Letters & Guest Commentaries

Letter to the Editor: Gopher Tortoises Entombed at 1851 San Marco Road

“In Florida, under Chapter 68A-27 of the Florida Administrative Code, both the tortoise and its burrow are protected under state law. Gopher tortoises must be relocated before any land clearing or development takes place, and property owners must obtain permits from the FWC before capturing and relocating tortoises.” Entombment is a nasty way to die. On October 9, 2017, the resident gopher tortoises of 1851 San […]

Letters to the Editor: Regarding Donna Fiala’s Coastal Comments

I was both shocked and dismayed to read Donna Fiala’s Coastal Comments “…we are hearing more of an outcry from the public about too much building going on and the commissioners must stop it. BUT, the attorneys for the landowners are standing there with lawsuits in their hand”….”you’d better believe our rules were WRITTEN by attorneys so that we can […]

Letters to the Editor: Question

Question: Suppose you were of some means and hired an employment agency to find a highly qualified chauffer for your family.  Suppose further that the agency provided two applicants for your consideration. One of them suddenly withdrew without explanation.  The other applicant had to be rejected because he had never driven an automobile but was willing and able to learn […]

Letters to the Editor: Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! As a former City Councilor who chose not to seek reelection, I have purposely not made any comments regarding the current Council. That said, and having been involved in a City Manager search, I do not envy what this Council has to go through, however having listened to […]

Letters to the Editor: Entitlements

Entitlements The word, ENTITLEMENT, has been raised high on the flagpole as benefits of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. According to the new federal administration, these benefits spend too much money of the Government budget and must be reformed. Fewer benefits, the more money saved, so goes the theory. This took me to the dictionary to find a true meaning […]


As a girl, I went to Public School That is where I learned the “Golden Rule”. School, community, home all taught the same And I learned “Democracy” was the name. By which my country lived and thrived A place where hopeful immigrants arrived They worked hard to raise their families Survived many heart breaks and realities. They loved America “Land […]

Marco’s Future

Since “Gotham” (Marco Island) became a City, The residents have endured all sorts of “Calamities” since the voters had the delusional idea of “local control.” The cartoon like cast of characters voted into office by the alleged “well informed” citizenry became the laughing stock of the County. We have endured inept, inane, hypocrites, pedophiles, drunks, megalomaniacs, use to bes, wanna […]

Response to Brenna

The nearly three column dissertation by Judy Brenna cannot go unanswered, for its premise, evident in the last paragraph. Obviously, her main point was to impress us with her vast knowledge, albeit much of it Ideological claptrap, of history of the world. Her points are well taken, but some are lacking in factual nature. FACT: Jeff Sessions met with the […]

Inconsiderate Dog Owners on Marco Island

I would like to address the owners of large dogs who walk along the sidewalk in front of the YMCA. (Evidence points to larger dogs by what is left in the area). I live nearby and am out there several times a day. Both my dog and myself have to avoid these “land mines” constantly, even feces left on the […]

Which Is It?

Does Trump know Putin?  According to Trump: 11/2013: YES.  “I do have a relationship [with Putin], and I can tell you that he’s very interested in what we’re doing here today.” 3/2014: YES. “Putin even sent me a present” after Miss Universe contest. 5/2014: YES. “I was in Moscow recently and I spoke, indirectly and directly, with President Putin, who […]