Feel the Burn with Booty Barre Sculpt
The ladies in Margaret Lamp’s Booty Barre Sculpt class are feeling the burn. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Feel the Burn with Booty Barre Sculpt

By Noelle H. Lowery

Margaret Lamp demonstrates some of the Booty Barre Sculpt moves on the Jolley Bridge.

Margaret Lamp demonstrates some of the Booty Barre Sculpt moves on the Jolley Bridge.

I am a runner. There are few things in this world that make me feel better than a a good five-mile run. Sad, but true.

In my lifetime, I took ballet, and was a competitive gymnast and a cheerleader in high school. I also coached both gymnastics and cheerleading after college, and have taken my fair share of Pilates and yoga classes. So, when I heard about Margaret Lamp’s new Booty Barre Sculpt class at the Healthy Body Fitness Class Studio on Bald Eagle Drive, I thought, “No sweat! Piece of cake!”

Let’s just say there was sweat involved — a lot of it — as well as shaking legs and burning arms and shoulders. By far, Lamp’s Booty Barre Sculpt classes is one of the most challenging and rewarding workouts I have ever done.

Booty Barre fuses techniques from dance, Pilates and yoga into a workout that tones the whole body while focusing on strength and flexibility. A basic Booty Barre workout incorporates three to five pound weights at times, exercise balls and the ballet barre. Small pulsing movements target muscles in all areas of the body, with an emphasis on form and alignment. It was created by celebrity trainer Tracey Mallett in 2009, and has spread to more then 25 different countries across the globe.

Lamp was an immediate fan. A fitness buff since she moved to Marco Island in 1994, she is a certified instructor for TRX, Zumba, aqua Zumba, kickboxing and step aerobics, and is a personal trainer. She became the only certified Booty Barre instructor on Marco Island last year, and kicked her certifications up a notch in February when she took a trip to Virginia to become certified in Booty Barre Sculpt, which uses resistance bands at the barre to isolate muscle groups to tone and strengthen them.

After just one class, I absolutely can see why Lamp loves Booty Barre. The workout woke up muscles I have not used in all my miles on the treadmill — even in my legs. With every pulse of the resistance band, I was reminded that I really should do some strength training, and by the end of the class, I actually felt stronger and empowered. I had tested my body and found I passed, despite being a bit sore the next day.

Lamp teaches a full range of Booty Barre classes every week through Marco Fitness Club and the Greater Marco Family YMCA, including Flex and Flow, Plus and Sculpt. Space is limited, and those interested in taking a class through Marco Fitness Club should sign up early at marcofitnessclub.com.

To learn more about Lamp’s classes or personal training options, call Marco Fitness Club at 239-394-3705 or the YMCA at 239-394-3144.

Schedule of Classes


• Booty Barre Plus
Tuesday, 8-8:45 AM

• Booty Barre Flex & Flow
Thursday, 8-8:45 AM


Marco Fitness Club

• Booty Barre Plus
Monday & Friday, 7 AM
Tuesday, 9 AM

• Booty Barre Sculpt
Wednesday, 7 AM
Thursday, 9 AM
Saturday, 8:30 AM

• TRX Cross w/Booty Barre
Tuesday, 5:30 PM
Saturday, 7:30 A

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