Master Gardener  Clinic Returns

Master Gardener Clinic Returns

The Master Gardener Walk–in Plant Clinic has returned to Lowe’s, ready again to offer advice and answer all of your gardening questions. Having difficulties with your shrubs? Don’t know what kind of insect is attacking your plants? It is time for you to pay a visit to the Master Gardener Walk–in Plant Clinic for help.

Master Gardeners can provide you with valuable information on pruning, fertilizing, soil and water testing, pesticides and other subjects related to home gardening and landscaping. Please bring bugs and infected plants in a sealed bag, or bring a photograph of the problem, in order to to better diagnose the issue.

The clinic is open on Tuesdays from noon until 3 PM, and will run through April 18th. Lowe’s is located at 12730 Tamiami Trail E., on the corner of 951 (Collier Boulevard) and US 41.

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