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“I Thought I was Invincible!”

Coastal Breeze News salutes Gil Mueller in our ‘Salute to Veterans’ Series By Val Simon and John Patterson Gil Mueller started getting draft notices while he was still in high school in Park Ridge, Illinois. He was still too young to serve in the military. But as they say, the third time is a charm, at least for the government ... Read More »

Our New Bridge

Signs of the emerging new Jolley Bridge are beginning to appear as work continues on the Marco River.  Since January, FIGG/Johnson Bros. has been building the sub-structure and relocating utilities.  Now three new columns are in place; the third is seen here wrapped in black. Also visible is the white concrete footer of the fourth column. The stimulus project, that ... Read More »

Boat owners advised to secure your boats

At the last City Council meeting on Monday, July 19, MIPD Chief Carr advised boat owners to take special care that their boats are secured and to be aware that a ring of boat thieves is moving in on Marco boats. On July 8th 2010 at 12:48 a.m. an Officer from the Marco Island Police Department observed an occupied suspicious vehicle (no lights – obstructing intersection) at ... Read More »

Castaway the Big ‘C’

The Marco Island Unit of the American Cancer Society kicked off its 2011 Relay for Life campaign at the Marriott Crystal Shores’ Stilt’s on Thursday, July 22nd. On hand for the festivities were ACS’s Marco Island Unit Director Melissa Felice, Relay for Life Campaign Chairman Dr. Loan Lam, and RLF Co-chair Vanessa Warner. According to Dr. Lam, the purpose of ... Read More »

Networking for Dummies

The Marco Island Chamber of Commerce recently held a “Networking for Dummies” program presented by Chamber member Dave Longfield-Smith of Costco. President Vip Grover indicated the program is just one example of “your Chamber membership at work.”  About thirty attendees showed up to learn the finer points of speed networking. “The facilitator was both informative and entertaining,” said Nancy Carrington ... Read More »

School Board Candidates Forum

Collier County District School Board seats will be voted on in the August 24th primary election.   The Jewish Congregation of Marco Island hosted a school board candidates’ forum in July so residents of the area had an opportunity to get to know their prospective candidates.  There were more than 50 people in attendance to hear candidate’s presentations on why they would ... Read More »

Domestic violence hits close to home

On Sunday, July 18, an arrest was made on Marco Island of a man charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The victim of the alleged felony battery was a woman. (The man was also charged with violating a restraining injunction already in place because of domestic violence.) Unfortunately, this case is a reminder of the fact that domestic ... Read More »

Beau Middlebrook – A real living legend

Do you remember the opening of The Andy Griffith Show where nine-year-old Ronnie Howard is walking with a fishing pole over his shoulder down a country road? Over twenty-five years ago Beau Middlebrook, being the only child on the Isles of Capri, was doing the same thing. The only difference was that Howard had that infamous red hair; Beau’s was ... Read More »

The Bird is Legal!

The legend began twenty-one years ago as of August 1. A man who many Marco Islanders knew well, Tony Rainone, opened the Crazy Flamingo in Town Center just off of Collier Blvd, where it can still be found today. Turning twenty-one is a rite of passage in American society, and therefore “The Bird” will be celebrating with a fabulous party ... Read More »

Mega Mosque near Ground Zero? Never!

Referring to his idea of covering the European landscape with mosques, the Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey declared: “Minarets are our bayonets; domes are our helmets; our mosques are our barracks; our believers are our soldiers”…With that, he spelled out his own version of Jihad for Islam to conquer Europe and convert the populations. For those who are not familiar ... Read More »

A walk—waist deep!—in the Everglades

Yes, it’s summer and it’s hot and muggy. However, the mosquitoes, at least in the Everglades area, seem to be lighter this year so it’s not uncomfortable enjoying our outdoor activities.  One of the most interesting activities I enjoy is walking in the swamp.  If you’re like my sister who was visiting me earlier this year, she questioned why anyone ... Read More »

10 Reasons not to skimp on your sleep

Your health may be at risk Everyone has an occasional sleepless night, and this is not a problem for most people. Conversely, it is often true that less may mean more. Are you too busy to go to bed? Do you have trouble getting quality sleep once you do? Well, I for one may have to literally add getting more ... Read More »

Hurricane Andrew 1992

The “Greatest Storms on Earth” – Part VI In the afternoon of August 23, 1992, highways were jammed as over 700,000 people in South Florida were evacuating due to Hurricane Andrew that was still offshore and bearing down on Miami. By midnight, the eye of the storm was starting to have cycles of eye wall replacement, a phenomenon that occurs ... Read More »

Mooring balls, dinghies and motors

Next to your purchase of a cruising vessel, the most important item on your list should be a dinghy and motor. Why? There are so many places to go and so many places to stay that a dinghy is the second most important means of transportation. Not all the best and scenic places to see and visit have docks. Some places ... Read More »

Delightful Charleston

“Let’s give ourselves a short trip as a Christmas present,” my husband said a dozen years ago. All I could think was, “Oh no, another ski vacation” – cold, terrifying, and crowded.  He surprised me, though. “We’ve always wanted to go to Charleston,” he said. “Why not now?” What a wonderful Christmas present it was. Charleston is a friendly, welcoming ... Read More »

The first touch

The first touch is perhaps one of the most regularly repeated sayings used by soccer coaches, especially at levels above recreational play, although even at that level it should be drilled into soccer thinking. Basically, it gets back to the speed at which you control the receiving ball. Fumble with it and your chance has gone. A player needs to ... Read More »

The heat is on and so is the shark bite!

Sharks have received a lot of bad rap, mostly from movies like Jaws, and media coverage of the occasional attack on humans. Yes, they are menacing and they do feed in shallow coastal waters where humans swim, but truth be told, you have a higher likelihood of being killed by a lightening strike than by a Shark attack. A search ... Read More »

Places of Worship

First Family Baptist Church 1450 Winterberry Dr. 239-394-1646, Jewish Congregation of Marco Island 991 Winterberry Dr. 239-642-0800, Marco Lutheran Church 525 N. Collier Blvd. 239-394-9073, Marco Presbyterian Church 875 W. Elkcam Circle 239-394-8186, New Life Community Church of God 590 West Elkcam Cir. 239-394-3469, San Marco Catholic Church 851 San Marco Rd. 239-394-5181, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church 1101 N. Collier ... Read More »

Clearing exotic vegetation

A City of Marco Island Exotic Vegetation Removal Permit (#10-040) was issued in July for the removal of invasive, non-native (exotic) species of vegetation at 40 South Heathwood Drive. There are no building plans submitted to the City of Marco Island. Marco Island Hospital, Inc., using Woods and Wetlands, Inc., is removing exotic, invasive vegetation on the undeveloped property adjacent ... Read More »

A wealth of opportunities in our own neighborhood

Living as a year around resident on Marco Island, working, raising a family and going about our daily chores, it is easy to forget the beauty around and the very special and important points of interest that are nearby. No, I am not including the luscious white sandy beach hugging the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. And I am ... Read More »