• City Council Update

    For members of the Marco Island City Council the evening was somewhat uncomfortable as a number of residents came forward to question their decisions on circumstances surrounding the departure of City Manager Roger Hernstadt. At the February 6th meeting of council, Hernstadt’s letter of resignation was read into the record by City Attorney Alan Gabriel. That resignation was to be effective July 7, 2017 as per the stipulations of the contract between the city and Hernstadt.

  • Never Say Never Writer Roy Eaton Overcame Challenges to Motivate Others

    Naples writer Roy Eaton, in his book “Soldier Boy,” describes life’s challenges as “numerous and complex.” Roy writes these words from experience. The first of his many life challenges began upon birth.

  • Girl Coaching the Boys Lely’s JV boys’ head coach lets her 14-5 record do the talking

    It seems like nowadays in the United States most gender lines have been crossed, if not erased all together. Perhaps that’s what makes Taylor Bell’s story stand out.

  • Service to His Community is Just Natural

    Since his arrival on Marco Island as a vacationer in 1987, Jim Curran saw something special in the small island he would eventually call his fulltime home.

  • St. Mark’s Opens Time Capsule at 50th Anniversary

    In celebrating its 50th anniversary, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church unveiled its time capsule, marked to be opened on February 10, 2017. This was history in the making, as the time capsule was planted underneath the pulpit 25 years ago inside the Parish Hall.

  • No Social Security Number, Identification or Home How did Danny Mootispaw get this way?

    Danny Mootispaw is now known to many Island residents. An October 27th article in the Coastal Breeze News, “This Judge has a Big Heart,” told the heartwarming story of a Naples County Judge and her bailiff going the extra mile to get Danny out of a tight spot.

  • Project’s Final Legacy Reef Named

    Recent residents to Marco Island, Chris Haunschild and his wife Jennifer, read an article about the Artificial Reef Project and wanted to provide a lasting gift for the people of Marco Island and Southwest Florida.