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Christmas Italian Style


by Natalie Strom For years the Italian American Club has been decorating the Island Style Christmas tree that now stands tall at Veteran’s Memorial Park. Not only has the club decorated the tree, but it also purchased the tree and the ornaments – many of which must be replaced every year. The club invites all of Marco Island to come to Veteran’s Memorial Park on November 26 at 9 AM to help with the assembly and decorating. Condee Cooling and Electric will volunteer its staging equipment and services to help assemble the tree, and LCEC will help with the lighting ... Read More »

‘Tis the Season…For Stone Claws

Many live stone crabs have been spotted
spending time at Tigertail Lagoon.

PROTECTING & PRESERVING Nancy Richie Check the calendar! You might have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or “season” marked. In our house, the calendar marks October 15 through May 15 every year. This means it’s time to crack some claws and enjoy a tasty meal of the South Florida delicacy – the stone crab. This season got off to a rocky (or should it be called “stony?!) start with some pricing conflicts in Everglades City, the hub of Florida’s commercial stone crab fisheries. But all seems to have adjusted and the catch keeps coming in. Lucky us! Let’s eat! Florida actually has ... Read More »

Fishing: A Natural Stress Reliever!

Sometimes it’s not always about the big catch. PHOTO BY NATALIE STROM

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink The great sport of fishing provides both intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) rewards. The most obvious extrinsic reward for many is the excitement and thrill of battling a fish on the end of the line and possibly the pleasure of a delicious meal to follow! Most fishing programs and articles relating to fishing deal primarily with the extrinsic reward the sport provides when all goes well. This includes tips relating to tackle, bait presentation, types of fish caught and other tangible and quantifiable qualities relating to fishing. In this article, the intrinsic value of ... Read More »

Review Your Tide Charts Before Heading Out

No one wants to end a day of fun in the sun this way.

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps This is the time of year when we are presented with some daily challenges and obstacles that require more thought and planning prior to starting your day of fishing. One aspect of planning your day can be accomplished far in advance, and that is determining your tides. Tide charts are available spreading out years in advance. Here I will explain tides in layman’s terms to help keep it simple for those new to tide prediction. There are more technical explanations on the Internet that can be found with a simple Google search. The tides ... Read More »

What Happens In Vegas…


REEL REVIEWS By Monte Lazarus If you suspend your disbelief, sit back and relax and you just might enjoy “Last Vegas.” It’s virtually mindless frothy comedy with a predictable script, saved only by the acting of four old pros and a decent director. Yes, there are some reminders of the vicissitudes of aging that draw some guffaws from the geezers, but no deep message. The unlikely quartet of Billy (Michael Douglas), Paddy (Robert De Niro), Archie (Morgan Freeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline) grew up as buddies in Brooklyn. Here’s where disbelief must be shed immediately. No such mixed group ... Read More »

Moringa… The Tree of Life

Moringa flowers may be eaten if cooked.

PLANT TALK Mike Malloy If you’ve read the newspaper, watched TV or surfed the Internet lately, chances are you’ve probably come across a story about a specific miraculous, multi-purpose tree. Moringa grows easily and amazingly fast and is almost entirely edible by humans or farm animals. An important food source in developing countries, it has been aptly named the “tree of life.” Moringa is also highly sought after worldwide for its numerous health benefits. Its seed meal can even be used for purifying water. The nutritional value of Moringa is off the charts. A single fruit contains seven times ... Read More »

November’s Birthstone: A Cornucopia of Color

You will not be invisible with vibrant colored topaz. PHOTO BY RICHARD ALAN

ALL THAT GLITTERS Richard Alan November is a great month for birthstones. It’s a virtual “pick a color – any color!” Topaz is an old Greek name for Topazios, an island located in the Red Sea. Which, in fact, was actually an ancient source for peridot – the ancients confused it with topaz. Today, citrine is almost always confused with topaz where the colors are nearly identical. Through the miracles of both Mother Nature and modern science the choice of color available in topaz is mind boggling. Grandma’s or Aunt Edith’s huge topaz ring was probably a smoky topaz which ... Read More »

The Goodland Gazette

Save the historic cottages! Join the GAA (email me for details) and let's get this restoration under way!

GOODLAND LIFE Natalie Strom This is issue three or four of what I like to call the “Goodland Gazette,” a newspaper inside a newspaper. When there are myriad topics to be covered pertaining to Goodland, I like to break it down, dissect it, examine it and share the you-know-what out of it with our readers. Holiday Bazaar not so Bizarre November 16 and 17 are/were (depending on when you read this) the dates for the annual Goodland Civic Association Holiday Bazaar. Over 60 vendors, 10 musicians and food of all varieties will be/were featured at the event which is/took place ... Read More »

Language Lessons

The “ahh” after a long day of sightseeing!

Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell Spending 21 days in a vehicle with the same people can be very telling. Especially when you add the fact that there are two languages spoken in the vehicle with each distinct personality having different needs, wants and ideas. It can be very telling indeed. The flow of energy could be best described as the following at any given time: open, energized, opinionated, agitated, tired, fun, anxious (especially on the autobahn doing 110 mph!), caring, in need of space, educational – and through it all – LOVING. One thing that each and everyone of ... Read More »

Before the Clock Strikes Midnight…


Ask The CFP® Practitioner Darcie Guerin “Opportunities are seldom labeled.” ~John Augustus Shedd Question: Are there any tax planning strategies I should think about before year-end? Answer: Yes, there are income-timing approaches, tax-deferred growth strategies, charitable giving plans, and tax-advantaged investments to consider before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. With the deadline fast approaching, now’s the time to take action. Start by reviewing your goals and investments as they relate to the current tax environment. Then decide if making adjustments would place you in a better position for 2014 and beyond. Because you can’t play the game if ... Read More »

Holiday Contest Time!

Looking for a decorative collar this Christmas? Ask for one in the “Dear Kitty Santa Claws Letter Contest.”

Dear Fellow Felines: Believe it or not we are entering that time of year our staff (remember dogs have owners, cats have staff) anxiously refer to as “the holidays.” And we felines know what that means: mouthwatering food naively left out on counters and front doors held open just long enough for us to slither out into the wild while guests come and go. Since the holidays are a time for family togetherness, good cheer and love, your humans expect you guys and gals to become lap cats at the snap of their fingers. Being the most esteemed Tortie that ... Read More »

Healthy Holiday Food Swaps


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres When it comes to Thanksgiving I notice that people generally fall into one of two groups: those who are excited and those who are scared to death. OK, I may be exaggerating a bit with the last one, but hear me out. Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday to those who love to pig out—and the ultimate disaster to those on a diet. After all, who enjoys watching everyone else eat to their heart’s content while you just sit there and suffer? I’ll never forget my first “health conscious” Thanksgiving—I narrowed down my food choices to the ... Read More »

Are you a Serving Machine or only a Serving Pretender?


READ MY TIPS Doug Browne Just last week, I had a unique experience I would like to share with my readers. During mid-afternoon, I had the pleasure to view over two hours of solid 4.0 level competitions and I walked away a bit perplexed. On the bright side, the men were hustling for every ball, often retrieving impossible shots as the players dazzled the crowd. One particular opponent had a lethal forehand drive and on several occasions ripped out-right winners. Due to his obvious forehand weapon, it was imperative for the home team to limit his opportunities. Notably, the serving ... Read More »

Should You Buy a Telescope?

Looking East, 6:00 AM November 23rd. Can you spot Comet ISON? The comet is racing to possible destruction on the 28th when it passes by the Sun.  SUBMITTED PHOTO

SOUTHERN SKIES By Mike P. Usher This morning, perhaps as you are walking the dog, look to the east and you have a chance to spot Comet ISON. It’s going to be quite low to the horizon and will be of uncertain brightness. Mercury and Saturn should be visible and they should provide handy reference points. The comet is moving fast, passing just below Spica on the 18th, and drops below Mercury by the 23rd. Both moonlight and twilight will interfere with the comets visibility. This is the time of year when everyone asks me “what kind of telescope ... Read More »

Naples: Paradise Can Be Deadly


BOOK REMARKS Maggie Gust   By Diane Ketcham Tidelow Press 2013, 302 pages In Naples: Paradise Can Be Deadly we find that it can also be romantic, wicked, petty, fashionable and wryly humorous. This book is an absolute delight to read. Those of us who live locally will find a certain heightened satisfaction in the familiar locales, but knowing the Naples area is not at all necessary. Ms. Ketcham rivets the reader with multiple story threads interspersed with twists, as well as a loop or two, infusing humor in all the right places. The resolution is credible, leaving no loose ... Read More »

Affordable Care Act Facts


By Natalie Strom “If you don’t wear your seat belt, please sit down. If you smoke, please sit down. If you’re not within five percent of your body weight, please sit down. If you don’t eat at least four servings of fruits or vegetables per day, please sit down. If you don’t exercise at least 20 minutes per day, please sit down.” Dr. Allen Weiss, President and CEO of NCH Healthcare Systems, had a crowd of 200 plus listeners stand up, and quickly sit down as he asked the above questions. With only a handful left standing, he continued. ... Read More »

Fresh Produce and Local Style

Mahogany art made with chainsaws.

By Ross Mantz On November 6, The Marco Island Farmer’s Market opened at Veterans Community Park. There was a strong turnout of pavilions and patrons. When first entering the ring of tents you are immediately graced with the aroma of barbecue, fresh flowers, and homemade bread. People everywhere smile as they select fat blue crabs, sample fresh coffee and haggle over decorative wooden spoonbills. The vendors that make this bazaar atmosphere possible have excited attitudes for the season ahead. Shaina Muth from Inyoni Organic commented, “This is one of the best starts we have seen in years of doing this. ... Read More »

Veteran’s Service Honors Soldiers

Photos by Natalie Strom

By Natalie Strom Marco Island’s Veteran’s Day Ceremony was an honorable tribute to the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. Led by Lee Henderson, VFW Commander, the occasion, held on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, was attended by many. Henderson, in his first year as commander, led the ceremony with enthusiasm, sincerity and a bit of humor. His speech was engaging and informative as he discussed many of the lesser known military holidays, such as the Spirit of 45 and Patriot Day. A number of special tributes ... Read More »



Donna Fiala A delightful contest will be offered by the Marco Island Historical Society and the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce. It is the Inaugural Annual Wreath Decorating Contest and Auction to be held at the Rose History Auditorium on Sunday, December 1 from 4 to 6 PM, and will include a Holiday Party. Hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be served while guests view and bid on the decorated wreaths, enjoy carolers and a special performance by the Island Theater Company Kids. If you have an artistic talent and would like to participate, submit your wreath on November 30 ... Read More »

What, Me Read?


By Monte Lazarus The other day at breakfast we had pancakes. Of course pancakes require syrup. In days of yore that meant maple syrup. Alas, genuine maple syrup scarcely exists these days. If you are lucky enough, say, to be in Vermont or parts of Canada, you can find the real stuff, and you can pay the equivalent of the price of an ounce of gold for a taste. Hence the emergence of Ersatz Maple Syrup. Naturally no producer of pancake syrup would produce a label reading “Genuine Ersatz (or perhaps Fake) Pancake Syrup.” No, never. At our breakfast, ... Read More »