Letter to the Editor: The Grinch is Alive and Well on Marco

Letter to the Editor: The Grinch is Alive and Well on Marco

By: Robert Nace

Four days to Christmas and after weeks of greeting residents and visitors to Marco Island, Merry Christmas signs were removed from city right of ways. Up steps the Grinch, Mr. Ray Netherwood who used his political influence and friendship with fellow Libertarian Jared Grifoni to force his view and opinion on our residents.
Official emails indicate that the signs were removed after Mr. Netherwood communicated his displeasure and opinion to Council VP Jared Grifoni. His email stated “we now have the City tacitly Condoning a religious and exclusionary message on public property.”
Apparently, Mr. Netherwood’s nor Mr. Grifoni’s opinions were not reviewed by other council members or our city attorney to determine if the signs violated anyone’s rights. The signs purchased by a private citizen and cost the city nothing. However, in fairness, the signs were never approved by the city and are assumed to be in violation of our city signage code. A proper review should have been conducted by the city’s attorney and not Mr. Grifoni.
As long as I can remember, Merry Christmas signs convey a message of joy, good will and peace to all, [and] was never exclusionary.
I am amazed that a Libertarian would use government intervention to subjugate the rights of others. I can hardly wait to see where the political aspirations take him and Mr. Grifoni. Buyer Beware.
A more interesting note is that not a single Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, etc. complained about the signs, only Mr. Netherwood.
Merry Christmas Marco Island and to you Mr. Grinch, Bah Humbug.

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  1. The Great Pumpkin will be most displeased …. no goodies for Nace when he rises from the patch.

    It’s a constant amazement how the most ardent adherents of some form of magical thinking find no problem foisting their beliefs on others. The sleight of hand involved when offense is taken is also usually laughable, as it is in this case. No one rained on Nace’s parade … his ability to greet someone as he pleased, put up a tree or lights, sing, read, chant, wear a red costume and beard, or any other action that he may have wanted to take within the confines of his own four walls were not impaired.

    His whiny beef is over the clandestine placement of distinctly religious signage shoved into the city owned medians of Collier Blvd — NOT his front lawn. Marco has enough issues with signs, we don’t need spontaneous contests that run COUNTER to the signage ordinance of Marco Island with Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Athiests, etc., running around and plopping signs in the medians whenever it suits them. Tough buns. Grow up. Don’t try to be sneaky and pawn your efforts off as noble. They’re not.

    As for you assertion that no one objected or found fault with the signs, I can assure you that there too, surprise surprise, wrong again. I had someone say it to my face. And, the Marco Code Compliance Office as far as I could tell was simply telling any callers with complaints that “nothing could be done.” So, your assertion is devoid of data.

    If you can’t understand the two principles involved with this issue that put the mystery sign placer clearly in the wrong, I can only shrug my shoulders and be happy that apparently you’re not running anything significant.

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