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Body, Mind and Spirit

Lessons From a Dog


BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT  Laurie Kasperbauer  lkasperbauer@gmail.com You may have heard the expression, “Everything you need to know you learned in Kindergarten.” Simple concepts like share everything and play fair. Don’t take things that aren’t yours, and wash your hands before you eat. How about clean up your own mess? Imagine how that one simple rule could alter the landscape and affect the human connection? If each of us, individually, were accountable for our own mess (AKA actions)? In my household alone, especially when the kids were growing up, abiding by that aphorism would have resulted in greater harmony. I agree ... Read More »

Renewing ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’


Body, Mind And Spirit Laurie Kasperbauer lkasperbauer@gmail.com Mind, Body and Spirit’ indeed! Dianne Saywell explores, embodies, enjoys and fortunately shares her experiences of mind, body and spirit with everyone she comes in contact with. I’ve know Dianne for only 18 months, but her influence has altered my life path, challenging me both physically and spiritually through yoga, and it is with her blessing (and guidance and encouragement) that I am able to share my own thoughts and perceptions with regard to the trilogy of peaceful living…That is, the flow between the mind, the body and the spirit. So, as Dianne ... Read More »

Wherever You Go, There You Are


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com “Be here. Now.” This is a phrase I often repeat to others — and especially to myself lately — as I began months ago to process my life to another area. I knew the wind direction to get me there, and kept my sails adjusted, but only ever so slightly as I drank in all of my last weeks/days on Marco Island. A student and I were talking about how to be fully present — to become one with the awareness of our surroundings, sights and sounds — when we are new to ... Read More »

Winds of Change


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com We can’t direct the wind; we can only adjust our sails. — Thomas Monson   Winds of change will come into every human life. We, aware of it or not, are always heading in a direction. This may be obvious at some point in our lives and not perceivable at other times. Did you ever take stock of your life and ponder just how you got here? Through the small adjustments (of the sails tacking) or the big decisions (turnabout the sails), you are traveling in a direction — toward a destination. The ... Read More »


Cow Pose (L). Cat Pose (R). SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Marjaryasana (marjari-cat/asana-pose) Bitilasana (bitili-cow/asana-pose) These two poses when connected in a flow offer tremendous benefits to the body. They are beginning poses, a warm up of gentle flexion and extension of the spine as it releases tension in both the front and back body. They stretch the neck, gently massage the organs and increase circulation within and around the spinal column. They teach proper pelvic movement for greater ease in all our other motions. The tension that builds in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine and surrounding tissue can lead ... Read More »

Remaking Memories


Body , Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Last year traveling with our closest friends in Europe for three weeks, we shared many stories while in the car with each other. I remember specifically telling a story from many years ago about a family that stood out to me as rather pleasant. There was an individual in the car that recalled the circumstances surrounding that nice moment for me, and shared his “truth” about his version of it. It was composed of a bit more darkness than I had remembered. My mind did a little scramble of sorts, and my ... Read More »

A Bit Fit or Nit Wit?

The energy of Spring. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Allowing (more like forcing) myself to relax in the adirondack chair under the semi-shade of a big tree in the yard, I contemplated my Fit Bit. Gazing up at the branches of the tree that looked sick or dying, I noticed that they were not bare with illness but full of buds of growth about to spring out! One branch, one bundle of this growth loosely gathered alone at the end of a long branch caught my eye. Then looking down at the thick layer of leaves on the ground, I spotted my ... Read More »

YOGA: So Much More Than a Pose


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Yoga is a sophisticated system, a way of living and a guide for a free and joy-filled life lived authentically. I often refer to the phrase: “Happiness is when what we think, what we say and how we act are the same.” Integrity is defined as the state of being whole and undivided. The opposite of that is being imbalanced, polarized, at unease with oneself and the world. Here is where YOGA comes in. We find in the practice of the pose our obstacles that we have erected and gently inhabit them and breathe ... Read More »

The Energy of Life


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Prana is sanskrit for “life force.” The energy that moves life. The sea awakens to the rise of the sun. Our bodies become upright as the day breaks and the flowers open, often turning toward the sun witness and receive this force of all forces. The river and the birds settle down when the day closes with God’s artwork, the sunset. The energy is ever present and ever changing. Like us. The body of water has high tide and low tide points that can and do literally change the shape of an island slowly ... Read More »

Honoring the Individual


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Reclining in the pre-dawn hours of the rainiest camping weekend ever, I sip my coffee in this little, cozy space and feel happy as I watch Fred Astaire conducting a big band orchestra and move his feet in a brilliant, successful attempt to show us what the music looks like through dance. What a talented human being! I am grateful that this talent was recorded through the visual art of filming. Last night, my husband and I were listening to Paul McCartney, as were blessed with a dry period for a couple of hours ... Read More »


Camping in the rain? So what! SUBMITTED PHOTOS

BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Camping in the rain. Okay, in a trailer, but still. I saw the weather forecast, and being an optimist, I decided 50 percent chance of rain meant 50 percent chance of no rain. So, the odds weren’t on my side — SO WHAT? We managed to observe a fairly uncomfortable nature walk with spirits high enough for a kiss on the canopy boardwalk. I did think, “Darn,” (might have used a different word), and then made the decision to say, “So what?” so as not to completely ruin the day. I have an ... Read More »

Mountain Pose: Tad asana (tah-dahs-anna)


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Mountain pose is a standing pose and starting pose for many other poses commonly practiced in yoga sessions. You are standing strong and tall as the name suggests, unwavering and focused in the present. It represents a strong foundation, and is full of power and meaning when taken and used to stabilize not only your physical body but also your mind and spirit. You may find yourself at first swaying a bit, or slightly moving back and forth. Given time, focus and a few cues, though, you will discover the mountain within, and be ... Read More »

EGO revisited


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Recently, while sitting with two of my closest friends and enjoying a warm fire on a chilly Cape Cod night, we touched upon the topic of personality characteristics. It began with one of us describing herself as “very shy,” promptly adding and “always will be.” It was brought up in a context that alluded to the idea of it being a quality that she found fairly limiting in her life. Another one of us agreed, head nodding, and stating that she felt the same and was also a timid person in so many instances. ... Read More »

What Yoga Is Not

Nothing clears the mind like a session of Yoga on the beach. SUBMITTED photo

Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Yoga is not something to be afraid of. It is something to be embraced. It is not about twisting your body into a pretzel. It is about gradually gaining movement and flexibility. It is not about acrobatics or gymnastics. It is about being in the room and breathing. Most of all it is about BREATHING (something we have been doing since we left the womb). It is not about anyone in the room, but you. It is not about being perfect, and it is not about competition. It is about small per-sonal gains over ... Read More »

It’s Christmas, after all!


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com I was getting off an airplane recently. The double “bing bong” was heard, signaling the passengers it was safe to unbuckle and stand up. It is a process — always slower than we would like — for everyone to collect their belongings and file out with some semblance of order. In my area, mid-plane, we were beginning the shuffle towards the front when a man spoke loudly from somewhere in front: “My jacket is back in the overhead bin somewhere, could someone pass it up?” The plane was not full, so we were allowed ... Read More »

To be mindful, or not to be mindful?


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Anyone who has ever delved into yoga and discovered its amazing benefits will certainly relate to the following sentence my husband texted me the day after I taught him a yoga class instead of practicing on his own, “Doing mindful yoga is a lot harder than hurry-up-and-get-it-over-with yoga.” I was happy to learn he discovered the difference. I am unsure if he was happy to know that now or not. “Knowledge is power,” I told someone one day; and he responded, “Yes, but ignorance is bliss.” Or is it? Any activity or undertaking ... Read More »

Yoga: the Universal Language

International warriors.

Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Standing before a dozen eager German faces who were ready to take a yoga class with the visiting “American Yoga Instructor,” I was humbled. I was informed that most of them would know English to varying degrees and took note to speak slowly and clearly. Yoga has its own language (thankfully!). I began then to wonder about the language barrier and the ease (or not) in which this class would be for them as students, and for me, as a teacher. The day before I was scheduled to teach, I took a class as ... Read More »

Language Lessons

The “ahh” after a long day of sightseeing!

Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Spending 21 days in a vehicle with the same people can be very telling. Especially when you add the fact that there are two languages spoken in the vehicle with each distinct personality having different needs, wants and ideas. It can be very telling indeed. The flow of energy could be best described as the following at any given time: open, energized, opinionated, agitated, tired, fun, anxious (especially on the autobahn doing 110 mph!), caring, in need of space, educational – and through it all – LOVING. One thing that each and everyone of ... Read More »

Sustaining Courage

Body, MindAnd Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Sisu is not momentary courage, but rather the ability to sustain courage. It is a word that cannot be fully translated. It defines the Finnish people and their character. Finlanders are not so much known for their warmth or openness, but for their tenacity towards gaining achievements. Sisu is a word the Finns use to describe the ability to not only survive and succeed, but to excel in the face of overwhelming odds. This concept can be seen in their history of wars and fighting with the Russians whose troops and artillery outnumbered them ... Read More »

Yoga is Universal


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell yogadi77@aol.com Arriving at the Marco Fitness/Healthy Body studio to teach a Saturday morning class, I see two very tall, very blonde women waiting by the door. I approach their beautiful smiles and notice their age difference and assume that they are mother and daughter. I soon discover that they are visiting from Riga, Latvia and speak very little English. They both have never done yoga before. I mentally scratch my head and think, “hmm, this will be interesting.” I give these two very open and adventurous souls yoga mats and begin to speak loudly as ... Read More »