Enhancements to Island Plaza Begin
Submitted | A rendering of the finished project.

Enhancements to Island Plaza Begin

By Steve “Stef” Stefanides

Construction has begun on some of the improvements planned for the Island Plaza, which sits at the intersection of Bald Eagle and Collier Boulevard. Those improvements will involve an architectural embellishment, which is presently being erected with a pedestrian node for walkers and bikers who frequent the mid-town district.

Island Plaza Investments, LLC, who is part of Hendricks Commercial Properties Group is the owner of the Plaza. They are headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin and specialize in ownership of commercial and retail space, such as the Island Plaza.

The plaza itself was purchased by Hendricks in July of 2013 and became embroiled in an initial plan to enter into a combined project with an adjoining property. That project ran into opposition by neighbors and was eventually withdrawn after a contentious debate before the Planning Board.

In March of 2016 Hendricks and its representatives reached back out to the city and requested a scaled back proposal, which involved the review of a Site Improvement Plan which was eventually approved by both the Planning Board and the City Council.

The improvements that will be part of the major renovation of the plaza will include the following:

  • Updating the façade on the building.
  • The addition of a pedestrian node at the Collier/Bald Eagle intersection.
  • Upgrades to landscaping.
  • Improvements to site lighting.
  • The addition of an architectural clock tower feature on the building.
  • Update to the façade at the rear of the building.
  • Improvements to the walkway from Herb Savage Way to the main parking lot.
  • The addition of parking at the rear.

In addition to the pedestrian node construction at the corner of the property, work has begun regarding the updating of the building’s façade. Tony Trepasso, Development Manager for the Hendricks Group anticipates an approximate 6-7 month time frame for completion of the work being presently done.

At the same time paperwork and permits are being pulled for the improvements to Herb Savage Way at the back of the complex to improve the roadway and add much needed parking.

The Island Plaza sits on what many believe to be a “gateway” of sorts to the island. The intersection of Bald Eagle and Collier Boulevard is the busiest of the major intersections and is located at the center of the island’s commercial district.

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