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Thom Carr Portrait of a Chief

Retiring Police Chief Thom Carr neatly summarized his view of law enforcement: “This isn’t a job; it’s a profession.” Those few words succinctly characterize a career of remarkable breadth and depth. When Thom was 20, he enlisted in the United States Army, graduated from Officer Candidate School and Flight School, and became a helicopter pilot with the distinguished First Cavalry. ... Read More »

Enrollment Crunch? 20 Families waitlisted at MICMS

By Danielle Dodder Like so many families, Debbie Stute moved to Marco to give her kids what she felt was the best education in the county. She expected her daughter to transition painlessly from 5th grade at Tommie Barfield Elementary to Marco Island Charter Middle. Instead, what she learned was that her daughter was now 17th on a waiting list ... Read More »


Camera, Lights, ACTION! Have you ever wanted to be in a music video? For most young people, the answer would be a resounding YES! On Saturday, students attending Marco Island Academy and their friends, had an opportunity to be in a music video being produced for the school. Mark Haffner, who is a talented composer, producer, director and writer, is ... Read More »

Summer sessions key for Island

By Danielle Dodder Marco City Council meets again July 18, and summer sessions for city council mark what Chair Jerry Gibson terms the ‘meat and potatoes’ of council responsibilities.  His terminology may be prosaic, but the goals that the council should accomplish between now and the end of September involve hotly contested issues that impact nearly all of Marco’s residents: ... Read More »

Meet the Teacher- Deborah Eby, Academy Counselor

By Danielle Dodder “I don’t know about you, but I want educated kids in charge of our future!”  Guarding children as a precious resource for the future is an over-used but rarely acted on notion that Marco Island Academy’s counselor Deborah Eby wants to make real for her students. Eby is a native of New York State and earned her ... Read More »

Fire claims two homes in Everglades City

Early Sunday morning on July 10th, two houses in Everglades City burned down. They were located in a development called Club Everglades on an island in the middle of the Barron River. Firefighters from the Ochopee Fire District had to travel by boat to get their equipment on the scene. All that is left of the first house is a ... Read More »

Council Agenda

Coastal Breeze News hopes to bring readers the City of Marco Island Council Meeting agendas on a regular basis. Some agenda items may include a short description to clarify the topic. Affected residents are urged to be informed of the issues and take part in their city government. Upcoming City Council Agenda July 18th, 5:30 pm  Regular Meeting held at ... Read More »


By Donna Fiala Many of you might remember when PBA flew charters for the Marriott into the Marco Airport.  Some of those charters were for trips to and from Tallahassee. Some were even charters for the Florida Association of Counties to come to our fine county to hold their conventions and meetings. I was working at PBA, and at that ... Read More »


By Monte Lazarus There’s an old adage that, as people live and age together, they begin to look and act alike; there’s a newer one that people and their dogs begin to act and look alike. I believe that people and their cars begin to look alike. As time goes by it’s easy to recognize which person belongs to which ... Read More »

The Sons of Italy at Subway

Ever go into Subway to get your $5 footlong sub and find you’re magically transported to a bistro in Italy? Well, it doesn’t really happen quite like that, but having the Sons of Italy serenade you while waiting for your sub certainly makes you feel special! In fact, it’s exactly what Nancy Santucci was trying to achieve when the Sons ... Read More »

Marco resident finds success with companies aimed toward kids

By Natalie Strom One of the most popular things to do for young girls on tropical vacations is to have braids and beads strung through their hair.  No one on Marco Island knows this better than Heidi Esala. Ms. Esala has transformed the braiding industry on Marco Island. The success of her braiding company, Knot Head Tropical Braiding, helped her ... Read More »

The Tucker family reunion

Walt Tucker turned 90 this year.  In honor of this special event, his children and their families got together for a family reunion. Coastal Breeze News featured Walt in a Salute to Veterans last year, as a survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Eleven of Walt and Sue’s fifteen children came to honor him. They came from all ... Read More »

A return to Paengnyong-Do

By Vince Kiernan and CBN staff It was Christmas Eve, 1954 when Vince Kiernan arrived in South Korea on Paengnyong Island which is about 200 kilometers Northwest of Inchon in the Yellow Sea. The island bordered the famous 38th parallel and they could see communist North Korea with mainland China less than 300 kilometers to the North. Needless to say, ... Read More »

The Maroons of Lostman’s Key & Capt. Jocelyn

By Craig Woodward If you are a frequent reader of this column you know that the last issue mentioned how Lostman’s Key and River were named. That information piqued my interest into researching this story and finding out more of the details. It turns out that the villain in the story was a notorious character in Southwest Florida around the ... Read More »


By Pierre Guesnon Per-spic-u-ous Adjective: (Latin: perspicere, to see through) clear in a statement or expression; easily understood. Pro-trep-tic Adjective: intended as instructional. Noun: a book, speech, essay, etc., that is protreptic. hir-sute      Adjective: hairy, shaggy, bristly. u-bi-qui-ty Noun: the state, fact, or capacity of being, or seeming to be, everywhere at the same time; omnipresence. tor-por Noun: ... Read More »

Chef’s Express moves

An institution at the Shops of Old Marco, The Chef’s Express,  has moved to the South End of the island and are awaiting permit approval to open. The colorful sails, outdoor tables and colorful umbrellas and other distinctive touches are gone. Regular patrons expressed their disappointment. On the last day of business, we heard from a few of their customers. ... Read More »

What’s lighting up the canals?

By Nancy Richie Bioluminescent. A big word for tiny organisms. Each summer, a few locations in the Marco Island canals glimmer and twinkle in the night. Boat wakes, fish movement and jelly fish paths sparkle as the bioluminescent organisms are agitated in the water. Not just the fireworks were lighting up our Island on the 4th of July, but there ... Read More »

A tale of two worlds

By Joe Granda Last week I was traveling with my wife Maria and my 10 year old grandson Will on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas cruise ship doing the Western Caribbean route to celebrate our grandson’s birthday. On the last day of the trip after having lunch at his favorite place, Johnny Rockets Restaurant, we decided to spend ... Read More »

Tia’s moves to next round!

Tia Nielsen, a local TBE student, was selected from more than 2,100 store winners as one of 210 regional winners in the Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program. To recognize her contributions, Kohl’s sent Tia a recognition certificate to receive a $1,000 scholarship for her post-secondary education. The regional winners will be named at www.kohlskids.com in July. Now, Tia has been entered ... Read More »