More »