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Music Notes by Gator Nate

Drumbeats and UFOs


GATOR NATE’S MUSIC NOTES Nate Augustus Generally speaking, we keep to a theme here at music notes. The subject of music has such a vast plethora of information that staying on topic is simple. “But it’s all right now I learned my lesson well, you see you can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself.” -Ricky Nelson’s “Garden Party” In this tweak’s edition, we will be venturing off course, dabbling in the wild and often controversial subject of UFOs. UFO-any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not readily identifiable as a known object or phenomenon by visual ... Read More »

Singer’s Gone, but The Song Lives On


GATOR NATE’S MUSIC NOTES Nate Augustus Men-tor (noun) – “A trusted counselor or guide.  A tutor or coach.* Richard Pierce Havens: January 21, 1941 – April 22, 2013. “I start strumming my guitar and the word freedom comes out of my mouth as FREE-dom, FREE-dom, with a rhythm of its own. My foot takes over and drives my guitar into a faster, more powerful rhythm. I don’t know where this is going, but it feels right and somehow I find myself blending it into an old song, ‘Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child,’ a great spiritual song my ... Read More »

A New Stage & a New Page


MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus Last week, when this story first came across my (virtual) desk, I, being of confident heart, and sober mind, had a little bit of an epiphany, of sorts. Yup! It occurred to me, that over the years, on this little Island, somehow, some way, a small number musicians and entertainers have not only survived the test of time, but actually thrived in the Southwest Florida musical “climate.” Of course, the “winter” season, or as it’s affectionately referred to by the locals as simply, “season,” is by far the year’s highlight. OK. so, ... Read More »

Music For the Eyes: Daniel Argote


Every once in a great while you come across one of those people who just amaze you with creativity. It almost seems like they have a never ending supply of that stuff that everybody wants: inspiration and motivation. Always exuding a positive attitude is a tough thing to do, but if anyone does, it’s Daniel Argote. A self-proclaimed “music junkie” and tattoo artist, he puts music into every piece he does. From the JBL speakers in “the shop,” also known as Webbworks Tattoo, Danny blares his mix of rock, metal, country, blues, indie, hip-hop and whatever the flavor of the ... Read More »

Gema Pearl’s “Mirror Mirror” Rocks!


So good to be enjoying these cooler days and chilly nights, mostly because I know they won’t last for long. At least not down here, “South of where they thought south was…” Now, Music Notes doesn’t generally review albums, but, earlier this week, the brand new CD, “Mirror Mirror,” by local musician Gema Pearl, appeared on my desk. I had the pleasure of hearing her perform last year, so I knew it was worth a good listen.  Glad I listened, it’s quite a rockin’ record. Besides being well produced and mixed, the instrumentation and writing is original while staying well within ... Read More »

Danny Jo’s Delta Blues


Nobody quite knows when blues music began, but what we do know is, without the blues, there would be no rock n’ roll, and man, the world would be a boring place without bloody rock n’ roll! This past week, I had the pleasure of attending the “History of Delta Blues” seminar by local blues musician, Danny Jo. It was both interesting and entertaining. As he told about early blues artists, he would play the songs that they were known for. All who attended seemed to enjoy the lighthearted nature and cadence of the “101” of Delta Blues. He explained ... Read More »

A Sweet Place To Jam


Marco has always been a great place for entertainment. The breathtaking sunsets, the beautiful beaches, countless restaurants, bars, and nightclubs all add to it’s entertaining nature. Recently, the island has seen a resurgence in live music and evening entertainment. Driving across the big bridge onto the island, it is easy to see the new and improved look and feel of Marco. Continuing on down Collier Blvd, it’s hard to miss the Esplanade, a gorgeous bayside complex with all the amenities: dockside dining, clothiers, ice cream shops and more. That brings us to one of the island’s newest places to enjoy ... Read More »

Come Jam in The Hammock!


MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus Collier-Seminole State Park is a nice quiet spot, centrally located from Marco, Naples and Everglades City and a mere hop, skip and a jump away from any of them. The park is a wonderful place to enjoy the natural beauty of our area. The park offers visitors a number of year round activities, including camping, canoeing, hiking, fishing, boating, bicycling and exploring the cypress swamps. The salt marshes, mangrove river estuaries and pine flat woods of Collier Seminole hold many different native species. Among them, American alligators, raccoons, osprey, white ibis, wood storks, bald ... Read More »

A Little Legendary


MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus Howdy do! Hope everybody had a peaceful holiday and you’re still sticking to your resolutions. 2013 is here whether ya like it or not, and with it comes tourist season (honk!), stone crab season (mmmm) and “playing music” season (yeeeaow!). This tweek, Music Notes will be visiting one of Gator Nate’s oldest haunts. The legendary Little Bar sits smack dab in the middle of downtown Goodland as it has for, well, longer than I’ve been around at least. Some say size matters, but when it comes to quaint, cozy, and sometimes wildly crazy local ... Read More »

It’s the Carol that you sing


MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus “ A pair of Hop-a-long boots and a pistol that shoots, is the wish of Barney & Ben, Dolls that will talk, and go for a walk, is the hope, of Janice and Jen. Mom and Dad, can hardly wait for school to start again… It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, soon the bells will start, and the thing that will make them ring, is the carol that you sing, right within your heart”… …or maybe a lil’ bit of “fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-laaa”. …or some, “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell ... Read More »

Southern Americana Tour: Part 5 The Last Leg

The flyer for Muddy Roots sister festival in May.

MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus Gotta love this new and improved seasonal climate. It has me thinking that “winter” in southern Florida is upon us! Heck it did’t get above 73 degrees yesterday! Brrrr.. Chuckle, brrr… what can I say, I didn’t see snow until after high school, in Tallahassee, and it wasn’t enough to even stay on the ground. Anyhow, hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving/Black Friday and you’re ready for whatever the last month of the Mayan calendar holds for us. I’m not so sure that time itself will end on December 21, but my ... Read More »

Southern Americana Tour: Part 4 More music, is that crazy?

MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus In this issue, Music Notes returns to the story of Gator Nate’s big 2012 summer adventure… “The Southern Americana Tour” was a one man musical quest spanning thousands of miles and seven states, including Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. If you are just tuning in, and need a bit of background on the story, then here goes: by now, we’ve been on the road for nearly three weeks, playing music, eating great southern food, camping at some of the worlds most gorgeous spots, cruising the highways ... Read More »

Southern Americana Tour: Part 3 Momma’s Home Cookin’

MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus   The saga continues… Although the beautiful North Carolina wilderness had been so good to me, there were “Gatorheads” down in Georgia and Tennessee that had waited patiently for my arrival, and they were not gonna be let down. Not this trip, and definitely not by me. So, I got up, bright n’ early, at the crack a’ dawn, and as the heavy mountain dew was still rising off the river I said goodbye to Rusty and all my friends in Nolichucki and hit the road in ol’ “Silver,” my trusty Ford ... Read More »

Southern Americana Tour: Part 2

MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus As you may or may not know, we are on our second installment of “The Southern Americana Tour Journal;” a play-by-play of my summer adventures and misadventures while touring through the southland. Miles, music and mountains were all big players on the tour. At every stop, new friends, new stories and new challenges. As of my last article, I had just said goodbye to the wild, wonderful world of West Virginia. Four days of R&R in The New River Gorge is enough “re-charge” for even the most sleep deprived, starving artist. Off to the ... Read More »

Southern Americana Tour: Part 1

MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus I know what you’re thinking. (Or at least I think I do?) It has been way too long since we’ve chatted. Let’s see, what have we missed… So much fun that it won’t fit into one tweek. It was a summer complete with boatloads of musical marvels, many miles logged in the Econoline and plenty of stories to tell! It is great to be back home, from what turned out to be an awesome trip. Dubbed “The Gator Nate Only Child Family Band Southern Americana Tour 2012” (quite a mouthful, now try to put ... Read More »

Marco’s next generation of legends: The Wholetones

MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus For most folks who call the Marco Island area home, “The Wholetones” have become a household name. Their live shows at The Little Bar, Marco Brewery and South Street Grill have turned more than a few heads. This rip-roarin’ “Florida Folk-core” band has also made quite a few heads bob. Many toes have certainly been tapped to the music of this “kinda-still local-but-not-for-long” group. Without a shadow of a doubt, a good amount of dancing has been done to their original blending of old mountain music and modern rock. Upbeat. Fun. Intelligent. ... Read More »

A Great Life in Goodland

MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus Hey guys, although we haven’t had a chance to chat over the last few tweaks, don’t think I forgot about you. In fact, I have been thinking about how many great musicians and entertainers we’ve had over the years down here in Southwest Florida. Many folks have come to make a home for themselves, some just here for the time being and some decide to never go back. Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey and Illinois are all places that seem to send us new and interesting people. Of course, folks come for all different reasons, ... Read More »

“Jammin’ with The Sheffield Crew”

MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus Most music fits into categories. Genres, if you will. Rarely do you run across a band that defies their genre, spilling across to others and forming a style all their own. Over the last few tweeks, Music Notes has delved into the world of some great local, island style musicians. Gator’s latest dose of sun-soaked sound advice is, to check out this rock/reggae/ska/calypso/dancehall/hip-hop/punk band that hails from Marco Island, or as they call it, “The Rock.” There, you will find out what all this musical jargon is about. Named for the hilly ... Read More »

Jammin’ Island Style, part II

MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE  Nate Augustus So…It’s Friday morning…wake up, get the Keurig goin’ with a hot cup o’ joe, unfold the laptop, double click on Safari, and punch in “JRobert.” Now this is not how we usually do things here at Music Notes Central, (my kitchen counter), but let’s try something different. Of course, we will chat with this week’s local legend in person, but I’m running with this for a minute. OK…so…type in “JRobert,” and the very first thing that pops up reads: “Marco Island, Florida entertainer presents a tropical variety steel pan & fiddle show” ... Read More »

Island Style Jammin’

MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus It’s beginning to look like season is coming to a close. The birds are on the out and the roads are slowly clearing up. Things will be getting back to normal soon. The beaches will go back to being nice, quiet places for burrowing owls and horseshoe crabs. The hot humid summer time gives the local musicians and entertainers a chance to kick back and write some new material for next year. Island music has always carried a laid back vibe. It’s that style of music you listen to while you’re relaxing ... Read More »