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Midtown density discussion

As you may be aware, the Planning Board has discussed the idea of density transfers as a tool to allow limited service hotel development within the Midtown District. Recently, the City Council directed consideration of the issue based on a small geographic area. The use of transferred density may make development of such facilities economically feasible. Many groups and individuals have expressed an interest in the topic, and certainly a desire to share their views. We invite you to forward this reminder to your members. The topic will be considered at the next Planning Board meeting, March 4, 2011, at 9:00 ... Read More »


Sixth Annual Kiwanis Club of Marco Island Car Show Over 170 cars, all makes and models, converged on Marco Island on Sunday for the 6th Annual Kiwanis Club of Marco Island Car Show. Spectators numbering over 2,300 wandered around the show enjoying hot dogs, hamburgers, chili and sausage sandwiches deliciously prepared by members of the Kiwanis Club of Marco Island. Bryan Hauser commented “we prepared over 700 meals in a 4-hour period. We were running low on food in the middle of the car show so Chief Mike Murphy ran to Publix for more supplies.” The weather was perfect for ... Read More »

MACKLE PARK Community Center proposed

Just a few years ago a dedicated group of Marco citizens worked long hours with an equally dedicated city staff, outstanding consultants and Marco’s students to develop a Master Plan for Mackle Park. The result: a superb plan that will provide a park the city needs and deserves. Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the Master Plan are complete. Phase 4 includes a new Community Center. Why should we build it now? Simple. Construction costs are at 12 year lows, interest rates are at all-time lows, and the current facility is antiquated, inefficient and costly to maintain. Those who have ... Read More »

Who is Teaching our Children?

By Val Simon Fifth grade is the last year of school for students at Tommie Barfield Elementary. In addition to concentrating on their studies for the year, teachers begin to prepare the students for life at the middle school level and beyond. As an example, students rotate classes, going from room to room for different subjects. Each of the fifth grade teachers instructs every 5th grade level student in their specialty (math, science, social studies or language arts) in addition to having their own homeroom class. With interims going home soon and Collier Writes testing on March 1 and 2, ... Read More »

Top ten tips to enjoy and protect our beautiful beach

Leave Only Your Footprints Behind. If you bring it to the beach, take it away with you. Though we have regular beach clean ups, everyone is responsible for his own trash! Keep It Clean. Use appropriate containers for trash, including cigarettes and fishing line. Our wildlife can become entangled in monofilament and they can eat plastic materials. Glass Cuts. Glass containers or bottles are not allowed on the beach for obvious safety reasons. Share the Beach With Our Wildlife. Our beaches provide nesting habitats for birds and turtles. It is important to observe but not disturb or feed them. PLEASE ... Read More »

Marco Island Seafood Festival promises a good time

By Ewout Rijk de Vries For the third consecutive year the two Rotary Clubs and the Kiwanis Club on Marco Island are working together in an unusual and very successful joint venture: the Marco Island Seafood Festival, the island’s largest single annual community event. Saturday, March 26 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday, March 27 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Veterans Park , in the center of Marco Island, turns once again into a spectacular variety of continuous entertainment by nine performers and bands, some of the best seafood offerings in Florida, a special “Kids Zone” and ... Read More »

The language barrier

By Monte Lazarus Maybe it’s not strictly the American syndrome, but some of my friends get very peculiar when they’re in a foreign country and do not understand the language. Their normal reaction is, “Oh, I’m not speaking loudly enough”. So they crank up the decibels. “Waiter, I’d appreciate a glass of red wine” becomes, “Hey, gimmee some of that red wine.” It gets worse when the waiter looks utterly baffled. Obviously, we believe the louder we speak English, the clearer we shall become and the better we will be understood. This now seems to be embedded in American folklore, ... Read More »

Puppy Shower

By Monte Lazarus His name is Bailey. He just arrived on Marco Island, and is already an instant celebrity. He’s a handsome chap, as you’ll see when you meet him. Although Bailey is a bit small – he weighs about two pounds – he’s trim and fit. By now it should be clear. Yep, Bailey is a Maltipoo; a fairly new breed of dog. Now for the piece de resistance: As far as anyone knows, Bailey is the first dog on Marco Island to be honored with a “Puppy Shower”. This is the absolute, unvarnished truth – a “Puppy Shower”! ... Read More »


By Donna Fiala What a wonderful week it has been! At the Erich Kunzel Series Friday featuring the Paradise Coastmen and West of Galway, I was happy to see Marco Islanders there as well. The place was filled to overflow, including 3 added rows of seats and STILL standing room only. The concert only charges $10, and the music was worth so much more. The next Erich Kunzel Concert Series will feature the Naples Orchestra and Chorus on Friday, March 18th at Edison College. The performance starts at 7pm and refreshments are served during intermission. The last of the series ... Read More »

When life suddenly changes over, part I

By Gina Sisbarro Meet Gina Dengler, Development Coordinator for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International and mother of Noah, age ten, who was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes in January, 2006. This is her story, although a personal one, it is also the story of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters whose family member is diagnosed with this disease for which there is no cure at this time. It goes from helplessness and anger to hope and courage. Why Noah? Why any ordinary child leading an ordinary life? Type I Diabetes is the most severe form of diabetes which cannot currently ... Read More »

We’re Jammin’

Once a year, Collier-Seminole State Park turns into a mini-Woodstock festival. People come from all over the state and counting snowbirds, from all over the country. So it goes for Bill and Lynne Hibbs who hail from Ohio most of the year. When they take up seasonal residence in Naples they continue to do what they do best, volunteer their time for charitable causes close to their hearts. For Collier-Seminole State Park, they are a godsend. The Hibbs, along with their daughter Kathy, who drives in from Miami, get together at the two day Jammin’ in the Hammock BlueGrass Festival. ... Read More »

31st Annual Shell Club Show

By Jeane Brennan The 31st Annual Marco Island Shell Club Show will be highlighting not only shell art, shell collecting and shell craft, but also the conservation and science of seashells and mollusks. The show will be held at the United Church of Marco Island on North Barfield March 10, 11 and 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donation at the door is $2.00. The two divisions of the show are artistic which includes shell flower arranging, sailors, valentines, critters, caricatures, sea life, needlepoint and multi-media and scientific which is composed of single shell exhibits to complete shell collections. ... Read More »

Living a charmed life

By Richard Alan The personal adornment of a charm bracelet or a charm hanging around one’s neck has been enjoying a re-birth in recent years. Once considered passé I’m finding them more in demand than I can remember. The wearing or simple possession of a charm or “talisman” goes back to the dawn of time. Archaeological discoveries and excavations have brought to light thousands of miniature amulets or charms from the primordial era, an incredible 30,000 years B.C.! So why would literally a cave person possess such things? There are many reasons to wear them, to please benevolent spirits or ... Read More »

Mr. Tigertail – John Maerker

By John Patterson “I was born in Jackson Michigan some 90 years ago and I celebrated my 90th. birthday on the 11th of November this year on Marco Island. I spent my childhood in Michigan until I was around eighth grade age, then we moved to Knoxville Tennessee. I graduated from Knoxville High School where I also met my future wife, Mary. We both went to the University of Tennessee in 1938. I graduated in Chemical Engineering and Mary in Home Economics. Mary’s mother didn’t want her to grow up too fast so she told her a fib about her ... Read More »

A play by the Bright Star Buddies

The Bright Star Buddies from Mrs. Albero’s second grade class held a rehearsal for a play entitled, “Coral Candy at Colorful Canyon.” The play was written and produced entirely by the students. From designing the scenic backdrop to what costumes to wear and what props were used, it was entirely created by the students. The play is a tale about sea animals battling Stranger Danger! Read More »

Funding fireworks

Each Fourth of July thousands of residents and visitors in our area have enjoyed a beautiful fireworks display. Young and old alike enjoy the top notch display which rivals fireworks anywhere else in Southwest Florida. Fourth of July festivities and fireworks are synonymous with American patriotism across the country. Each year it has gotten tougher to fund Marco’s fireworks. The City of Marco Island has done its share along with a number of island groups and associations which have also stepped up over the years to keep this traditional community-spirited event going. The Kiwanis funded the fireworks for several years ... Read More »

The Snowbird Jog is here

By Carole Jean Tremblay They call people like me snowbirds. True, I migrate south to Florida each winter, hopefully before the first snowfall, but that’s where the bird analogy ends. I don’t travel in flocks. I don’t like clams. And I sure can’t fly. I jog. On the beach. Every morning. Birds run on the beach. Sometimes they sprint. But I’ve never seen one jog. We have a rule in our Florida home. Family or guests, everyone has to earn breakfast. You can walk, jog, run, or swim—but no exercise, no food. So if you come to visit us, be ... Read More »

Men in Blue

By Val Simon Meet George Guyer George is from the City of Brotherly Love-Philadelphia. More specifically he’s from the City of Chester, where he worked as a policeman for ten years. So what drew him to Marco Island? As with most people the weather rates high on lists of reasons why someone would want to move to Southwest Florida. George met his wife Joanna through mutual friends. “We’ve been married for twelve years and had begun to raise a family. This is a great place to raise a family,” he notes while proudly mentioning he and Joanna have a five ... Read More »

Harbor Goldsmith and Richard’s Reef celebrate

Harbor Goldsmith’s Richard and Andrea Alan celebrated the opening of their third location, Richard’s Reef, located in Island Plaza next to Beall’s Outlet recently. Richard said, “It’s a perfect spot for our third location. This is the second Richard’s Reef store. It’s right in the heart of Marco Island, a great spot to serve both our local customers and island visitors. We just expanded Richard’s Reef in Marco Walk to double the size, so we have extra reason to celebrate.” Richard’s Reef stores are open late, seven days a week. Read More »

Diamonds are bedtime bundles best friend

By Gina Sisbarro Bedtime Bundles receives a diamond as in the “Kelly Capolino Diamond Award” for non profits. Ms. Capolino is an independent realtor with Keating Associates. As Kelly stated, “I used to be able to donate a lot to nonprofits. With the change in the real estate economy I can’t do what I used to do.” With that said she decided to use her marketing skills to help get the word out on all the wonderful nonprofits that exist throughout Collier County. Kelly simply looks for what she calls a “warm fuzzy.” You don’t need to submit a ten ... Read More »