Help Keep Our Beaches Clean
Photo by Maria Lamb| Join a beach clean-up and meet other community volunteers and Beach Advisory Committee members.

Help Keep Our Beaches Clean

By Maria Lamb

The “Love your Beach” Clean-Up is scheduled for Saturday morning, May 13 at 8 AM at Marco Island’s South Beach. Publix Supermarket will be the proud sponsor. Monthly beach cleanups are coordinated by Marco Island’s Beach Advisory Committee.

Why is beach clean-up important?
Save a marine life. Small pieces of plastic, referred to as “chokables,” are deadly to marine life. Once you’ve picked up cigarette butts, small pieces of plastic and straws for an hour, you will find it difficult to go back to your old mindset about plastic. Please say NO to plastic drinking straws.

Share the beach with our wildlife. May is the start of sea turtle season, and we need to respect posted areas. Our beaches are also abundant with migratory birds that are here to rest, feed, mate and nest. They’ve travelled thousands of miles to get here so it is important NOT to flush resting flocks of birds. It’s a matter of survival.

All residents are invited. Meet your Beach Advisory Committee, make new friends from the community, and wear our signature “Love Your Beach” t-shirt.

To sponsor a beach clean-up contact Samantha Malloy at 239-389-3917 or 

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