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Collier County Emergency Services stress oil spill threat still LOW

Rick Zyvoloski of Collier County Emergency Services addressed Marco Island City Council meeting Monday, emphasizing that according to Captain Close, USCG Sector St. Petersburg, “The oil spill threat to SW Florida has been LOW and continues to be low.” To date, eddies off the West Florida coast have not connected with the loop current. Some sheen has been observed, according to Zyvoloski, but “no goopy oil”! The state has appealed to NOAA not to restrict fishing in our waters. The original strategy for SW Florida waters has been reviewed with an increase to 153,000 feet of boom being required to ... Read More »

MIHS Museum Complex opens this week

 MIHS Museum Complex opens with Florida Cowboys exhibit Marco Island Historical Society are proud to open the doors and welcome visitors to their magnificent new Museum Complex.  Historical Society members greeted visitors on their first day open Monday.  Entrance to the MIHS museum is free and open hours are: Monday, Tuesday 3-7 PM; Wednesday, 3-9 PM; Thursday 3-7 PM; Friday, 3-5 PM; and Saturday, 10 AM-2PM. On Wednesday, June 23, 7 p.m., photographer Carlton Ward, Jr. will present a unique program devoted to the Florida cowboy. He will share his stunning photographs and give the historical society a lecture celebrating the “grit and raw beauty ... Read More »


Last Sunday, beach lovers basked in the sun and frolicked in the Gulf waters, enjoying our typical June warm, sunny weather. Although tar balls from the Deepwater Horizon spill have reached the shore in Pensacola, over 700 miles from Southwest Florida’s Paradise Coast, there have been no reports of oil reaching beyond northwest Florida. There is no impact on the beaches of Marco Island. According to Mac Chaudhry, GM of the Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort, “Our guests are having a great time enjoying our beautiful, pristine beach.” According to the June 14 update at, observations by NOAA continue to ... Read More »


Celebrate Independence Day at a family-fun event in historic Everglades City on Saturday, July 3. This small friendly community will have a parade, arts & crafts sale, raffle, contest for best-dressed kiddies, music, and food. The event kicks off at 9:30 a.m. with the opening ceremony. The theme this year is “Honoring Our Local Veterans” and some of them will make up the color-guard which raises the flag in front of City Hall. The parade begins to wend its way through the streets at 10:00 a.m. with everyone competing to win a prize for the best float or swamp buggy ... Read More »

Health Clinic for MICMS

Doctor’s Robert and Patricia Poling volunteer their time to hold a Health Screening clinic at the Marco Island Charter Middle School for children needing health certificates prior to signing up for sports over the summer. Dozens of children came through the clinic. Parents filled out physical history forms. Children were weighed in by volunteers at one station, given an eye test at another, and had their pulse and blood pressure checked by volunteer Fire/Rescue personnel. The final step in the process was the physical exam by a physician. Boys went to one side to be examined by Dr. Robert Poling ... Read More »

Joe ‘Pepsodent Smile’ Capilets

“Hello Soldier!  Welcome to your death.” Joseph C. Capilets was inducted into the US Army on February 11, 1943. He was assigned to the 87th Infantry Division, ‘The Golden Acorn’, 346th Regiment. After nine weeks of basic training, Joe was assigned to S-3 Section, Plans and Training at Camp McCain, Mississippi. The 87th trained new recruits for assignment overseas. While engaged in training, the 346th participated in the South Carolina Serviceman’s Baseball League. Joe relates that one week prior to shipping out to the European Theater, the 346th lost a heartbreaker, 1-0 to the 15th Armored Division. He remembers this well, as four of that team’s ... Read More »

We Can Help Wade Mundinger Fundraiser

We Can Help Wade. A few short weeks ago our friend Wade Mundinger suffered a disabling stoke in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport returning to Marco Island from attending his nephew’s wedding. Wade’s joyous weekend trip surrounded by friends and family ended abruptly when he collapsed and was rushed to the ICU unit of Los Colinas Hospital and was diagnosed with having suffered a series of mini strokes which limited his motor skills and his ability to speak clearly. After being transferred to UT Southwestern Hospital in Dallas to stabilize him he was released after several days with the help of ... Read More »


Settlement close with Quality Enterprises and EPA The City of Marco continues to close in on a settlement agreement with Quality Enterprises and with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Major issues have been agreed to, all are double checking to assure that each party’s severable interests are satisfied in this single agreement package. S Florida’s Water Management District flags Marco’s pumping water outside scheduled boundaries The water department juggles water sources from season to season to meet demand for drinking water. For the past two years, drought conditions have interfered with the routine process of water sourcing, storage, and ... Read More »

Men in Blue – Marco’s finest

After the events of 911, in which Marco Island Police Officer Al Schettino lost people he knew, Al realized that we must live life to the fullest now, as none of us will live forever, and made it his goal to live in Marco Island. This week, on June 15 to be exact, Al Schettino reached his one year anniversary with the Marco Island Police Department. Al greeted me with a broad, warm smile and was happy to tell me about his life before Marco and to share some of his experiences. Al, with his wife and one of his ... Read More »

Sand Bar presents check

Supporting the youth of the island, Ray Fortune of the Sand Bar proudly presents a check to Hector Diaz, Director of the Marco Eagles football team, for more than $800.00. The Sand Bar sold raffle tickets during the month of May for a chance to win a $250.00 gift card.  Tickets were $1.00 each and Sand Bar employees sold over 400 of them. The funds were then matched by the Sand Bar. May’s winner was Sherry Baasche. Two more raffles will be held, one in June, and another in July. Proceeds from the raffles will be generously donated to local ... Read More »

Embrace the student exchange program

Hosting students from various countries contributes to deeper understanding of other cultures. This can lead towards an attitude of tolerance and awareness of the similarities in people from all over the world.  The experience enriches ourselves and  our children. The Educational Homestay Program is an opportunity this summer for youths from Italy and Spain to become more familiar with the English language and to experience life in America for 3 to 4 weeks.  Marco Island is an ideal locale and community in which to host an exchange student. The host families work together, if need be, in helping and lending ... Read More »

International Forum luncheon

The Marco Island Area Association of Realtors (MIAAOR) held an International Forum luncheon the first week of June at Konrad’s. Nikki McGrath and Bill Filbin welcomed 50 local realtors to the luncheon organized by the International Development Committee of the MIAAOR. According to the National Association of Realtors, 32% of foreign property buyers bought in resort areas, as opposed to 2% nationally. The first speaker, Dave Tate with Sun Realty of Naples, showed the audience a few common faux pas one can easily make when dealing with people of different cultures. Writing on the back of a business card maybe ... Read More »

CRA – Fact v. Fiction

Guest Commentary. If the State were to tell you that you could, for a limited number of years and with an approved plan, have a portion of your Ad Valorem taxes returned to you for the purposes of improving your own property, you would gladly accept that funding.  On a larger scale and in it’s most basic form, that is exactly what a Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) allows the City to do. In it’s most simple form, it is a funding mechanism – no more, no less.  Simply, a CRA allows a community to utilize funds that would otherwise not ... Read More »

Senior Corps of Retired Executives

We’ve all heard of SCORE – Senior Corps of Retired Executives – but we never heard much about them other than they were out there.  Well, my friends, things have changed!  We have a dynamic group of executives reaching out to all aspects of the community offering help.  The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council has ranked Florida the sixth in the nation for small business development for 2010.  The report analyzes and combines 16 different tax measures into one tax score for all 50 states, including income, capital gains, property, death/inheritance and unemployment taxes, and I believe in my heart ... Read More »

Reflections on China

Beijing            2010 We just said farewell to our comfortable cruise ship and are beginning the long bus trip from the port of Xingang to Beijing. I haven’t been here in thirty years and I’m very curious about what’s changed. Uh-oh…I just reviewed our brochure and am horrified to read that we’re booked at the same Beijing Hotel (complete with roaches, non-potable water, spittoons, 40-watt bulbs, and ironing boards on each floor) where our U.S delegation stayed in 1980 and ’81. I warned Sandi and, as usual, she said: “It’ll be fine, stop worrying.” There’s nothing ... Read More »

Beauty all around!

Traveling with Jeane this week is going to take a little effort on your part since these unique ten thousand island adventures are not advertised in mainstream literature. But these trips are well worth the effort. The gorgeous Port of the Island Resort features a breakfast buffet 7 days a week from 7 to 11 am. It only takes about 20 minutes to drive from Marco. I was fortunate to travel by boat, however, departing from a marina in Goodland and arriving and docking at the well kept county owned docks at the marina at Port of the Islands Resort.  ... Read More »

Heat stroke by far the most dangerous reaction to the heat

Summer is upon us and so is the heat. Heat can be a problem at any age, but especially for those in their mid-sixties and older. At this age, the body does not adjust to changes in temperature as easily, and people are more likely to have health conditions or be taking medications that further inhibit their ability to regulate body temperature and/or perspire, which is the body’s way of cooling off. Studies have shown the most dangerous kind of heat is not simply a very hot day, but heat that is unrelenting, that persists through the day and night ... Read More »

We must support our friends…

In the early morning hours of May 31, 2010 Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) intercepted six ships heading for the Gaza Strip in international waters. These ships were known as the “Free Gaza” flotilla. The advertised purpose of the flotilla was to deliver medical and food aid to the Gaza strip. However, the real purpose of the flotilla was to break Israel’s defensive blockade of the Gaza Strip controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas. This flotilla was sponsored by the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) whose ties to Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda is well documented. Weeks before ... Read More »

Ghosts of pelicans past

Have you heard the expression, If you can remember the sixties then you weren’t there ? Well I can remember the sixties and they were definitely not here. I arrived on Marco Island in 1967, and while it was breathtakingly beautiful it was somewhat of a cultural wasteland. Other parts of the country were practically exploding with brilliant innovations in art & music. Pop-Art, Op-Art, Rock & Roll and Jazz Fusion were challenging perceptions across the nation. Not here. Here the Art Scene was pretty much limited to seagulls and sand dunes. And pelicans, pelicans everywhere, on canvas, on driftwood, ... Read More »

1920s Hurricanes

The “Greatest Storms on Earth” – Part III This is a continuation of a series on the history of hurricanes in our area if you missed part you can find it online at under Tales told Twice archives. 1926 “We had about thirty people that night to care for. Waves were washing in on the front porch and coming under the door. All of the chickens were drowning and one of the boys crawled out a back window and got what he could and we cleaned them.” Ted Smallwood, Chokoloskee, September 1926 In the U.S. the Great Depression started ... Read More »