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Real Estate Report


Dick Shanahan  MIAAOR® President  MLS statistics have been released by the Marco Island Area Association of Realtors® (MIAAOR) for Marco Island-only properties comparing January – July of 2016 to January – July of 2015. According to Dick Shanahan, President, total sold volume dollars for all property types was $415,338,824 for the period January – July 2016 v. $533,789,590 for the same time frame in 2015. Inventory Up The number of new listings for all property types that came on the market in the January – July comparison 2016 to 2015 increased 5.31% (1,170 v. 1,111). New single family listings coming ... Read More »

Meet Your Realtor: Donna Kittle


By Coastal Breeze News Staff About 21 years ago my husband and three middle school children crossed the SS Jolley Bridge for the very first time to enjoy Christmas Island Style! Immediately the natural beauty, charm and intimacy of the Island captivated me! Within that week we made our first investment on the Island at the South Seas Club. I have to admit that it was a HUGE financial stretch for us with my husband being an Engineer, I being a School Counselor and our 3 bright children college-bound! However, it proved to be one of the best things we ... Read More »

Marco Island Area Association of REALTORS® launches its new Real Estate Magazine

The Marco Island Real Estate Guide, the official publication of the Marco Island Area Association of Realtors®, makes its inaugural debut on June 30, 2011. The real estate guide is a full color magazine of listings featuring properties on Marco Island and in Naples. The magazine also features information about products and services from Affiliate members of the association. Be sure and pick up your copy at one of the many convenient distribution points and look for the next issue to be out early fall! Other association news – Your local Marco Island Realtor® Association has teamed up with the ... Read More »

“Real Estate Best Buys” Radio Show

Of course, everyone wants to find real estate best buys. And now you can by tuning in to 98.9 FM every Sunday morning at 10 AM for a brand new radio show aptly called, “Real Estate Best Buys.” Co-hosted by Jeff Popick and Jeff Tumbarello, two leading success stories in real estate today, the show is sure to be entertaining and enlightening … and quite possibly enriching. Jeff and Jeff will highlight the very best deals available in Collier and Lee counties. The show also offers an interesting opportunity for sellers … if you are trying to sell your property ... Read More »

Have we reached the turning point?

THE MARCO ISLAND REAL ESTATE MARKET By Ken Gandy The 2011 “season” has come to an end as the snow birds have returned north to warmer weather. But, has the real estate buying season ended? Certainly not! The scenario of yesteryears on Marco Island where the real estate market totally slows down until next Thanksgiving or Christmas is long gone. Our real estate season has become more year round in the past years with continuous activity, even during the past five year cycle. As I market watch daily, it is obvious that we have reached a critical turning point and ... Read More »

The Experts speak

By Ken Gandy A day doesn’t pass that I’m not asked… “How is the real estate market on Marco Island, have prices stabilized, and when will our values start going up again?” The answers I give my friends and clients on Marco are based upon a daily study of statistics, trends, and the overall confidence levels observed from the dozens of buyers and sellers I speak with each week, both locally and nationally. Often, they are quite surprised to hear that properties are moving and there is a constant flow of sales. Yes, foreclosures and short sales have been commonplace ... Read More »

To Rent or to Buy?

The answer to this question may be “yes” to either, depending on one’s circumstances. You may get satisfaction by listening to one of the “talking heads” on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX or any of other networks that read their crystal ball daily. But you need to consider your specific position in terms of job, family needs, desires and even schools of choice. In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages to both renting and buying. Let’s first look at renting. I know some of you are expecting this article to support buying and to suggest that you immediately call a Realtor; ... Read More »

What is staging?

If you talk to enough “sales” people, you’ll get a goodly share of opinions as to the meaning of “staging.” While I can’t equate the term with marketing, it is a function of it. Most recently the term has been associated with real estate; but the term or practice has been part of the selling process since I was first allowed to go to the store without my “mommy.” Some call it staging while others may use another term. The bottom line is that it’s a process or procedure intended to better market a product or service. I know this ... Read More »

Why are you buying?

If you are considering buying real estate, you should ask this question: why? There are three reasons for a real estate purchase: First, you believe that it is the best place to invest to maximize a financial return; Second, you want a place for you and your family to dwell, whether as full-time residents or as a place to vacation; or third, you want a return on your investment, and you want your family to enjoy it while waiting for the best time to sell (a profit is intended). Most buyers that acquire residential property in the Marco Island/Naples market ... Read More »

Vacation Home Sales Up

The economy may be facing some challenges, but that didn’t stop many buyers from investing in vacation properties last year. The National Association of Realtors® 2010 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey shows vacation home sales rose 7.9 percent to 553,000 in 2009, compared to 513,000 in 2008. Susan Ackerson of Marco Island Area Association of Realtors stated, “Statistics from the Marco Multi-List Service, Inc. show the median sale price of a single family home on Marco Island in June 2010 was $545,750, up 21.28% from May 2010, and up 4.15% from June 2009.” “The average sale price for a ... Read More »

Working together as a team

An important leg of the Marco Island Area Association of REALTORS (MIAAOR) is the Realtors Support Network (RSN). RSN is made up of approximately 50 Affiliate Members of MIAAOR and is composed of businesses in the community who have the means to contribute towards successful real estate transactions. The attorney, lender, title insurance provider, appraiser, inspector, interior decorator, contractor, mortgage broker, banker, gardener, and many other local businesses form a cohesive team ensuring a smooth and trouble-free transfer of property, which can turn out to be a win-win situation for all. When the seller and the buyer agree on the ... Read More »

Oil and Real Estate

For the past several years oil (more specifically, gas) prices have been an issue at this time of the year. It seems as though for the summer months the gas companies, not just BP, have wonderful profits—compliments of the American vacationers. Even those of us who fly to that once-in-a-lifetime vacation have a tendency to take other “short drive” vacations in the form of long weekends; and that adds to the demand on fuel and oil company profits. Today we’re witnessing a tragically different story about oil. The economy of the communities on the northern coast of the Gulf of ... Read More »

Home Inspections and Home Warranty

As a buyer, you want to ensure there is nothing wrong with the house you intend to buy.  While you will  want to know the condition of the house if it’s not a new house, you can expect that it won’t be perfect. (Even a new house isn’t going to be perfect).  When my wife and I planned our dream home, we spent nearly two years developing and drawing plans, redeveloping and drawing plans (they didn’t know what a CAD system was then), and more redeveloping and drawing plans. When we finished with the plans and watched the house come ... Read More »

Notice to buyers

If you sincerely want to buy a home (condo or homesite) be reasonable. In these times, Realtors are having to deal with some pretty unreasonable and even nasty people. Now I’m sure that doesn’t apply to you, but ask any Realtor; 9 out of 10 will support my observation. The following scenario is fictitious and any resemblance to an actual occurrence is strictly coincidental. Here’s the way it goes. A property that may have had a value three years ago at (take any amount) $500,000 is now being offered in the range of 50% to 60% of that. “Why is ... Read More »

Time for the investor?

There have been some great times for a real estate investment; and there have been some that were less than exciting (the past few years). However, the time to buy may be now. Read on and you may thank the publishers for allowing me to write this column. The following does not reflect the opinion of the Coastal Breeze News. (If I don’t say that, they’ll put it in anyway.) If I had a million dollars sitting in my cookie jar, I would buy real estate now. The real estate market, like the stock market, offers some great investments and ... Read More »

Buying a “vacation” home

It’s great having a place to vacation. If you’re considering that second (vacation) home, the opportune time is when you decide that the stars are in line for you. For many years we didn’t have a vacation home, satisfied that we lived in paradise and living on Marco Island is a full time vacation. About four years ago, we decided that we needed a place to go to get away from the day to day grind of operating three businesses: a real estate firm, a vacation rental firm and a home building operation. The bottom line was, after 60-65 hours ... Read More »

What is the source of value?

“Mine’s better than yours” (this is the cleansed version) or “Bob and Mary’s house sold for “x” dollars  and ours is much nicer.” Statements like these are frequently made by owners who intend on selling their property. So what determines if Bob and Mary’s house is worth less or more than someone else’s? First, let’s determine who dictates the marketplace. “It’s the greedy real estate agents,” you say. Wrong! In today’s market, it’s the buyers who want to steal properties and sellers who allow them to do it; and let’s not forget the banks who contributed the collapse of the ... Read More »

What happened? No way!

Recently I met someone who was looking for a home to buy on Marco Island. They asked me to suggest some good buys. After discussing their lifestyle, I made a suggestion. Then they asked “why do you recommend this particular property?” “It’s one of the few that meets your criteria and budget”, I replied. The next response from the prospect was, “how long has it been on the market?” After considering the question, I wanted to ask the relevance, but instead responded “Three years”. It seems in today’s market,  everyone thinks that the longer the property is on the market, ... Read More »

Cash versus Mortgage

We have all heard the phrse, “cash talks”. If you haven’t apparently you were born, raised, and are now living in a cave; because of that your eyes will never view this article.  So, for those of you living outside the cave, you may find this column interesting, helpful, cute or of no value – and you wasted your time. If you’re considering the purchase of an automobile, appliance or other item considered chattel (property other than real estate), cash may speak loudly and clearly. Consider offerings on Craig’s List, e-Bay and some others. Have you ever been to a ... Read More »

Thinking of Selling Your House?

If you are considering selling your home (or condo), things are looking up. But before you commit to listing with your cousin, an in-law or some other realtor, make sure that they have gone beyond getting a license. Of course if it’s your son or daughter you’re probably committed. Also, a spouse or ‘significant other’ is an absolute. A real estate license does not qualify a person to give you the best representation. And in the real estate fraternity there are many license holders that haven’t got a clue. However, in all fairness to my fellow realtors, there are also ... Read More »