Letters to the Editor: Question

Question: Suppose you were of some means and hired an employment agency to find a highly qualified chauffer for your family.  Suppose further that the agency provided two applicants for your consideration. One of them suddenly withdrew without explanation.  The other applicant had to be rejected because he had never driven an automobile but was willing and able to learn […]

Letters to the Editor: Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! As a former City Councilor who chose not to seek reelection, I have purposely not made any comments regarding the current Council. That said, and having been involved in a City Manager search, I do not envy what this Council has to go through, however having listened to […]


  Per-spic-u-ous Adjective: (Latin: perspicere, to see through) clear in a statement or expression; easily understood. Pro-trep-tic Adjective: intended as instructional. Noun: a book, speech, essay, etc., that is protreptic. cur-mudg-eon Noun: : a surly, ill-mannered person, a cantankerous fellow. de-base Transitive verb: to make lower in value, quality, character, dignity, etc; to cheapen. nim-bus Noun: a halo or bright […]

Survey Puts the Cart Before the Horse


As I sit here today and look out upon the storm that has recently lashed our shores with some significant rain and wind, I can’t help but think about how our little community has had to weather a storm of its own the last couple of weeks. Of course I refer to the recent unfortunate events surrounding our search for […]

‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ by Philippa Gregory


“There was no question now of who sat at the right hand of the king.” “The Other Boleyn Girl” is fiction based on Mary Boleyn and told in the first person through her perspective. Keeping in mind that this is a piece of fiction, I have to say that it is definitely one of my favorite tellings about court life. […]

Pudding on the Wall


“…but even the most praiseworthy acts should be done with complete nonattachment and with no concern for results…” ~ Bhagavad Gita Our youngest son recently got engaged and I was talking to him about wedding business, guest lists and the like, when he brought up a story from my past. I’m not sure when or why I told this story […]

Activities for Summer or Anytime


What is your favorite time of year on Marco Island? For some, it may be fall or winter when there is an abundance of things to do. For others, it’s summer with its sparse traffic, easy dining out, and relaxed pace. Whatever your preference, time may seem to slow down in the summer. Perhaps it’s slow enough that you’re wondering […]

South Seas Towers – Varying Condo Prices


Last week 359 condos were listed for sale on Marco Island. Forty-two percent of these are two bedroom two bathroom condos. Typical of these popular island condos are the 40 for sale at the four South Seas Towers along the Gulf in the gated South Seas Club. List prices range from $409,000 to $700,000. What accounts for these prices and […]

Critical Teacher Shortages – How You Can Help Locally


Over 200,000 teachers leave the teaching profession each year, with two-thirds of them NOT leaving for retirement. If this number seems high to you, welcome to the reality of the teacher shortage. What are teachers’ reasons for leaving the profession? Inadequately prepared to teach Working conditions Lack of professional support Compensation Other career opportunities Personal So, what can be done […]

This Too Shall Pass


Question: My husband and I will be divorcing. What suggestions do you have to make this easier? Answer: It’s likely that you already have an emotional support team in place. It’s as important to have a financial team to help you navigate through the divorce process. Many people don’t seek professional financial advice until after a settlement is reached, and […]