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Margood Harbor Park: Past, present and future

By Natalie Strom If you are one of the brave few staying in Goodland through the summer, then you have certainly noticed a significant change in our usually quiet village. As of July 5th, renovations on Margood Harbor Park have created quite a stir. In May of this past year, Collier County approved a $1.1 million contract to revamp the ... Read More »

State bans referendums on growth issues

By Danielle Dodder State lawmaking sessions held some key changes to the way Marco Island will approach city planning. In 2013, the city will have to update the State on its land use plans. An interactive website will give residents an easy way to weigh in on the city’s Comprehensive Plan, our roadmap for how the island will grow and ... Read More »

First island-wide tennis social a hit!

A new ‘Summer Swing’ program swung into action at the Hideaway Beach Club. Two months ago the newly organized Y tennis advisory committee concluded it would be nice to have a summer tennis event that would include the four major tennis clubs on the island. Jim Curran, the committee chair and Brock Wilson contacted the other clubs to determine if ... Read More »

Building success

At a time when most builders have downsized or gone out of business altogether, one small company has been building its company and is outperforming competitors by leaps and bounds. In fact, you can find at least FIVE locations on Marco Island where Andrew Hunter homes are to be constructed. So, what, or who, is behind the success of this ... Read More »

Che Guevara, Angela Davis, Coastland Mall and beyond…

By Tarik Ayasun I am a shopaholic and a shameless people watcher. So what do I do when I have a free Saturday when my wife is out of town helping our daughter move into her new home in Washington, DC? I spend my afternoon shopping and people-watching at Coastland Mall in Naples, of course. That is exactly what I was ... Read More »


By Donna Fiala Some of you know that I have very close ties to the Ohio Amish community, so I’d like to tell you of a recent experience up there. I was visiting with my Amish friends and drove us all to the Berlin Firemen’s Festival, a fund raising effort held every year. The Firemen (all volunteer firemen) raise money ... Read More »


By Monte Lazarus It appears that there are two primary ways to be admitted to a hospital’s emergency room, whether for or against your own desires. The first, easiest, and probably most expensive, is by ambulance. This may be the result of a sudden, serious physical problem, an accident, or even an assault by someone’s angry spouse. The latter is ... Read More »

Camp R.O.C.K. ROCKS!

Like many organizations, the Marco Island unit of the American Cancer Society depends on its volunteers to move their causes in the right direction. On occasion volunteers get a glimpse of how effective and appreciated their work is to those who need it. Here are two heartwarming letters detailing the personal experience of volunteers Raul Medina and Melissa De Herrera ... Read More »

Meet Mary Nelson: Marco Island’s Sea Turtle Lady

By Natalie Strom It’s six o’clock in the morning at Tigertail Beach on Marco and not a soul is stirring.  No one, that is, except for Mary Nelson, Marco Island’s “Sea Turtle Lady.”  Seven days a week, from May through October, Mary drives the beaches of Marco on her ATV, registering and marking endangered Loggerhead sea turtle movements and their ... Read More »

Knights of Columbus installation of officers

On July 19, 2011 The Knights of Columbus of San Marco Catholic Church, conducted a solemn Installation of Officers. Dr. Albino Bismonte is the new Grand Knight for Council 6344 following the two year term of Jose Granda. Lou Prigge became Faithful Navigator of Assembly 2514 following Wayne Waldack in the position. Rev. Timothy Navin, Pastor of San Marco Church ... Read More »

There are weddings, and then there are WEDDINGS

By Marilyn Honahan Paula Aldis reached out to the Coastal Breeze News recently to ask for help in making a dream come true for her and her husband, Chris Aldis. She began by telling us that she and her husband Chris met when she hosted a St. Patrick’s Day dinner and a friend of hers invited Chris. They dated briefly ... Read More »

Amazing Manatees

By Nancy Richie Love them or hate them, the Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris), a subspecies of the West Indian Manatee, is in our waters and has been for millions of years. Love them?  Most people do love them and seek them out to view for their unique characteristics – large, gray, sausage-shaped marine mammals with big flippers and a ... Read More »

Surge Soccer Club Soars to National Championships

“We had a pretty good turn out,” Al Wagner said while taking a moment’s rest from play. Al wiped his brow and noted the heat while thanking all of the athletes, parents and friends who turned out for the Marco Island Soccer Club fundraiser held at Mackle Park. “Today, we’re playing a challenge style 3v3. Teams are playing for five ... Read More »

The Legend of Bobby Walthour Sr., part II

LIFE IN THE SLIPSTREAM II: By Jane Marlowe The first installment of our story about Bobby Walthour, Sr., a legendary champion bicyclist in the early 1900’s, left him cycling furiously in the inaugural race at Park Square Garden in Boston. We return to the end of the first day of the race, approaching midnight on New Year’s Eve, December 31, ... Read More »

“Well Done” Chief Carr

38 years of dedicated law enforcement work was recognized and honored by Marco Island’s Police Foundation at a luncheon tribute to retiring Police Chief Thom Carr at Hideaway Beach on July 20. The audience of about a hundred celebrated Chief Carr’s contributions, not only to Marco Island, but also the State of Indiana and the United States Armed Forces. Master ... Read More »

Obituary Paul B. Marlowe

Paul B. Marlowe, retired Realtor and partner in the Woodbridge Agency, Woodbridge, Ct., died Tuesday, July 26 at Physicians Regional Medical Center, Collier Blvd., Naples following a long illness. Marlowe was the husband of Coastal Breeze Administrative Assistant, Jane Marlowe. He was the son of the late Cecil and Katherine Marlowe and was born in New Haven, Ct. on September ... Read More »

Summer in the Everglades

By Patricia Huff Mosquitoes, hot muggy weather but those are the only negative things. We also have late afternoon thunderstorms, fish jumping in the river, the call of the birds early in the morning, the quietness of Everglades City this time of year, the beauty of the glades in full bloom, and fruit ripening, especially those delicious mangoes! Early in ... Read More »

Holy jalapenos……. it’s hot out there!

By Capt. Pete Rapps The end of July and all of August is for sure the most picante time of the year to fish here in the 10,000 Islands. If you plan your day right, it can also equate to some of the best and most productive fishing our area has to offer. By mid day, air temperatures are now ... Read More »

Safety check your boat

By Capt. Carl Kelly It is important for boaters to have their boat safety checked regularly. Equipment corrodes and otherwise deteriorates rapidly around salt water and then fails to function properly. Boats that are not used for long periods of time will tend to have problems that boats used regularly do not usually exhibit. Before going on an extended cruise ... Read More »