Wednesday , July 30 2014
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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: 2014 Independent Survey for Marco Island Voters


My name is Joe Rola. I have absolutely NO business interest on Marco except to enjoy my home and environs. I, like you, fell in love with Marco’s beach and residential charm. I am a Marco Island citizen with limited resources trying to get the word out. Issues coming before the Planning Board and eventually Council will impact the “small tropical town character” of this island. An immediate issue of concern is the Marriott Resort/Mass Mutual request for an amendment to the Marco Island Resort Planned Unit Development (PUD), on Collier Boulevard to expand beyond the agreement of 2001. Other similar issues ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor


We were on Marco this past week visiting some good friends and took a boat trip to Key West. On the return trip we hit some incredibly bad weather, and as a result of the jostling, my wife fell in her stateroom and broke a vertebrae in her back. As soon as we got to our friend’s dock, he called the Marco Island Fire Rescue Department for assistance. They were at the dock in less than five minutes, and although it was quite a challenge to evacuate her from the boat, they were able to do so without exacerbating her ... Read More »


The Smallwood Store has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places for 39 years.

Re: Smallwood Store Public Hearing on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 Dear Commissioners, Smallwood Store and Museum is under attack again, but this time by our own county! If you vote to vacate the 100-year old road to Smallwood Store, thereby jeopardizing the continuing existence of this historic structure, you are letting your taxpayers down! The Smallwood Store came under attack last year when Florida-Georgia Grove (FGG), a Limited Liability Partnership from Sebring, FL, bought property adjacent to the Store knowing that the deed had a public road right in the middle of it. Over one weekend, bulldozers were brought in to ... Read More »

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: God Bless Patriotic Americans!


This Veterans’ Day morning fifteen members of Flotilla 95, Marco Island’s Coast Guard Auxiliary unit, gathered in uniform at Hoot’s Restaurant for breakfast prior to attending the Veterans’ Day annual observance held at Veterans’ Park. We follow this tradition every year.  We meet at Hoot’s and then go as a group to Veterans’ Park to honor our nation’s veterans. This morning something very special happened. When the time came for us to pay our bill, the waitress informed us that a couple who had been sitting a few tables away from our group asked for our check and paid our ... Read More »

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Message of Appreciation


The Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation would like to send a message of appreciation to our sponsors; Mutual Of Omaha Bank , Coastal Breeze News, Marco Island Florist, Sunshine Tours and Marco Eagle for their contribution to the success of our Inaugural Jerry Adam’s Chili Cook Off and for making the event a wonderful community day. We wish to also give a big “Thank You” to the many participants; Chili Chefs, members, and community volunteers, along with Fire Chief Murphy and his great crew of First Responders. Chief Murphy in a message to our foundation said” On behalf of myself ... Read More »



To the Editor My wife and I walk around Mackle Park on a daily basis. This summer we have observed the transformation of the Park from a largely swampy and bare field to what appears to be world class playing fields. We have seen how the kids love these fields. We are confident they will flock in even greater numbers to the new fields. Marco Island has made a bold investment in our city’s youth. My hat is off to the City Council for having the foresight and courage to appropriate the money for this. Special recognition should be given ... Read More »



Marriott Marco Beach Resort Expansion On Friday, August 2nd, Mr. Rick Medwedeff, General Manager of the Marriott’s Marco Beach Resort, made public the proposal for expansion of the hotel facilities at the City of Marco Island Planning Board meeting. Owning and operating a small business on Marco Island, as well as residing on Marco for over 30 years, I would like to establish my full support and address several issues of the hotel’s proposed expansion. To begin, the benefits of additional rooms as well as expanded meeting space to enhance business during the shoulder and off-season months is clearly evident. ... Read More »

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: “For your kind consideration” & “Be Practical!”


For your kind consideration We feel this is the right time for the City Council to impose a spending moratorium on large projects on the island until the tremendous debt imposed by the water company purchase and sewer construction projects is absorbed. We believe now is NOT the time to add more debt for projects that are not critical. We also believe the city needs to learn how to preform “due diligence” on its projects. Due Diligence, it is used to investigate and evaluate. It spurs investigation in all relevant aspects of past, present, and the predictable future. It translates into ... Read More »



Sign the Petition: Save Marco Golf and Garden While MICA is a respected Association of Marco Island, many Islanders are disgruntled with MICA’s legal action to close Marco Golf and Garden. Many of these residents are MICA members!! Sign the petition, let MICA know that you are unhappy with their action… Ask that they allow Marco Golf and Gardens to re-open. Petition information/locations…. e-mail Respectfully submitted Virginia Bingle of Marco Island   Thanks for your support First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for the great support that we have received from the community, including from many individual members ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor


Many thanks to all who came out on Saturday to give the Marco Island Center for the Arts its wonderful new look. Dave Rice who chaired and brought this project to fruition is to be congratulated. Florida Paint Center Inc. donated much of the paint. Publix saw that innumerable workers were never hungry. And to Executive Director Lynn Holley, our staff, those who contributed and the painters, many experienced and many who had never before thought about painting a building, your gifts of time and enthusiasm will be remembered with gratitude.   Sincerely, Rosemary Wick President, Board of Directors Marco ... Read More »

Letters to the Editor


The Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation would like to thank our sponsors, volunteers and the Island community for their contributions in making our April Pancake Breakfast a huge success. Thank you to Coastal Breeze News, Cocomos, Pyramid AmSan, Marco Eagle and Mutual of Omaha Bank for their support. And a very heartfelt thank you to all of our Fire Fighters and EMT’s who assisted that day. Their commitment to our community is why the Foundation was created. Hope to see you all in November. Dianna Dohm, President   I see the Kmart at the junction of Rts. 41 and 951 ... Read More »

Pedestrian attacks cyclist on morning of Bridge Run


On the morning of the 5K Bridge Run, Saturday, November 18th at approximately 9:45 AM, I was attacked by a pedestrian who effectively body-slammed me to the ground, using his left elbow and shoulder as assault weapons. I suffered a concussion, whiplash, and 23 other injuries ranging from contusions, bruising, abrasions and lacerations to muscle strains, sprains, and damaged nerves. I was taken by ambulance to Physician’s Regional where CT scans of my brain and neck were made, as were x-rays of my hand, elbow, and shoulder. Nothing was broken and there was no brain bleed or brain swelling to ... Read More »

14th SW Florida Soapfest


TO THE EDITOR: The 14th Southwest Florida Soapfest has come and gone, and each year we thank over 100 individuals and organizations who donate to this wonderful cause – whether it be their talent, time, money, food, gift certificates, housing, vehicles, etc. This event really could not happen without the generosity we receive over the months leading up to the event and during the event. All of us at Soapfest feel very, very privileged to be a part of a community that pulls together, as the Soapfest cogs move to make this wheel turn. Thanks to the following for their ... Read More »

Thanks for your support


We wish to thank the merchants namely, Publix on Collier Boulevard and San Marco Road, Winn Dixie on Collier Boulevard, Ace Hardware on San Marco Road, Walgreens on San Marco Road and Collier Boulevard for allowing us to solicit in front of their businesses so we could have a successful fund drive for our first annual Candy Cane Drive for the kids here on Marco Island that would not receive any Christmas gifts otherwise. We are most appreciative! Thank you, The Kiwanis Club of Marco Island Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Ethics Complaint Filed (Joy Circle)


Attached you will find an Ethics complaint filed by Bob and Mary Brown (Joy Circle), outspoken supporters of my opponents who are seeking election to City Council. While I harbor no animosity towards anyone who makes such frivolous and reckless allegations against me in my capacity as a public official, I do want to correct their erroneous conclusions. It is my hope that in the future they will exercise more ‘due diligence’ before casting stones at anyone. As the facts and documentation will establish, on October 8, late at night (11:27 pm), I wrote a very positive letter about our ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Larry Honig

As the City Council election comes to a close, I want to thank my fellow citizens for the tremendous level of support and encouragement I’ve encountered all over the Island. I’ve truly enjoyed the process of running for office. I’ve met over 2,800 people by knocking on doors up and down the residential streets, listening to your concerns and talking about my positions. Early in the campaign, I set out to meet with City officials, prior and current Council members, and participants and leaders of civic organizations – including informal groups of concerned citizens. The range of ideas, opinions and ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Robert McNally

Friends, can’t we get to a little straightening up and cleaning up of our nation’s house? Can’t we pretend that “company is coming” and spruce up somewhat? Do we really want ourselves and others seeing our national home so careless that: • one third of America’s children live in poverty? • our educational system ranks 31st in math & 23rd in science in the world of industrial and developing nations? • our present medical delivery system is the costliest in world? • our best scientific brains inform us of ecological facts that are denied by many as evil distortions? • ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Herbert Jermanok

OPEN LETTER TO CONDO OWNERS TO QUESTIONS FOR CONDO OWNERS Don’t let scare tactics divert your attention from the important issues; Do we want a convention center that will bring a multitude of tractor trailers up and down Collier Boulevard disrupting our quality of life and disrupt traffic? Do we want a shuttle service from Veterans Park and Mackle Park which will bring thousands of day trippers to our beaches? Do we want a 40,000 square foot Mackle Park which will add to our Debt? Do we want CRA Midtown density which we thought was cancelled and is now back?  THE ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Al Diaz

The SCARY FACTS I am writing this letter in response to several recent letters regarding the upcoming City Council elections. Several letter writers have indicated that no one can predict what the slate of Ken Honecker, Amadeo Petricca & Larry Sacher will do if elected to the city council but if past behavior is any indication of future behavior than the facts, the very scary facts speak for themselves, on who will fairly represent ALL of the property and business owners of Marco Island. The facts are that Ken Honecker and Amadeo Petricca both served on the Utility Advisory Board ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Monte Lazarus

Dear Sir or Madam: I was disappointed, but not surprised, that City Council candidate Sacher filed an ethics complaint against Council Chairman Larry Magel. On the other hand, I was shocked when Mr. Sacher used the last City Council meeting as a political forum to trumpet his complaint. That was neither the time nor the place for a political attack. Mr. Sacher is wrong as a matter of law and as a matter of personal conduct, in my opinion. The nature of the complaint itself is a matter even beyond the way this attack is being conducted. As a lawyer ... Read More »