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For Parents &  School Age Children SEPTEMBER 9 at 2pm Truly Memorable & Uplifting  High Holy Day Services Attend services in J.C.M.I.’s Sanctuary.  Only $100 a seat (or $50 per Holiday),  applied to 1st year’s dues. We welcome you to join our family. Dues Include High Holy Day Seats Reduced 1st Year Dues  for New Members. For more information call (239) 642-0800 Please let us know if you would be interested in JCMI beginning a Religious School. Selichot September 4 5:30 pm Dinner* 6:15 pm Film & Service Erev Rosh Hashanah September 8 8:00 pm Service Rosh Hashanah September 9 ... Read More »

Man arrested after police chase

The following is a report from Captain David Baer of Marco Island Police Department. On August 28, 2010 at 1230pm, a white Cadillac was observed by a Marco Island Police Supervisor traveling at a high rate of speed northbound in the construction zone near the Jolley Bridge.    The Cadillac was stopped by the Police Sergeant in the vicinity of the bridge; however when the Sergeant began walking towards the Cadillac the vehicle started to accelerate away, fleeing the police.  Marco Island Police requested assistance from Collier County Sheriff’s Office who dispatched units to assist.   Marco Island Police units ... Read More »

Boat sinks when lift fails

On Sunday morning, residents on Marlin Court noticed that their neighbors boat had sunk and called MI Emergency Services.  The stern of this Grady White motor boat, with its two outboard motors attached, sunk into the canal below when the structure of the boat lift failed and collapsed, and the boat filled with water. Photos by Jim Sousa Read More »

Viva La Tour de France

In 2003, I was lucky enough to go to France and see Lance Armstrong cross the finish line in Paris to win his fourth consecutive Tour de France. My good friend and colleague in Island Bike Tours, Susan Evans, has done what most of us cyclists only dream of: riding some of the same routes in the Tour De France as the professional riders do, while the Tour is being raced. She has not only done this once but twice …so far. So I asked her to write an article about her cycling adventure in France. What I received was ... Read More »

School Bells Ring…

As parents, you may count how ‘time flies’ based on current sports and school schedules. Once school begins, there is a whirlwind of homework and extra-curricular activities available to the children of the area. We are reminded by the Marco Island Police Department to slow down and drive more cautiously now children will be on their way to school. There has been a multitude of green shirts running around Mackle Park for football practice as seen in our cover shot. Pre-season football games have already hit television and now it’s time to send the children off to school each day. ... Read More »

Camp Mackle a success

Amber Prange, City of Marco Island Parks and Recreation Department’s Teen Recreation Director, reported a successful first year at Camp Mackle for the City of Marco Island. The new camp replaced the old ‘Sports Club’ program and the renewed energy of the new camp was a big hit with children and parents alike. Each week, students took a look at a different country and all activities for the week carried a theme around the specific cultures and traditions of that country. In total, with both full-time and drop-in students, 169 children went through the camp. On an average day, as ... Read More »

Phoenix Falling

Last week, I sat down at a comfortable Starbucks café in downtown Naples and talked with drummer Colby Peters and guitarist Christian Logaglio of Phoenix Falling. Phoenix Falling is a local group from Naples who is shining in the spotlight currently. With their ever-growing fan base, the band is awaiting imminent studio backing. Colby and Christian expressed their utmost love for their band, and their enthusiasm for what the future holds for this freshman group. Phoenix Falling consists of vocalist Mitch Clark, guitarist Kevin Leman, bassist Ben King, guitarist Christian Logaglio, and drummer Colby Peters. Phoenix Falling was started about ... Read More »

Tragic vessel accident kills 31 year old Emil Dan Prunean

An East Naples man was killed on August 5th in a boating accident after he was thrown into another vessel near Keewaydin Island. Emil Dan Prunean, 31, originally from Medias Romania, suffered fatal injuries as a result of the accident. There were no other injuries or any signs of alcohol consumption reported. Emil came from Romania with his elder sister about three years ago. Like a lot of young Romanian immigrants they were hard working and trying to achieve the dream of a better life. Emil and his sister lived and worked in the local area. Their father passed away ... Read More »

Men and women in blue

Meet Officer “TC” Cowait Just a two hour drive, across the Big Cypress Swamp, but in a sense a million miles away from life here on Marco Island, is the City of Miami. Officer “TC” Cowait will tell you that Marco is very different from the Miami metropolis where he grew up, and where he spent twenty-five years in Law Enforcement, before coming to the Marco Island Police Department four and a half years ago. After high school TC entered the U.S. Marines, where he spent three years in active service and a further three-and-a- half years in the Reserves. ... Read More »

A view from my terrace

It is thanks to Internet communication that I write to you from Montmorillon, in the Vienne region of central France. I decided on the spur of the moment to take some time with friends and family in the UK and here in France while Marco is still enjoying the relatively “quieter” time of year, and knowing that I could still do my part in bringing you Coastal Breeze News through the wonders of modern technology! Actually, it’s the best of both worlds here: I don’t even need an alarm clock, as I am awakened by the chimes of the bells ... Read More »

Life with a New Puppy

Natalie Halbuer Life with a new puppy in the house can be fun, but there is also a lot of work involved considering all of the care and responsibility that comes along with it. When my puppy Grace first stepped into my home, her eyes filled with joy and she bounced around as happy as a clam. My mom, dad, and I had previously puppy-proofed the house and purchased all of the things needed to be ready for her arrival so that Grace couldn’t get into any mischief. We also bought toys so that she has things to play with ... Read More »

New priest at San Marco

Father Gordon Zeneti is a bright new addition to the San Marco Catholic Church’s already spectacular parish. Father Gordon was recently added to the roster as of August 2, and plans on doing many new things for the church. His aim is to bring a much needed youthfulness to the parish, since he is in fact a young man himself. Father Gordon’s goals include reviving the Squires and Alter Server groups at the parish and revitalizing the other youth groups that are a part of the church. He believes that, since the youth is the future of the church, it ... Read More »

Jim Riviere now City Manager

Voted unanimously 7 to 0 at the August 16 city council meeting, Jim Riviere’s title was changed in a very positive manner from Interim City Manager to Marco Island City Manager. The vision of City Manager, states the City of Marco Island’s web page, is “To be responsible to City Council for the administration of all City affairs by providing sound policy recommendations, leadership and management of all departmental activities, and to strive for excellence in the provision of City services at a reasonable cost with an organization committed to good customer service for the citizens we serve.” Obviously, the ... Read More »

What was that?

You have seen the movement out of the corner of your eye; you have heard the subtle leaves or fronds twitch; and you have seen the quick, blurry, scurry of a small brown lizard on the pool deck or running up the lanai screen. Every first-time visitor exclaims at some point, “What was that?!” In Florida, it would be unusual not to come across a Brown Anole while relaxing on a lanai, poolside or just walking down the sidewalk. This small lizard, though not native, is part of the landscape or “cityscape” here, like it or not! Common on walls, ... Read More »

Get off the highway

Get off the highway? I know, I know, last time I told you to Get out on the Highway. But c’mon! It’s summer. The roads are empty; the crowds are non-existent; and it’s the perfect time to visit all those places not so easily accessible in high season. So, before it’s suddenly December and you are w a a y too busy and the roads are…oh, what’s the word…terrifying, get out of your climate-controlled home and into your climate-controlled vehicle and drive to one of Collier County’s fabulous climate-controlled non-profit Art venues. Here are a few suggestions: Museum of the ... Read More »

The Next Hurricane

This is a continuation of a series on the history of hurricanes in our area.If you missed part you can find it online at under Tales told Twice archives. The “Greatest Storms on Earth” – Part VIII If you are the least bit superstitious, then 2010 is not a good year. Not only is it the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Wilma, which was the last hurricane to make landfall in Collier County; but also it is the fiftieth anniversary of Hurricane Donna, whose impact in a lightly populated Collier County is still legendary. In addition, 2010 is also the ... Read More »

Lowe’s and behold boats and yachts

When I sat down with Henry Lowe, owner of Lowe’s Boat and Yacht Brokerage, at 278-B Capri Blvd. in Isles of Capri, I was totally mesmerized. Henry has that effect on people. A very good looking man with huge blue eyes and rugged Hemingway-esque features, he looks like a movie star. When you talk to him he draws you in with his big smile and plain old-fashioned charm. Henry is a good listener. However, he is a better story teller. You can see it in his eyes. He listens to my questions thoughtfully before answering. He is a minimalist. He ... Read More »

Vision loss to double with peak of baby boomers

August is Cataract Awareness Month Approximately 20.5 million Americans age forty and older are affected by cataracts, a concern for 50% of those aged 65-74 and 70% of those over age 74. These statistics are staggering as cataracts are the number one cause of blindness in adults, causing 48% of world blindness. Today more adults than ever are facing blindness due to eye diseases. More than six million seniors have vision loss. Nine million between the ages of 45-65 have some form of vision loss. Baby boomers will reach retirement age of 65 between 2011 and 2030. It is estimated ... Read More »

A marina with a purpose

It is difficult to please everyone all the time. Sometimes compromises need to be made. Years ago, a vote was taken by the board members of the Goodland Civic Association regarding Goodland Boat Park. The sentiment and vote that was sent to the Collier County Commissioners was 9 to 0 that the land at the very end of Goodland Drive West would be developed into a boat park. Other possibilities for that land included development for a possible gated community of condominiums or single family homes. The saga is more complicated, and there is more to the story. Like most ... Read More »

New Assistant Principal for Everglades City

It’s the end of August and the summer holidays are over, especially for our students who started back to school on August 23 with several new teachers and staff at the Everglades City School. Our new assistant principal is Cherise Brummer who was voted as the school district’s “Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year.” Cherise is very enthusiastic about coming to Everglades City which has the only school in Florida that includes pre-K through 12th grades. Other new teachers include Meg Dillon, Jordan Major, Dr. Tom Andler and Richard Maynard. I’ve just finished reading an interesting book that is relative to ... Read More »