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Art at the library

Submitted The Marco Island Public Library and the Marco Island Center for the Arts are working together to provide monthly art shows at the Marco Island Library located at 210 South Heathwood Drive. Local artists will be exhibiting their works for two months at a time. September and October are featuring the works of Marco artist Karen Swanker. Her acrylic paintings vary in subject from quiet and meditative water lily ponds and floral paintings to abstract pieces celebrating Marco Island. One piece titled “Where Did You Find That?” is a sample of her work using found objects picked up from ... Read More »

Good night Jerry Vallez

ART UNCOVERED  Tara O’Neill  On Saturday, September 29, I attended the funeral service for artist Jerry Vallez in Naples. I didn’t know him well, we met years ago when he was painting at the City Dock at Crayton Cove (before Tin City, and before the Dock Restaurant) and I was a teenager with high aspirations of being an artist. He was cordial, sweet actually, if maybe not a wee bit salty, and over the years I made it a point to stop into his various Naples galleries for a chat and to view his latest paintings. I learned something from Jerry ... Read More »

Jewelry repair 101

ALL THAT GLITTERS  Richard Alan  You notice your diamond ring is snagging on clothing and towels and such. You’re thinking, it’s been a while since you last had the ring professionally inspected, cleaned and polished. You have a busy schedule as it is, who has the time? Great, now the ring has snagged your blouse! Good news is, it only takes seconds to inspect a diamond ring and minutes to clean and polish it. Bad news is the snagging ring could be the result of a missing or bent prong. I would suggest you no longer wear the ring in ... Read More »


By Monte Lazarus “ARBITRAGE” Richard Gere moves through “Arbitrage” like a sleek panther. Everything about him oozes wealth: not the Trump type of display, but the understated Gramercy Park Mansion type of polished dark wood and quiet elegance. Gere plays Robert Miller. As Miller, Gere is no longer the much younger playboy type of millionaire he played in “Pretty Woman”. He’s much older; his hair is wavy white; his face is more chiseled; his demeanor is suave, but cynical and dismissive of lesser mortals. He’s serious and so is the movie. It’s – a combination of whodunit (although we ... Read More »

Back of Beyond

BOOK REMARKS Diane Bostick   Author: C.J. Box Publisher: St. Martins Press, 2011 I am 72 years old, so even five years ago I should have been old enough to know that a woman my age does not sign up for a 100 mile horseback ride into the Bob Marshall Wilderness in northern Montana, especially since I had never ridden a horse before. “Should have” being the operative words here as I did indeed let myself be persuaded to do that very thing with the promise that there would be fantastic scenery and equally wonderful fly fishing in streams seldom ... Read More »

Why get hooked on fishing?

LADY ANGLER’S CORNER Capt. Mary Fink Ladies, when you think of the sport of fishing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you visualize complacently sitting somewhere with your line in the water hoping that a fish may swim by and take some interest in your bait. Could it be that you have an aversion to touching live bait and fish? Perhaps your husband wants to go fishing and asked you to join him, so you feel obligated to go. Whatever your initial thought of fishing may be, it is this author’s experience that many women ... Read More »

Serving success

READ MY TIPS  Doug Browne  Despite the changes in today’s modern game where groundstrokes rule the planet, every tennis player desires to have a big serve. In particular, when the match is closely contested, winning easy points is a premium and possessing a big serve will decide the match. To me, far too many tennis players toss poorly and do not have the necessary balance to be good servers. In order to achieve serving success, I like to put my students in big buckets or a big tennis case. The key is to make sure the server is comfortable ... Read More »

Fakahatchee strand

BUZZ FROM THE SWAMP  Patricia Huff  If you’ve ever walked along the Big Cypress Boardwalk in the Fakahatchee Strand or driven the back roads of Janes Scenic Drive, then you’re familiar with the wonders of the Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve. Guided Swamp Walks will begin in November on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month. Reservations are required for these adventures into the wild. Friends of the Fakahatchee members receive a discounted rate of $50 ($70 for non-members). The trips are well worth it. Phone 239-695-1023 or email for more information. On Saturday, October 27, the official ... Read More »

The spotted seatrout

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps A prime shallow water fishing target here in the 10,000 Islands, the Spotted Seatrout are common estuarine fish found throughout the southern coasts of the United States along the south Atlantic and all coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico. Contrary to its name “Spotted Seatrout”, they actually are not a member of the Trout family at all, however they are a member of the drum family (Sciaenidae). Spotted Seatrout are silver in color with olive-green tints on their back, and numerous small black dots which extend over their dorsal fins and onto their ... Read More »

Prevent Colon Cancer, Part II

Q&A WITH THE FITNESS DIVA  Crystal Manjarres  Now that you know that the colon is considered the sewer system of the body, it makes sense to pay even closer attention to what we eat. In part one we learned that smoking increases our risk for colorectal cancer, as does high amounts of red meat and alcohol. We learned the importance of knowing our family history, getting screened, and the benefits of colon hydrotherapy to cleanse the colon of toxic waste. Now we will go over a few simple tips that will also help to keep your colon healthy. Keep ... Read More »

Pink is Power Night Out and 3rd Annual Stiletto Sprint

Submitted Fifth Avenue South is pleased to host Pink is Power Night Out and the 3rd annual Stiletto Sprint on Saturday, October 20, as a part of the Fall CityFEST Celebration. Dress as your favorite decade and join thousands as Fifth Avenue South becomes a sea of pink in supporting the fight against Breast Cancer. Registration and t-shirt pickup for the Stiletto Sprint race will begin at 4:30 p.m. at the intersection of Fifth Avenue South and Eighth Street. The sprint race will follow at 6:00 p.m. The fun continues until 9:00 p.m. along Fifth Avenue from 9th Street to ... Read More »

Good enough to eat

By Natalie Strom  Profiled for his Dia de los Muertos artwork on page A/18, Esau Rodriguez is using his artistic talents to hopefully help those suffering with cancer. “When I was living in Gainesville, my brother was diagnosed with cancer. We were living together and we were both filled with anxiety; it was a really rough time.” His brother, Edgar, “was very strong, but the only thing he would complain about was the hospital food and that he was never hungry.” The only option to help induce hunger for Edgar was a specific type of steroid. “He was surprised ... Read More »

One family STANDS UP to Cancer

By Jane A. Marlowe  Judy Mayo is my dearest friend, my support system, my sister in Christ, my neighbor, my sounding board, my hero. She is involved in many ministries in our San Marco Catholic Church, helping parishioners with practical and spiritual needs, assisting with the bereavement group, grief support, serving as a Eucharistic Minister and Homebound Minister bringing the Sacred Eucharist to members of the parish who are unable to attend Mass. She serves in all these capacities quietly and joyfully and when asked how she is doing, her response is always, “I’m just fine. Isn’t today a ... Read More »

Keep in Touch wants to “Stamp Out” Breast Cancer

For the fourth year in a row, the Keep in Touch satellite post office and gift store at the Shops of Marco has honored Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you buy two sheets of Breast Cancer stamps, you can have your choice of a pink breast cancer awareness band bracelet. Choose from bands that read Hope, Strength, Survivor and Faith. “One in four people have their lives rocked by cancer. My cousin is a breast cancer survivor. She had chemotherapy and a mastectomy.” Seventy percent of the net amount raised by the sale of these stamps is given to the ... Read More »

The Collier County American Cancer Society seeking teams and volunteers for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk

The Collier County American Cancer Society is seeking teams and volunteers to participate in its Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk. Please walk with us to raise awareness and raise funds, October 20th, at Cambier Park. To register as an individual or a team, or to volunteer, please contact Allison Freeman, American Cancer Society, 239- 261-0337, ext. 3861, allison.freeman@, or visit   Saturday, October 20th, Cambier Park  Registration starts 7:30am – Walk starts 9am   Read More »

SVCS…The journey has begun

By Chef Anne Feinman  The superior vena cava is a large vein located in the upper chest, which collects blood from the head and arms and delivers it back to the right atrium of the heart. If this vein is compressed by outside structures, such as a cancerous tumor, then return blood flow to the heart is impeded. When blood flow to the heart is restricted, the increased pressure in the veins of the face and arms causes fluid buildup in these areas. This condition is referred to as superior vena cava syndrome (SVCS). CAT scanning of the chest ... Read More »

Major event just a year away!

SOUTHERN SKIES  By Mike P. Usher  We looked at this region of the sky just two weeks ago; notice how the sky has rolled upwards since then? Perseus, which was just starting to rise last edition is now well clear of the horizon. Being in the Milky Way Perseus is full of interesting deep sky objects, but it is probably best to wait until the constellation is a bit higher to scan it with your binoculars. Pay particular attention to Capella, which is just now rising. Observe how it sparkles, flashes on and off and changes colors constantly. This ... Read More »

Southern Americana Tour: Part 3 Momma’s Home Cookin’

MUSIC NOTES BY GATOR NATE Nate Augustus   The saga continues… Although the beautiful North Carolina wilderness had been so good to me, there were “Gatorheads” down in Georgia and Tennessee that had waited patiently for my arrival, and they were not gonna be let down. Not this trip, and definitely not by me. So, I got up, bright n’ early, at the crack a’ dawn, and as the heavy mountain dew was still rising off the river I said goodbye to Rusty and all my friends in Nolichucki and hit the road in ol’ “Silver,” my trusty Ford ... Read More »

Little things mean a lot

GOODLAND LIFE  Joanie Fuller It’s tiny, it’s old, it’s really used and it’s full of art. Everyone loves it even though there’s no parking. Most would say who needs parking when you can walk to it? Some would say it has become a destination – maybe it should even be on the Historic Register. There’s a well tended garden out front complete with orchids and there are two very nice people inside ready to help you. There’s also a big sign out front displaying the numbers 34140. Surely you know by now I am talking about something that means a ... Read More »

Pawlitically correct

DOG & STYLE Tony Wakefield-Jones     Dear Tony: What are your political views? Lynn A. – Marco Island, FL Dear Miss Lynn: My views? Well, from my vantage point (mostly television), all the major candidates are actually quite attractive. Now, I’m not gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but the views from my couch are not too bad. Nobody can work a suit and tie like President Obama. Joe Biden has really big teeth and an equally fetching smile. And if this run for office doesn’t work out, Romney and Ryan could easily be models for Abercrombie ... Read More »