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Marco Island’s Woman’s Club Cleans Beach

By Nancy Richie

Despite an overcast, breezy November day, the Marco Island Woman’s Club turned out in large numbers to clean the Marco Island beach on Saturday, November 16. City of Marco Island Beach Advisory Committee chairperson and President of the Marco Island Woman’s Club, Debbie Roddy, led the group, in their matching custom t-shirts, to collect twenty bags of debris and trash between South Beach and Tigertail Beach Park.

Ralph Bernhart and Bernardo Bezos loading the gator.

Ralph Bernhart and Bernardo Bezos loading the gator.

Many found the beach to be very clean with no large pieces of trash, but did find plastic wrappers, bottle caps, cigarette butts, as well as over 100 plastic straws, littering the white sandy beach. The effort to keep this litter off the beach and out of the Gulf of Mexico not only makes our beach beautiful but is also very important to protect wildlife from harm.

It was a community event that included Beach Advisory Committee member Ralph Barnhart who was on hand to pass out the Publix supplied trash bags, gloves and bottled water to all participants. Marco Island Civic Association’s Bernardo Bezos drove the beach vehicle to dispose of the trash collected and assist with the clean-up activities.

The City of Marco Island thanks all who participated to make this a successful beach clean-up and improve the Marco Island beach environment!

The Beach Advisory Committee is looking for groups, clubs and businesses for monthly clean ups in 2014. If you, your business or any group is interested in participating, donating or sponsoring a City beach clean-up, please contact Nancy Richie, Environmental Specialist at the City of Marco Island at 239-389-5003 or

The next local beach clean-up will be conducted by the Friends of Tigertail, Inc., at the Collier County Tigertail Beach Park (490 Hernando Drive, Marco Island) on Sunday, December 7, 2013. It starts at 8 AM at the park kiosk. For more information on this event, go to

Please get out and volunteer!


Left to Right: First Row – Mary Deetjen, Shirley Thayer, Sharyn Kampmeyer, Peggy Potter, Penny Weidner, Lee Turner; Second Row – Gary Leske, Debbie Roddy, Cristina Leske, Susan Berghammer, Bev Kilpatrick, Joyce Frame, Carolyn Atkins, Anne Marchetti, Alice Camarota, Susan Purvis, Arleen Soldano; Third Row – Carol Ann Anzalone, Alice Comerford, Margaret De Camp, Ralph Bernhart, Don Deetjen, Susan Ackerson, Bernardo Bezos, Tony Ferrara, Patti Miller.FD PHOTOS BY M. RODDY

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