Letter to the Editor: Gopher Tortoises Entombed at 1851 San Marco Road

“In Florida, under Chapter 68A-27 of the Florida Administrative Code, both the tortoise and its burrow are protected under state law. Gopher tortoises must be relocated before any land clearing or development takes place, and property owners must obtain permits from the FWC before capturing and relocating tortoises.” Entombment is a nasty way to die. On October 9, 2017, the resident gopher tortoises of 1851 San […]


Per-spic-u-ous Adjective: (Latin: perspicere, to see through) clear in a statement or expression; easily understood. Pro-trep-tic Adjective: intended as instructional. Noun: a book, speech, essay, etc., that is protreptic. bon mot Pronounced bone mo Noun phrase: an apt, clever, or witty remark. ca-bal Noun: a small group of persons joined in a secret, often political, intrigue; junta; the intrigues of […]

Marco Island Christmas Home Tour

I am relieved to hear that Marcoites are safe and that many have homes that are intact. Unfortunately, a large number of homes have suffered varying degrees of damage. Many Marcoites, including the Marco Island Christmas Home Tour Committee, Home Tour homeowners and volunteers, have dealt with the clean up and now are waiting for insurance agents and contractors to […]

He’s Earned the Opportunity


Some of the best lessons learned in life are not those taught in the classroom, instead they are acquired as we walk down the path of life itself and experience all that it has to offer. This applies to our personal lives as well as our professional endeavors. The number of academic achievements, letters after our names, or diplomas on […]

Residential Tenant Rights After Irma, Same as Before


The effects of Irma will be felt for a long time. Damage to residential property is no exception. Damage to rental property hurts both owner and tenant. Landlords attempting to protect their rental properties indirectly protect tenants, but there is no statutory requirement that landlords “storm proof” property or take any special action when a hurricane approaches. There is no […]

Rookery Bay Recovers Following Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma’s eye wall passed over Cape Romano within the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve before making landfall on Marco Island earlier last month. Fortunately, the brunt of the storm was absorbed by barrier islands and thousands of acres of mangrove forest protected within the Reserve’s boundary. Mangroves and other coastal habitats serve as a first line of defense […]

Personal Water Craft (PWC) Safety


You just bought or are renting a Personal Water Craft (PWC) and can’t wait to climb on and head out on a fantastic new adventure. Gunning the throttle and taking off like a rocket is a thrill to be sure. The speed, maneuverability, wind and spay in your face – all so exciting. However, there are dangers lurking in all […]

Never Let Your Guard Down


Spending the majority of my adult life as a professional coach and competitive tennis player, I tend to view every challenge in my life, whether it be small or large, as an athletic competition. I like to have a game plan, with at least one, if not several back up strategies/ plans, for even the most mundane and simple challenges […]

Risky Business


“Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.” ~ George S. Patton (1885-1945) Question: How much and what kind of insurances do I need? Answer: Following Hurricane Irma, this is a relevant and vital question. The answer of course depends on a number of personalized variables. Managing potential risks that could ultimately destroy an otherwise rocksolid financial plan […]

The Deadline for Complaints was Yesterday


Mathematician alert! What are the chances of a father in Florida and a son in Mississippi both having their houses destroyed by different hurricanes (Irma and Katrina) in different years, but on the same day, September 10th? I won’t even pretend to know how to determine the odds on this, but if YOU can, call me and I’ll buy the […]