Manatees stranded in Tigertail lagoon

There were three stranded manatees in Tigertail Lagoon on Tuesday, October 12.  As of 3:30 p.m., one was “free”; there was still a large female and small male.  However, FWC felt that when the tide was finally high enough, those two would be safe also.  High tide was around 5 p.m.  The manatees did not appear to be sick.  One ... Read More »

Increasing Awareness

Awareness, Education and Empowerment – Celebrating 25 years The Power of Pink ‘Pink Heals’ is the motto of the Guardians of the Ribbon. So, who are these Guardians of the Ribbon? Firefighters, police officers and community leaders who volunteer their time to drive around the country in pink fire trucks in an effort to increase awareness of breast cancer. Recently, ... Read More »

The Power of Pink!

Look Good… Feel Better By Pamela Broad Just exactly what is “Look Good Feel Better?” It is a free program offered by the American Cancer Society for women who are undergoing treatment. Perhaps they have lost their hair, lost weight, had a change in skin color or developed dry skin or a rash. It is not unusual for women to ... Read More »

You Are Cordially Invited

Wednesday, October 06, NOON Mackle Park (Southern End of Parking Area) Installment of an American Osprey Artificial Nesting Pole & Platform Please attend to see the new environmental addition to the City of Marco Island’s Mackle Park! Ricky Grootveld of Boy Scout Troop #234, as an Eagle Scout project, has built an artificial nesting platform which LCEC will attach to ... Read More »

Oil spill turtles released

On Thursday, September 16, personnel from SeaWorld Orlando released twelve turtles, previously rescued from contaminated Gulf oil spill waters, into the waters off Marco Island. SeaWorld workers left SeaWorld Orlando by 7 a.m. with the turtles secured in bins for the four-hour drive down South. Working with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), they loaded them onto a boat, ... Read More »

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

It’s raining, it’s pouring… Isn’t it fantastic to see so much rain after such a long period of drought in southwest Florida? There are obvious positives: green, healthy plants, beautiful yards in bloom and, most importantly, the recharging of the aquifers to better prepare for the upcoming dry months. On the downside, there is more maintenance needed, such as lawn ... Read More »

Red Tide…It’s not here but be in the know!

Checked weekly by state scientists at many locations along the Marco Island shore and offshore Collier County, there has not been a presence of the Red Tide in our area in many months. Log on and sign up for daily email reports for Naples and Marco Island beach conditions at coolgate.mote.org/beachconditions. While the phenomenon of Red Tide is worldwide, in ... Read More »

What was that?

You have seen the movement out of the corner of your eye; you have heard the subtle leaves or fronds twitch; and you have seen the quick, blurry, scurry of a small brown lizard on the pool deck or running up the lanai screen. Every first-time visitor exclaims at some point, “What was that?!” In Florida, it would be unusual ... Read More »

Purple Martins – Housing Needed

So, you want to be a landlord but not pay tourist tax, get headaches from the tenants or maintain landscape, fences or roofs? How about becoming a Purple Martin Landlord? It is only for a few months, creates entertainment year after year, and benefits your yard! Purple Martins (Progne subis) are the largest swallow in North America that migrate in ... Read More »

Clearing exotic vegetation

A City of Marco Island Exotic Vegetation Removal Permit (#10-040) was issued in July for the removal of invasive, non-native (exotic) species of vegetation at 40 South Heathwood Drive. There are no building plans submitted to the City of Marco Island. Marco Island Hospital, Inc., using Woods and Wetlands, Inc., is removing exotic, invasive vegetation on the undeveloped property adjacent ... Read More »

Pitching in to keep it clean

Erik Condee, along with Condee employees Terry Chapin, Rene Simon and Brett Reynolds participated in a beach clean-up Sunday, July 18 along with Coastal Breeze News staffers Carole Musgrave, Jeane Brennan, Marilyn Honahan and Val Simon. The combined efforts of these two locally-owned businesses resulted in a five-mile stretch of Marco Island beaches being cleaned thoroughly for all to enjoy.  ... Read More »

Southwest Florida Wildlife’s “911”

Recently, I had the fortunate opportunity to spend the day at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Inc.’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. It gave me a glimpse of the array of impacts to our community’s wildlife from fishing line, vehicles, habitat destruction to illness and diseases. As a few folks on the Island have done, I have brought wildlife to this center, ... Read More »

Collier Shorebird Stewards: Protecting one chick at a time

To date, we have been so fortunate in avoiding oil and tar balls on our beautiful beaches. Marco Island and its environs is incredibly important nursery ground for many different coastal species. There is an amazing amount of wildlife on our beach that is thriving and reproducing in this window of oil-less opportunity. Abundant bait and game fish are in ... Read More »

Keeping It Clean

The once-a-month beach clean-up by local businesses, a program organized by Kevin Donlan, Chairman of the City of Marco Island’s Beach Advisory (BAC) and manager of Publix, continued this past Sunday, June 27th. Last month, Publix employees scoured the beach for trash. This month it was Rick’s Island Salon and Spa’s turn! Rick Popoff, owner, had about twenty-five people — ... Read More »

Hands across the sand

On  Saturday, June 26, members of the community and visitors to Marco Island met at South Beach to hold hands and form a line to say “no” to new offshore drilling and “yes” to clean energy. People started arriving at the beach around 11 a.m. for this event, and waited until noon when the “official” line was made. More than ... Read More »

Owl Count: It’s Down

It is late in the year for the final count of the Island’s Burrowing Owl population, but it is better late than never. Typically, for the last ten years of monitoring, nesting behavior of this species is seen as early as November and continues through January. First the pairing up of the adult owls; then new burrows may be dug, ... Read More »

Florida’s Mascot: The West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus)

Averaging ten feet in length and between 800 and 1,200 pounds as an adult, the West Indian Manatee, commonly see in the Marco Island canals, Marco River, the bays, inlets and Gulf of Mexico, is closely related to an elephant.  Scientists believe this mammal could have evolved from wading, plant eating mammals. One could almost see that, with the gray ... Read More »

Our beaches are free of oil

  Residents and visitors enjoy southwest Florida beaches. The following is an excerpt of an email message Coastal Breeze News received from Vip Grover, President of the Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce: “As you are all aware, the Deep Horizon Oil Spill is an event that MAY have an adverse affect on the ecological and physical beauty of our ... Read More »