Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Talk About REAL Hypocrisy!

Talk About REAL Hypocrisy! Apparently, Larry Honig’s plan to elect his slate of four to take over the city is in jeopardy, and he has resorted to telling lies about me. Mr. Honig incorrectly stated that at a 2015 Council Meeting, as PRAC chair, I spoke about how I would configure a $7.5 million government building.  Absolutely false.  I will ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Hypocrisy in the Park

Hypocrisy in the Park Jerry Swiacki writes that “Veterans’ Community Park is not in jeopardy.” You wouldn’t know it from statements he has made publicly. In a city council meeting Oct. 5, 2015, Jerry Swiacki talked for 3 minutes about how he would configure a $7.5 million government building in the park. In a parks committee meeting (his is chairman) ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Hey Now…What’s That Sound?

Hey Now…What’s that sound? No, it’s not the quiet generated by the fact the elections are finally over. (Thank the heavens above!) It’s the sound you probably barely heard, that’s the sound of many of the island’s businesses closing their doors and locking their locks for the last time and closing forever. And the list gets longer every month. Don’t ... Read More »

Letter to Editor: Veterans’ Community Park is NOT in Jeopardy

Dear Citizens of Marco Island: Veterans’ Community Park does not need saving.  It is safe under the prevue of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC).  Marco Island is NOT loosing control of the Park’s design and development.  No developer is in control of the Park’s design and development.  PRAC is on top of this too. For almost two years, ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Charlette Roman gets my vote!

Over these past weeks, the public and I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates in the upcoming City of Marco Island Council election. Charlette Roman is the most accomplished candidate running this term with a proven successful background.  Charlette has a broad scope of experience, responsibility, and proven decision making skills that have ... Read More »

Letter to Editor: Disgust With Personal Attacks

Recently the Letter to the Editor section of our local newspapers have been filled with letters regarding the upcoming City Council Election trying to sway voters to vote for their particular favorite candidate. Most of the letters have been positive and have pointed out the good qualities of the candidates that they support and some have been from candidates themselves ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Grifoni

In our Marco Island City Council race this year, we can vote for four candidates. I hope you will join me in including Jared Grifoni as one of your four choices. He is an extremely bright attorney, an articulate speaker and has a solid grasp on the issues and solutions needed for Marco Island. Jared is the type of person who can ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Candidate’s Judgment

Well it is that time again. The vote signs are growing all over Marco making sure that we all are aware of the coming city council election. Thumbing through my Marco newspaper, it was interesting to read of the candidacy of Jared Grifoni and to note the invitation to his candidate’s forum at “Joey’s Pizza.” Sadly as I turned the page, it was even more interesting, even more enlightening to see that “Joey’s Pizza” was petitioning the ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Response to Candidates LTE

Trying to respond to all negative remarks about City Council and the decisions they’ve made can never be accomplished in one letter to the editor. I will attempt to do so by keeping it brief and to the point. To criticize the City Council as a body, when they are independently making a decision, is unjustified. Discussion of items on the agenda at council meetings (in the sunshine) and their decisions should be based solely on facts. City Council has made many decision over ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Trust & Honesty

Dear Residents, After learning about the candidates, I believe those who will best serve the residents are HONNECKER, PETRICCA AND SWIACKI.? After learning their agendas and speaking with them, I believe they are the most honest and trustworthy. After explaining problems that residents face, they have shown the most support.? Trust and honesty are my main objective. Karen Salvi Marco ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: All Time Low for Local Politics

Dear Fellow Citizens, The state of local politics on this island has reached an all time low. We have self appointed judges who, based on their own criteria and unsolicited opinions, unfoundedly evaluate a citizen’s constitutional position and circulate their vicious self serving opinion to others. As a result, unquestioning citizens are emailing these negative opinions to others as if it ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: ENOUGH!

The recent political T-shirt statement directed towards Councilor Petricca is juvenile, mean spirited, and pathetic. It is Councilor Petricca who is the victim of this disgusting act. I am very disappointed that Howard Reed, a man who studied “Divinity,” would state that this T-shirt depiction “suggests that only three people stood to gain from the actions of the persons who ... Read More »


Two important parts of the City Council’s Mission is “to uphold the upscale residential community atmosphere” and “to provide for the safety and welfare of its residents”. In the opinion of the Marco Island Property Owners (MIPO) Board of Directors, we need a City Council that is focused on maintaining our residential community atmosphere, our safety, and our quality of ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Change

I know a certain amount of puffery exists in many resume’s and CV’s, but the longer Councilor Honecker is in politics, the more his past accomplishments grow. Reading ‘Getting to know Marco Island City Council Candidates, Part 2’, I find it curious, since I was on most all submarines on their Alpha, Bravo and Charlie trials as well as during ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Fact Check

I read a letter to the editor written by Adam Urban concerning my being “disingenuous to the taxpayers of Marco Island”. I did not vote for the Roll Back Rate because it would have defeated the purpose of the current implemented BucketBudget System. To avoid Bonding for Capital Improvements Projects (CIP) in the in the future, additional revenue must be ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Letter from City Council Candidate Grifoni

When I announced my campaign 5 months ago, I set out to be a positive voice, focusing on the issues that matter to our citizens. I pledged to fight for every vote, and not ignore anyone in the process. I said I was going to run the most active and involved campaign for City Council because the people of Marco ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: A Fresh Start

We have eight candidates running for four seats and after living here for 2 1/2 yrs I feel a change is needed in the way city council is run. As a retired Air Force Master Sergeant; I still live by the core values instilled in me by the Air Force. Integrity, service before self, and excellence in all we do. ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Vote Grifoni

Most would agree that our country is facing serious challenges that has left our nation polarized and divided. While it is easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged, I encourage my fellow Marco Islanders to look to our own local community and ensure that we are electing the right people in leadership here at home that will help put us on ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: A Man of Action

During election season, you hear a lot of nice claims and you hear blistering accusations. You hear promises, diatribes and grand standing. Sometimes, it is difficult to know who to believe because everyone puts their best face forward during election season. As a resident of Marco Island, I believe we need a change on the city council. We need someone ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: City Council Election

I have lived on Marco Island full time for the past 26 years and in the same house for the past 21 years. My two children were born and raised on Marco Island. They attended the local schools and participated in the many clubs and activities Marco Island has to offer. My husband and I have also worked full time ... Read More »