Chef’s Table

Poptails equal summer fun

CHEF’S TABLE Chef Anne Feinman Poptails are grownup’s version of popsicles. A refreshing frozen alcoholic beverage on a stick. Sound intriguing? Read on… You’re poolside, the sun is really hot and you’re thinking about those cold specialty drinks you enjoyed on vacation. The pina colada, mudslide, or perhaps watermelon margarita. Most of your favorite drinks can be turned into a ... Read More »

It’s not always what’s cookin’? Sometimes it’s who’s cookin’?

CHEF’S TABLE  Chef Anne Feinman  Mangos Dockside Bistro You enter your front door from a long day at work…and the aromas hit you…awww, those memories of Grandpa’s kitchen…yes, Grandpa Anders did most of the cooking in my grandparents’ home. You don’t even have to go any further…you know you don’t have to ask “what’s cooking?”…you know what it is and you ... Read More »

Lemon bars

CHEF’S TABLE  Chef Anne Feinman Lemon bars…Lemon Squares… Lemon Slices….whatever your name for them…means mouthwatering to me.The combination of buttery shortbread and tangy lemon filling, makes them so very irresistible. They are best eaten the day they are made, when the shortbread is crisp and the lemon filling is tart and tangy. In order for them to have a nice ... Read More »

Food Disasters: So Sorry, Dave!

CHEF’S TABLE Chef Anne Feinman As I was preparing to write a Chef’s Table story today, my son John came into my office to share an event that occurred last night at our restaurant. So, first off, in writing for the world to see….we are so sorry, Dave Purcell! You can keep the t-shirt, too!….oops, John just told me you ... Read More »

Happy Easter… from our kitchen to yours!

CHEF’S TABLE Chef Anne Feinman Easter always brings me such a fuzzy, warm feeling. From the Easter egg hunts, the pretty dresses and bonnets Mom dressed us 5 sisters in, to the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen. Easter Sunday has always been such a wonderful family day of great food! This year I will be enjoying Easter with our ... Read More »

Stand out from the crowd

CHEF’S TABLE Chef Anne Feinman Sometimes, we feel we need to do big things in life to stand out from the crowd, to make a difference… but in my experience I have found that it is the small things that make a difference. A smile for someone who is feeling a bit down, a touch on the shoulder for someone ... Read More »

I LOVE TO COOK Rediscover your own JOY of cooking for family and friends

Chef Anne Feinman Has cooking become a chore…the thought of preparing, shopping and serving… an absolute dread? I can remember having those days. Yes, as a successful restauranteur… those moments are part of all our busy lives. Your life can consist of a hectic work, social, and family day…but take time out to be inspired and to inspire others! ... Read More »

One of my favorite quotes

CHEF’S TABLE Chef Anne Feinman  “Food is so primal, so essential a part of our lives, often the mere sharing of recipes with strangers turns them into good friends.” ~ Jasmine Heiler In reflecting on this quote, I have two very special friends who have shared recipes with me, and now, I would like to share them with you, our ... Read More »

Be brave and sit at the sushi bar!

Chef Anne Feinman When I first started out on my sushi adventure, sitting at the sushi bar was a bit scary. I didn’t know how to order anything other than a California Roll and the knife-wielding sushi chef was intimidating. But one day, I got brave, and sauntered up to a sushi bar. It was well worth the effort ... Read More »

Making a new year’s resolution

CHEF’S TABLE Chef Anne Feinman It’s that time of year when we are all considering what our New Year’s resolutions should be. I know, I have made the resolutions and have found a way to deny it was ever so…only to make the same resolutions the following year. I promise to exercise more, eat better and healthier and to “not ... Read More »

Chef Bob remembers Christmas

Chef Bob Aylwin Now that Christmas time is upon us once again, I have been literally pouring over hundreds of my Christmas time recipes for this article. As a result, I suddenly found myself less interested in recipes and party ideas and more interested in what Christmas really is, or should be about, namely family, friends and love. As I ... Read More »

Christmas Marco Island style

By Chef Anne Feinman The Christmas Boat Parade is just around the corner and the Holidays are upon us. Put together some fun and delicious refreshments and invite friends and family to your home. Favorites of mine include this Christmas Cosmopolitan: • 1 1/2 oz Green Apple Vodka. • 1/2 oz Triple Sec. • 1 tsp grenadine. • 3 ... Read More »

I want wontons!

Chef Bob Aylwin  In the Aylwin household we are not very complicated in our daily food routine but we do enjoy a variety of worldwide cuisines every week. We have always enjoyed teaching our children about different cultures and culinary styles of many different nations. Whether it is a simple dish of Bavarian style meatballs on Monday, or French Beef ... Read More »


Chef Annie  I’ll admit that cooking with kids is not always easy. I’ve had plenty of spilled milk, dropped eggs, burnt cookies and even a mixing bowl dropped on my toe. I can remember when my girls, Lauren and Nicole, were 4 and 11 and helping me make cookies for the holidays….I ended up with an entire gallon of spilled ... Read More »

Avocados, falsely accused

Chef Bob Aylwin After spending my summer on beautiful Put In Bay, Ohio, it was a wonderful feeling arriving home to Marco Island. Five months away from home is a long time and certainly there were so many things I missed. But one thing I missed dearly was my avocado tree. That’s right, my avocado tree. Sure I missed my ... Read More »


Chef Annie  Who would have thought that the simple combination of spinach, chicken, pears and gorgonzola could create such a delicious meal? Well, for me, I’m just awed that it took me so long to realize it. I mean, I love spinach, I love chicken, I love pears and I am crazy for anything with gorgonzola! How has this dish ... Read More »

The Chefs Express wins The Superbowl…. with a new location!

CHEF’S TABLE By Chef Anne Feinman  With football season upon us, and the excitement of opening our new restaurant, I recently went looking for creative new recipes. Yes, we will have the football package, and I’ll look forward to watching the faces of our guests, friends and family, when all our creativity and deliciousness meet! The following was inspired by Disney, and ... Read More »

Francese style

Chef Bob Aylwin  As my summer winds down here on Put-In-Bay Ohio, I’m starting to think of the things I will miss the most when I return home to Marco Island; the absolutely incredible sunrises off the bay; the spectacular “Perry’s Monument” that towers over the island; the crisp northern air each night blowing through my bedroom window. Although I’ll ... Read More »

Cooking up a love story

By Chef Annie  It’s been over a month since we closed doors at The Chefs Express in Olde Marco. In our quest to get our new restaurant opened at The Beach Club, I have been working on creating new menu options….and thus a Love Story is born. Have you wondered how great it would be married to a chef? I am ... Read More »

Let’s make some cookie icing

By Chef Annie Have you ever wondered how the bakeries make such beautifully decorated cookies? You enter the store on Valentine’s Day…and those soft sugary cookies are decorated with those beautiful reds and pinks or the 4th of July with the red, white and blue. Well, here’s a great cookie icing recipe that you’ll use again and again. This decorating ... Read More »