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Are you a Serving Machine or only a Serving Pretender?


READ MY TIPS Doug Browne Just last week, I had a unique experience I would like to share with my readers. During mid-afternoon, I had the pleasure to view over two hours of solid 4.0 level competitions and I walked away a bit perplexed. On the bright side, the men were hustling for every ball, often retrieving impossible shots as the players dazzled the crowd. One particular opponent had a lethal forehand drive and on several occasions ripped out-right winners. Due to his obvious forehand weapon, it was imperative for the home team to limit his opportunities. Notably, the serving ... Read More »

Should You Buy a Telescope?

Looking East, 6:00 AM November 23rd. Can you spot Comet ISON? The comet is racing to possible destruction on the 28th when it passes by the Sun.  SUBMITTED PHOTO

SOUTHERN SKIES By Mike P. Usher This morning, perhaps as you are walking the dog, look to the east and you have a chance to spot Comet ISON. It’s going to be quite low to the horizon and will be of uncertain brightness. Mercury and Saturn should be visible and they should provide handy reference points. The comet is moving fast, passing just below Spica on the 18th, and drops below Mercury by the 23rd. Both moonlight and twilight will interfere with the comets visibility. This is the time of year when everyone asks me “what kind of telescope ... Read More »

Naples: Paradise Can Be Deadly


BOOK REMARKS Maggie Gust   By Diane Ketcham Tidelow Press 2013, 302 pages In Naples: Paradise Can Be Deadly we find that it can also be romantic, wicked, petty, fashionable and wryly humorous. This book is an absolute delight to read. Those of us who live locally will find a certain heightened satisfaction in the familiar locales, but knowing the Naples area is not at all necessary. Ms. Ketcham rivets the reader with multiple story threads interspersed with twists, as well as a loop or two, infusing humor in all the right places. The resolution is credible, leaving no loose ... Read More »

Affordable Care Act Facts


By Natalie Strom “If you don’t wear your seat belt, please sit down. If you smoke, please sit down. If you’re not within five percent of your body weight, please sit down. If you don’t eat at least four servings of fruits or vegetables per day, please sit down. If you don’t exercise at least 20 minutes per day, please sit down.” Dr. Allen Weiss, President and CEO of NCH Healthcare Systems, had a crowd of 200 plus listeners stand up, and quickly sit down as he asked the above questions. With only a handful left standing, he continued. ... Read More »

Fresh Produce and Local Style

Mahogany art made with chainsaws.

By Ross Mantz On November 6, The Marco Island Farmer’s Market opened at Veterans Community Park. There was a strong turnout of pavilions and patrons. When first entering the ring of tents you are immediately graced with the aroma of barbecue, fresh flowers, and homemade bread. People everywhere smile as they select fat blue crabs, sample fresh coffee and haggle over decorative wooden spoonbills. The vendors that make this bazaar atmosphere possible have excited attitudes for the season ahead. Shaina Muth from Inyoni Organic commented, “This is one of the best starts we have seen in years of doing this. ... Read More »

Veteran’s Service Honors Soldiers

Photos by Natalie Strom

By Natalie Strom Marco Island’s Veteran’s Day Ceremony was an honorable tribute to the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. Led by Lee Henderson, VFW Commander, the occasion, held on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, was attended by many. Henderson, in his first year as commander, led the ceremony with enthusiasm, sincerity and a bit of humor. His speech was engaging and informative as he discussed many of the lesser known military holidays, such as the Spirit of 45 and Patriot Day. A number of special tributes ... Read More »



Donna Fiala A delightful contest will be offered by the Marco Island Historical Society and the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce. It is the Inaugural Annual Wreath Decorating Contest and Auction to be held at the Rose History Auditorium on Sunday, December 1 from 4 to 6 PM, and will include a Holiday Party. Hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be served while guests view and bid on the decorated wreaths, enjoy carolers and a special performance by the Island Theater Company Kids. If you have an artistic talent and would like to participate, submit your wreath on November 30 ... Read More »

What, Me Read?


By Monte Lazarus The other day at breakfast we had pancakes. Of course pancakes require syrup. In days of yore that meant maple syrup. Alas, genuine maple syrup scarcely exists these days. If you are lucky enough, say, to be in Vermont or parts of Canada, you can find the real stuff, and you can pay the equivalent of the price of an ounce of gold for a taste. Hence the emergence of Ersatz Maple Syrup. Naturally no producer of pancake syrup would produce a label reading “Genuine Ersatz (or perhaps Fake) Pancake Syrup.” No, never. At our breakfast, ... Read More »

Christmas Island Style Ornament Design Winners

Shane Totten, left, Bette McGilvary, right with this year’s winning artists. SUBMITTED PHOTO

By Coastal Breeze News Staff Members of the Christmas Island Style committee have been working away behind the scenes to ensure everyone on Marco Island has an outstanding holiday season. For the past six years, Christmas Island Style has chosen art designed by a student attending Marco Island Charter Middle School to be the new Island Style ornament for the following year. Students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades had a chance to submit an original piece of art, which included a starfish theme, to art teacher, Mr. Shane Totten, for the 2014 ornament. Ornament committee co-chairs, Bette McGilvary and ... Read More »

Brushes & Paint Outdoor Art Show

Watch art unfold before your very eyes. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Submitted Some of you may already have heard about the new “Brushes & Paint” art show coming to Marco Island this season sponsored by Marco Island Foundation for the Arts. Well, the first official Brushes & Paint Outdoor Art Show arrives at the Historical Museum on 180 S. Heathwood Drive on Friday, November 22 from 10 AM to 4 PM. This new show is for those who love original paintings created by our local artists. Some of the artists include Carolyn Burger, Gerry Brynjulson, Inez Hudson, Pat Perotti, Karen Swanker, Joan Scherer, Barbara McCormack, Tara O’Neill and Laura Wright. The ... Read More »

Art at the Marco Library


Submitted The Marco Island Public Library and the Marco Island Center for the Arts work cooperatively to provide monthly art shows at the Marco Library branch on Heathwood Drive. Each artist will exhibit for two months. November and December 2013 will feature a collection of original oils by award winning artist Tara O’Neill. Her artwork is for sale with a percentage of the sale to benefit the Marco Island Center for the Arts. Much of O’Neill’s art is inspired by Goodland, the historic fishing village off the southeast tip of Marco. “Goodland is a jewel on this coast; a community ... Read More »

Combining the Arts


By Karen Swanker Combining theater and art, The Marco Players Theater Gallery will be featuring the watercolors of Marco Island artist Judith Chinski. Her work will be featured during the run of “Absalom,” the first play of the season. Judy’s artwork will be available for immediate purchase directly from the theater gallery. “I think of painting as a journey. As I travel to places real or imagined, I strive to record the beauty of the things I see around me. I am drawn to light and shadow, but more so I am visually stimulated by color. My subject matter is ... Read More »

Fun & Funky Teapots


Submitted Fun and Funky Teapots take center stage in the main galleries of the Marco Island Center for the Arts. The juried exhibit, which runs through the 21st of November, attracted a number of highly imaginative two-dimensional entries, in all media, as well as clay submissions that bring new meaning to the song “I’m a little teapot.” “Who would imagine that something so utilitarian could be so whimsical and so very special,” quips Rosemary Wick, President of the Center’s Board of Directors. The Center for the Arts, located at 1010 Winterberry, is open Monday through Friday from 9 to 4 ... Read More »

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: God Bless Patriotic Americans!


This Veterans’ Day morning fifteen members of Flotilla 95, Marco Island’s Coast Guard Auxiliary unit, gathered in uniform at Hoot’s Restaurant for breakfast prior to attending the Veterans’ Day annual observance held at Veterans’ Park. We follow this tradition every year.  We meet at Hoot’s and then go as a group to Veterans’ Park to honor our nation’s veterans. This morning something very special happened. When the time came for us to pay our bill, the waitress informed us that a couple who had been sitting a few tables away from our group asked for our check and paid our ... Read More »


The lighting of the Menorah signifies the miracle of the eight days the Temple’s candle stayed lit on one day’s worth of oil.

By Ralph Segall What holiday falls on November 28th this year? If you had said “Thanksgiving,” you would have been correct, but if you would have said “Chanukah,” you would have been correct as well. This year, both our national holiday, and the beginning of the Jewish holiday are celebrated on the 28th of November. Actually, the two holidays have some things in common, such as the theme of celebrating the goodness of life. But Chanukah differs from most others Jewish holidays, in that it is a post-biblical (not mentioned in the bible) holiday addition, and therefore is considered to ... Read More »



SPEAKING OF TRAVEL Vickie Kelber A trivia question: Who was among the first, in 1776, to recognize the independence of the United States and the first to establish trade with it? It was the nation state of the Republic of Ragusa, renamed Dubrovnik in 1918. Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a dramatically beautiful walled city that sits right on the Adriatic. Believed to have been founded in the seventh century, Dubrovnik has been under the influence at various times of the Byzantines, Venetians, Hungarians, and the Austrians. An independent city state from 1358 to 1808 and once one ... Read More »

TBE Salutes Local Veterans

Local veterans were moved by the program.

By Noelle H. Lowery The faculty, staff and students of Tommie Barfield Elementary School raised the flag and their voices in salute to Marco Island veterans in the school’s annual Veterans Day program. Veterans from all branches of the armed forces — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard — and their families attended. Veterans of every major conflict since World War II were represented, including one veteran who was involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis. The ceremony opened with the presentation of colors by the Lely High School Junior ROTC and the Pledge of Allegiance. Under the ... Read More »

MICMS Teacher Opens World Through Math

By Noelle H. Lowery When you walk into her classroom, you know immediately that Iliana San Martin is a special teacher. The new Marco Island Charter Middle School math teacher decorates the walls of her classroom with posters of Pythagoras (the Greek philosopher who gave us the Pythagorean theorem for triangles) and Eratosthenes (the Greek mathematician who invented geography and first calculated the circumference of the earth), as well as geometric shapes and arithmetic formulas. At the same time, her students adorn her dry-erase boards with hearts, flowers and messages of appreciation. They tell the world that San Martin ... Read More »

Porsche Party

A total of 32 Porsches filled the parking lot.

By Natalie Strom It could have been a gathering of movie stars. Some simply extras, others stars of the show – of the car variety, that is. They could have come from films such as Caddyshack, Days of Thunder, The Matrix, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Patriot Games, Cars, Sixteen Candles, Scarface, Taxi Driver, Annie Hall or Bull Durham. And maybe some of them did. On Sunday, November 3, 32 Porsches of all colors, years, varieties and personal tastes converged on restaurant Marker 8.5 in Goodland for a typical outing of the Everglades Region Porsche Club of America. The parking lot ... Read More »

Advent Etched in Glass

Stan Saran slowly sketches an AiR’s design  onto the white paper adhered to the glass.

By Natalie Strom The windows at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church are receiving a makeover – again. On Sunday, January 6, 2013 the church unveiled beautiful handmade stained glass windows to mark the beginning of the Christian season known as Epiphany, which celebrates the visit of the three wise men to baby Jesus, guided by the Star of David. The brightly colored pieces were hung over all ten windows in the worship hall, and all were designed and created by members of St. Mark’s. Just as Epiphany brings the story of Jesus’ birth to a close, the season of Advent ... Read More »