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Letter to the editor: Larry Sacher

As a Registered Voter on Marco Island (and Candidate for Marco Island City Council), your recent article regarding the Press Conference announcing Physician’s Regional opening a walk-in clinic on Marco and discussion of the Referendum did not include some “key elements” that all Voters need to know about the Referendum. There are actually 2 issues, but unfortunately, the way the Referendum is structured, they are co-mingled and the Voters of Marco I’m afraid will be unintentionally confused. The first issue is the Referendum: this was rushed through by an announcement on Friday, June 1st of a Special Called Council Meeting ... Read More »

Message in a bottle reveals a family’s love

By Coastal Breeze News Staff When Anthony Macchiarolo found a message in a bottle floating three miles off of Marco’s beaches, he thought he found lost treasure. It took him quite some time to pry out the brown pieces of paper that filled the corked bottle. As he read what was inside, the story of a bride who was left before her wedding began to unfold through notes written by her family and friends. History provides us numerous examples of letters being stuffed into a bottle and tossed out to sea. Where the idea first originated is unknown, but most ... Read More »

Goodland’s Postmaster bids farewell

By Natalie Strom natalie@coastalbreezenews.com Walking into the Post Office in Goodland, one can’t help but notice that it isn’t your average Post Office. A mural featuring a mermaid carrying mail and a beautiful garden of flowers greets you as soon as you arrive. Inside, the walls are covered with paintings by local artists and a free book exchange cart is packed with books and magazines. A friendly hello always awaits you by Post Office patrons and employees. This warm, loving feel has been created over the past eight years by Goodland’s Postmaster, Judith Pritchard. Known and loved by all in ... Read More »


By Coastal Breeze News Staff The City of Marco Island needs volunteers to sit on various committees and advisory boards. Several seats remain open including a seat on the Parks and Recreation Advisory committee, one on the Code Enforcement board and four seats on the Utilities Advisory Committee. In the past, terms on committees and boards were staggered. Candidates are appointed by individual council members and then approved at a City Council meeting. The recent appointees have been instructed terms will end in November to coincide with a new City Council. Council can chose to reappoint a present member or ... Read More »

Jerry Gibson seeks re-election

By Coastal Breeze News Staff  Reflecting on his first term as city council member, Jerry Gibson says, “When I ran four years ago my campaign slogan was ‘Be Positive;’ as I seek a final term, my campaign slogan is ‘Stay Positive.’ I’ve decided to run for a final term to continue projecting that ‘Stay Positive’ attitude in the interest of our residents and businesses.” “In the past four years there have been a number of excellent developments resulting from the cooperative efforts of people adopting a positive attitude. Considering the economic conditions of the past three years, the council has ... Read More »

Stretton receives awards

By Coastal Breeze News Staff  Cole Stretton received numerous accolades for academic achievement this year including being named the MICMS Student of the Year by the Naples Optimist Club. Principal George Abounader said, “Teachers deliberated over many candidates and their final recommendations were celebrated. When we think of excellent student role models, their academic, behavioral and service to others are outstanding qualities.” Cole exemplifies these qualities. Not only did Cole receive Highest Honors from MICMS, he also received awards for Academic Achievement in reading, social studies and science. He received another Student of the Year Award for Physical Education and ... Read More »


By Coastal Breeze News Staff Unless you’ve been in a cave for many months you are probably aware that there is a primary election coming on August 14th. It’s expected that many or most ballots will be absentee. Collier County’s Supervisor of Elections, Jennifer Edwards, does a remarkable job of disseminating information and running a superb operation. There are a variety of state and local contests as well as other issues. There has been a lot of campaigning already, and there also appears to be some questions about procedures and candidates. Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions: ... Read More »

Fundraiser benefits Steve Reynolds

By Natalie Strom  natalie@coastalbreezenews.com  Marco Island residents are gearing up to give back to local DJ and YMCA Marketing Director, Steve Reynolds. A recent cancer diagnosis has shifted the spotlight to Reynolds, who is usually the one organizing local fundraisers. CJ’s on the Bay will host the benefit for Reynolds on Saturday, July 28, from 7:00 to 11:00 PM. Tickets to the event, which features complimentary hors d’oeuvres and happy hour drink prices, are $20 per person. Smokin’ Joe and Konnie and J Robert and Martin Houghtaling will provide live entertainment and two 50/50 raffles will take place throughout the ... Read More »


Donna Fiala donnafiala@colliergov.net   Reminders and answers: Let’s face it – everyone is talking about the elections. Some of the talk is mean-spirited, some doesn’t even come close to the truth, some implies a meaning that isn’t truthful, etc. Well, today we’re going to take a different tack and just fill you in on a few answers to questions people have been asking repeatedly over the last few weeks. First, and foremost: The Primary Election. As many have heard, Florida is a “Closed Primary” state, but that is where the confusion begins. If you have a specific candidate you want ... Read More »


By Monte Lazarus Bengoshi@comcast.net It’s easy to understand why education costs so much. Think about it. In most of the last century there were no readily available computers. Teachers knew the basic stuff about reading, writing and arithmetic. As kids, many of us learned – maybe secretly – to count on our fingers. The arithmetically challenged also used their toes. In those days long division was the equivalent of quantum physics today. All that disappeared with calculators and computers. That darned calculator changed arithmetic. Fingers are now employed for the useless job of punching letters and numbers on machines. Today’s ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Roy Eaton

Dear Senator Rubio, I have written you on two occasions to provide input on the current economic crises that confronts my fellow Americans, and I have provided some recommendations to address our escalating national debt. And, I appreciate your taking time in the past to address my concerns. Thru the sixties, I was, like most college students of the era, a Democrat. In the seventies and early eighties, I held a minor elected position in my home town as a Republican. Now, I am an independent, frustrated American who believes that our country is on a course of self-destruction. We ... Read More »

Thinking about creative thinking

By Randall Kenneth Jones Whether the source is my presentations or editorials—it’s pretty much guaranteed I’m going to get on my soapbox and stubbornly proclaim: we are all creative. A few years ago, my agency won a series of national and international design awards for a point-of-sale brochure for a division of Sears—awards that would never have found their way to my trophy case without my self-described “creativity-bereft” bookkeeper feeling empowered to share her idea for the concept which got the ball rolling. Don’t believe me? I recently asked my seminar attendees for a show of hands as to “Who ... Read More »

Invasive iguana presentation

By Natalie Strom natalie@coastalbreezenews.com On July 18, the City of Marco Island hosted an iguana control workshop to inform residents of the increasing issue of the invasive green iguana population. Tom Portuallo of Iguana Control, a company contracted by the city for just that, delivered an interesting and informative presentation, discussing the hazards of the green iguana as well as ways to control the ever-increasing population of the species. “We bought iguanas as pets by the thousands in the seventies,” explained Portuallo. As the once-small household pets grew larger, many were released into the wild as their owners didn’t know ... Read More »

Marco Island Writers get creative

By Coastal Breeze News Staff  An intimate group of twelve (including three new members) convened for the Marco Island Writers on July 11, 2012. After a brief business meeting, everyone had an opportunity to get to know each other a little better. The creative juices began flowing with some Flash Fiction where everyone had a chance to share. Ever try it? In this case, a picture of a man standing in the sand at night holding a lantern was the theme. What kind of story could you create in only fifteen minutes? It was exciting to see so many different ... Read More »

Sea Turtle Tidbits

By Coastal Breeze News Staff Marco Island saw its first nest of the season hatch successfully on July 8 with a count of 115 hatchlings. This is certainly good news as many of the nests on Marco were impacted by tidal surge due to Tropical Storm Debby. The incubation period for sea turtle eggs is about 60 days. Sand temperature plays a crucial role in egg development. The warmer the sand, the quicker the incubation time. It has also been found that cooler sand temperatures produce more male sea turtles while warmer sand temperatures produce more females. Sea turtle hatchlings ... Read More »

Trip to Coral Castle

By BJ Henning  On Friday the 13th, a lucky day for us, a group of 26 from the Marco Island Historical Society gathered to tour a scientific phenomenon known as the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida. We wanted to explore and try to understand how a man, five feet tall and weighing 100 pounds, could lift tons of coral out of the ground, single-handedly, without power tools or electricity and create an open floor plan home. The tiny man with dark piercing eyes, Edward, was filled with an overwhelming hopeful love for his “sweet sixteen,” who rejected him. He built ... Read More »

Orlando theme park update


By Orlando Attractions Magazine  attractionsmagazine.com It was another record-breaking year with final 2011 visitation numbers revealing that Orlando welcomed 55.1 million visitors. That’s up 7.2 percent from last year’s record setting 51.4 million. • There is a brand new ride at Universal Orlando officially opened the beginning of July, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem. • Over at the Magic Kingdom, the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak water play area opened in the Storybook Circus area of New Fantasyland. • Also, a new permanent meet and greet area is now open by the entrance to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. ... Read More »

Sentinel of the Bridge

PROTECTING & PRESERVING Nancy Richie NRichie@cityofmarcoisland.com Who hasn’t noticed when crossing the Jolley Bridge leaving the island, the lone American Osprey sitting on the hand rail, the light pole or sign, usually looking to the south, and sometimes, it seems, looking right into your eyes through the windshield? This American Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) has been observed on our bridge for years. My daughters as young girls, then driving to high school on their own, have always noticed it in the mornings, admiring its tenacity perched on the sign as cars zoom by ruffling its feathers and enjoying one of our unique ... Read More »

Collier County beach parking sticker program

By Coastal Breeze News Staff Collier County offers beach parking to residents and visitors through a popular beach parking sticker program. Without beach parking stickers, beach goers must pay $8 each time they park at Collier County’s beach parking facilities. Funded through ad valorem taxes, beach parking stickers are provided to Collier County residents at no charge. Full-time residents need to show their original, current, Collier County vehicle registration and current Florida driver’s license with their Collier County address. Part-time resident property owners need to show their original, current vehicle registration, or rental car agreement, current driver’s license (regardless of ... Read More »

Summer swing 2012 kicks off

By Coastal Breeze News Staff  The very popular tennis social program that was started last summer kicked off this year’s program at Hideaway Beach Club. Summer Swing is a tennis social program that involves Hideaway Beach Club, The Island Club, the Racquet Center and the Marco Y. Eric Manring, Hideaway Tennis Director, hosted the first phase of this series on Friday, July 20. Tennis players from all four clubs filled the center to capacity in the warm and sunny weather. Eric organized a great program which matched all players with a different partner for each of the four game sets. ... Read More »